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The Mathematics of Marriage

16 May
The Mathematics of Marriage

The Mathematics of Marriage

No doubt, Indian marriages are an extravaganza of pomp and show. However, underneath these big, fat marriages, there lies a set of sacred customs and rituals, of which the seven vows or the ‘saptapadi’ are one of the most imperative rituals. With each vow, the couple makes a lifelong commitment, in front of the ‘holy fire’ and amidst the chanting of religious mantras, to lead an eternally blissful married life together. Those seven vows and their particular significance are listed below.

1st Vow: Nourishment
Bride and groom take the first pledge that they will provide each other with prospered living, and together they would provide nourishment and food to their family and household. They ask for almighty’s blessing to make them able to nourish their family.

2nd Vow: Strength
The second vow is to develop physical, mental and spiritual strength for each other to live their life with respect and harmony. The bride and groom promise to share happiness, provide eternal love and enjoy life together.

3rd Vow: Prosperity
In the third step, the couple promises to earn a living with honesty and to increase their wisdom and wealth with uprightness to lead a satisfied and happy life. The bride also pledges to remain a loving and chaste wife, while the groom promises to respect and love his wife.

4th Vow: Family
The fourth vow is to respect the elders of each other’s family and to strengthen and maintain their family relationships. Also, they promise each other to acquire happiness and harmony by mutual understanding and faith.

5th Vow: Progeny
The fifth vow is to ask blessings from God to provide the couple with beautiful, kind and brave children. The two promise each other to be responsible parents by imparting good education and moral values of life.

6th Vow: Health
With the sixth step, the couple prays to God to bless them with a healthy, harmonious and disease-free life. Together they pray for longevity of their marital relationship and well-being of their families.

7th Vow: Love & Friendship
Last but not the least, the bride and groom accept each other as lifetime partners to make their marriage blissful. Also, they promise each other to remain a loyal companion and strengthen their relationship with mutual trust, love and friendship.

Though a Hindu marriage is an elaborate ceremony that contains numerous rites and rituals, but these seven vows are the most important of them all. After these vows, the married couple touches their elder’s feet to seek their blessings to lead a happy and prosperous married life.

Traditional & Inspiring Wedding Vows

11 Feb

Traditional & Inspiring Wedding VowsWe wish your wedding vows never turn into wedding woes and in this blog we are going discuss the significance of the traditional and inspiring vows. These vows are personal and these are special too, and there is something more than what meets the eyes. In Hindu marriages these are taken while treading around the kindled fire, and in Christian marriages these are taken before the figurine of Lord Christ.

These vows are actually special words, which were written ages ago in ancient languages, and since contemporary society speaks differently now, these age old vows do not seem to deliver the message quite eloquently to the modern generation. Still these hold their charm and young are always curious to know what these vows actually mean. Sometimes we sit in the lap of our mothers asking their meaning and sometimes search the web to understand their significance. More or less, in every culture these vows mean the same. Here are some of the popular wedding vows with their meanings:

  • The bride or groom promises his or her partner that he or she would stay with his or her partner in every good and bad situation, till death does them apart.
  • The bride/groom accepts his or her partner as a constant friend, loyal partner, and a lifelong lover. He or she takes the vow that one would not abandon his or her spouse during sickness, sorrow and bad times.
  • A promise of unconditional love is made along with the promise to support the other in his or her goals. The groom/bride promises to respect and cherish the significant other, and laugh and cry together till both are alive.
  • The person commits to grow old and fall in love with the significant other a little bit more every moment and every day.
  • The bride/groom accepts to make the family of the significant other as his or her own family. He or she also takes the vow to be buried at the same place where the other would be after death.

You can also write your own heartfelt vows for your wedding. It is a great way to personalize the weddings and tell it to the world that how much your love your lovely wife or adorable husband. The vows taken at the time of marriage make the weddings sacred and strengthen the relationship because these are taken publically and before the divine god. You don’t need to turn into a poet or a philosopher to write a vow, write from your heart and it would surely touch the heart of your special someone.

