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Idea Of Tiffany Blue As Wedding Theme

11 Oct

Using Tiffany Blue as a wedding theme symbolizes the sense of elegance, opulence and wealth at your special day. It is not necessary to use Tiffany Jewelry to apply the Tiffany Theme to your wedding. Sometimes, people cannot afford to buy the jewelry. You can simply apply tiffany along with pearl white color to give it a grace and a little bit of sparkle to make it an authentic Tiffany Wedding.

The Tiffany Blue Theme Can Be Applied For:  

  • Invitations – Print your invitation card under the tiffany blue theme. It would be amazing to tie a pearl white ribbon over your three fold card with the initials of the name of the couple over them. This will create an impact of a classic Tiffany Gift Boxes and bags when your guests will receive it.
  • Décor – The Tiffany Blue Theme can be reflected into the ambience of the wedding venue. Theme can be applied to linens, flowers and chair covers. Blue lights can be used around the dining area. For flowers, you can try using white lilies with a blue satin ribbon tied over it to reflect the color scheme. Remember that it is best not to overdo the color scheme as it will result into a disaster. Use of light color should be more if you have chosen an indoor venue.
  • Favors – Favors should also match to your wedding themes. Tiffany Blue Wedding Theme can be easily implemented on your favors. You can present them into a blue colored box with a thick white satin ribbon tied over it. You may fill it with your favorite chocolates or any other thing you find suitable. Make sure that whatever you choose your guests love it.
  • Dress – Both Bride and Groom can be dressed as per Tiffany Blue Theme. Brides may ask her accompanying girls to wear blue gowns and she herself wear white gown similar things can be done with the groom. Dresses can also add grace to the Tiffany Blue theme Wedding.

Tiffany blue has become very famous in the past few years. It looks really elegant and is liked by the guests too. What you need to do is to choose the color shades wisely and arrange them in good proportion.

MatrimonialsIndia.Com – Blogs Release August 2013

3 Sep

Fix Your Marriage by Just a Click
The heading “Fix Your Marriage by just a click” is a thumping statement on how internet has been able to penetrate into our lives and in molding the ways by which we make even the most crucial decisions. A decade ago, such a statement would have garnered no more than laughter bursts but today, this has real substance to it [...]

How To Be A Happy Couple
Well, if you think that there is a patent formula or a set of rules that can make you a “Happy Couple”, you may be oversimplifying things. Married life is not governed by rules and laws but by a mutual admiration of the relationship that the couple shares. The day you learn to value your relationship and your better half, you will make a Happy Couple; there are no additional efforts, counseling or training required; let me assure you [...]

Mistakes to Avoid While Planning a Wedding
Wedding day holds a very special place in one’s life; it ought to be just perfect. But for a reminder, here perfection requires extensive planning. You cannot just randomly select dates and location and presume everything to go the way you imagined. There are a number of aspects that need to be carefully planned before execution so that your special day truly remains special in every sense [...]

Selecting a Wedding Planner
As the cliché goes, you ought to be a professional to do something superlatively well.  Wedding Planning is certainly not an exception to this. If you want your wedding ceremony to be just perfect right from decoration to catering stuff, it’s better to hire a professional Wedding Planner. Professional assistance will keep things very organized and under control all the time. Here are a few guidelines you must remember when selecting a Wedding Planner [...]

MatrimonialsIndia.Com – Blogs Release February 2012

2 Mar

Romantic Ideas For Busy Couple!
Working couples or those who are career oriented find that, after a few years of their marriage, the initial excitement of togetherness just vanishes. Work keeps them busy all the time. They come home, eat dinner and fall asleep, only to be woken by the alarm the next day [...]

Marriage: New Chapter In A Woman’s Life
Marriage is a word which changes everything in women’s life. If you are getting married, soon you will be sharing your life with your future partner. This will bring new responsibilities, new family ties and adjustments. Marriage is not always a bed of roses but support, love and understanding from in-laws can make it is an easier ride [...]

How To Choose Exclusive Wedding Cards
With e-invites gradually taking the place of the wedding invitation cards, wedding cards are being introduced the market with many exclusive designs. Rituals are there to solemnize the marriage, but to make a long-lasting impact and to be the trendsetter; people spend a lot on the different celebrations of wedding [...]

The Telugu Way Of Tying The Knot
The Telugu Wedding, traditionally called Teluginti Pelli aptly reflects the sense of warmth and the love for culture the people of this community possess. While earlier the rituals lasted for almost 15 day, a modern day Telugu wedding can last for 5 days. This write-up presents an overview of the beautiful wedding ceremony of Telugus [...]

Points To Remember While Planning A Wedding
Wedding is an important event in a person’s life. Although it is said to be in heaven, the task of making the wedding proceed smoothly falls on the shoulders of mortals. It may seem like a difficult and stressful task but a proper and methodical planning will ensure that the day goes on smoothly [...]