MatrimonialsIndia.Com – Blogs Release August 2011

2 Sep

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Saat Phere- Tying The Bonds Of Holy Matrimony

5 Aug

Matrimony is the union of two lives, two families and two souls. A Hindu wedding consists of several rituals each having its own significance. The ‘seven vows’ or ‘saat phere’ is a noteworthy ceremony as a marriage is incomplete without it. Also known as ‘Saptadi’, the Seven Vows/Saat Phere are the rounds taken together by the bride and groom around the holy fire place. With every round, they make one promise to their partner thus making seven promises in all.

Each one of the seven phera’s has a distinct meaning and is symbolic of a promise which is meant to be kept for a lifetime. The custom of Seven Vows/Saat Phere has had a rich historical significance to it. It is believed that the saat pheras were started with the wedding of Hindu deity Lord Shiva and his wife Goddess Parvati. Thus, the pheras have a spiritual connotation attached to them. The bride is seated towards left of the groom before the pheras and then towards the right after they are complete.

The First One of the Saptadi is symbolic and the groom promises to cherish his wife and provide for her welfare and the children. He asks for a promise to provide him food and be helpful in every way. The bride in return promises to discharge all responsibilities for welfare of the all family members and children.

In the Second One the groom says “My beloved, now you have walked the second round with me, fill my heart with strength and courage, and together we shall protect the household and children.” In return the bride promises to be sad in her husband’s grief and rejoice in his happiness and fill his heart with love & courage and please him always.

In the Third Phera, the bride and groom pray for their prosperity & wealth and the groom promises to love and respect his wife as the only woman. The bride promises single-minded devotion to her husband. After completing the third phera in the Fourth Phera groom says, “You have brought auspiciousness and sacredness into my life. May we be blessed with obedient and noble children, may they live long.” And the bride promises him to provide him extreme happiness and please him in every way.

In the Fifth Saptadi the groom acknowledges his wife as his best friend who has enriched his life and the wife promises to trust and honor her husband always. The groom in the Sixth Round blesses his wife for joy & peace at all times and the bride promises; “In all acts of righteousness, in every form of enjoyment and divine acts, I promise you I shall participate and I shall always be with you.”  The marriage is complete in the Seventh Vow where both the bride and groom accept each other as husband and wife and promise each other to make their marriage eternally blissful.

The seven vows thus tie two people in bonds of holy matrimony which is believed to be blessed by the divine and cherished for a lifetime.

How To Write Wedding Vows?

21 Sep

Writing your own Wedding Vow but are at a loss of words? Want to write the most unique wedding Vow ever for your loved one but can not find the best way to express yourself? Let us help you with this daunting albeit special task that will be remembered by your better-half for a lifetime.

Wedding vows are the final declaration made by the heart that you have found the one who will share every moment of your life, through a collection of all the thoughts for your loved one. Wedding vows, whether classic, traditional or new age, solemnize your marriage ceremony with special lines or verses, written just for the love of your life. There are many instances where the bride or groom-to-be has been moved to tears with the special words being written and recited for them in front of their loved ones.

The idea is to write something unique and personalized because this is not just some person, but the one with whom you will be spending the rest of your life, someone who will witness your happiness, share your sorrows and grow old with you.

Below are mentioned few tips about writing wedding vows: -

  1. The first step is to write down the set of qualities that attracted you to him/her in the first place. Is he/she the one you had always visualized marrying or someone totally unexpected who changed the course of your life? Write about the habits that you like in them and all those things that you find adorable.
  2. The single most special thing to discuss in your wedding vows is citing the incident when you met for the first time and when you fell in love. Rekindling those memories when you are getting married is like remembering the sole reason why you decided to get married to this person.
  3. Write how the relationship has changed you and how this marriage will change your lives when you are united.
  4. Writing why you want to be married in the first place is a great idea along with mentioning your idea of a marriage and what it means for you.
  5. Citing romantic lines from literature might sound clichéd but they are an essential part of any Wedding Vow. You can even add lines from your favorite song or the songs that hold a special meaning for the two of you.
  6. A little humor can be included in a Wedding Vow along with the traditional lines as it takes off the stress and makes the atmosphere all the more pleasant.

Keep the Wedding Vows short enough and write the final version on a note-card. Once you are done with writing, practice it with all your emotions as you would on the final day. It does not matter if you have a way with words or not, finally what matters is that you are telling your true feelings from the innermost recesses of your heart.


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