Think Twice Before Divorce
Are you standing on the cross roads of deciding your marital future? Does the option of divorce linger at the back of your mind? If so, then it is extremely important that you take a step back and analyze the situation before taking a step further.Sometimes the emptiness and bleakness of the marriage hits you even though you love your spouse dearly [...]

Your Wedding Make-Up Guide
Wedding is an occasion where two souls exchange their vows and promise to live their life together. On this auspicious moment, it is obvious that you want to look fabulous and stunning. For this much-awaited day, brides-to-be start their preparation months before the D-day [...]

MatrimonialsIndia.Com – Blogs Release December 2011

3 Jan

Why You Must Have A Wedding Website?
Most of the Indian Weddings are incomplete without the blessings and good wishes of near & dear ones. Thus, much emphasis is given on involving friends and relatives in the wedding celebrations. The Internet has given an impressive alternative to the conventional way of informing people about a wedding.[...]

Wedding Music: DJ System Versus A Live Band
Weddings are incomplete without good music, particularly in India. Like everything else, the Wedding Music also has to be the best. Different situations and ceremonies of a wedding need different music that can heighten up the enjoyment quotient for the guests and the couple. Thus, a sound arrangement for music becomes almost a necessity.[...]

What Is The Ideal Wedding Gift?
If one of your dear ones is getting married soon, then make sure you don’t lack behind in expressing your good wishes and happiness. Be it your brother, sister, friend or any acquaintance, the most appropriate way for you to convey your feelings is in the form of a gift. You must choose and buy a present that reflects your thoughts in the best possible manner.[...]

Tips To Make Your Marriage Succeed
Marriage is said to be the new beginning wherein one gets a new partner in life to share the bliss and adversities. Initially marriage seems like a dream land where everything is perfect. But life is not always the same. In the married life as well, problems have to be faced by a couple that have to be tackled and surpassed.[...]

The Beautiful Wedding Of Kashmiris..
The fact that the people of Kashmir add to the picturesque and natural beauty that surrounds them is well-known and whole-heartedly accepted all across the globe. What is little known about the region of Kashmir is the fact that the Weddings that take place in the area are as magnificent and exquisite.[...]

Beautiful Accessories of the Gorgeous Indian Brides
The beauty and the charming get-up of Indian Brides are known and celebrated all over the world. People across the globe compare the appeal of the Brides of India to a magnificent dream. The charm and aura of the soon-to-be-Mrs. is complemented with stunning accessories. Be it the necklace, the bangles, the earrings,[...]

Are You Trapped In These Relationship Myths Too?
Right from our teenage years, we learn about love and relationships from romantic films, mills and boons novels, magazines, and, of course, our own personal experiences. But in the process we often tend to cling to strong opinions about relationships which are completely based on misconceptions and myths.[...]

Bridal Beauty Tips!
When the marriage of a girl is fixed, her level of anxiety to look her best starts increasing day by day. With the availability of a number of bridal beauty packages, the brides have to avail skin nourishment, hair conditioning, and many other services to enhance their beauty. Although, the natural glow of happiness on brides’ faces is incomparable,[...]

Bridal Beauty Tips!

30 Dec

When the marriage of a girl is fixed, her level of anxiety to look her best starts increasing day by day. With the availability of a number of bridal beauty packages, the brides have to avail skin nourishment, hair conditioning, and many other services to enhance their beauty. Although, the natural glow of happiness on brides’ faces is incomparable, these bridal packages are highly in demand to add an ‘X factor’ to their overall look.

Must-To-Do For A Bride
Body massages are a must-to-do for every bride. The reason has a lot to do rather than just beautifying your skin. Since it is the most important day of your life, a complete body massage is a great way to prepare for it. This helps in relaxing your body as well as mind. It soothes your senses and calms your mind, so you can refreshingly arrive at your wedding.

Special Hair Care
Deep conditioning treatments on a monthly basis are highly recommended. Hiring a professional hair expert, apart from your hairstylist, is highly important. A few days before the wedding day, brides should avoid sudden changes to hair, like opting for a new haircut, coloring your hair, etc. Besides this, protecting hair from extremes of temperature is highly essential, because you cannot afford to have damaged hair at such a crucial time.

Smooth Skin Secrets
Steam facials are extremely beneficial as they clean the dirt trapped in the pores of the skin and release toxins too. It is advised to do the facial well in advance so as to avoid any harsh skin reaction before the wedding day. Facials using ingredients from home, like an egg white mixed with honey, is recommended for its no negative after effects.

If you have intelligently planned for your bridal preparations, you will never end up dealing with stress to look beautiful on the wedding day. By using these tips, you will surely charm everyone with your charismatic beauty and attractive look on your D-day.

MatrimonialsIndia.Com – Blogs Release November 2011

2 Dec

Get A Traditional And Classy Look With Bridal Sarees
Sarees form the traditional attire for most Indian women at the time of their wedding. A perfectly worn sari gives the bride a traditionally beautiful appearance on her wedding day. Along with beautiful contemporary designs, traditional sarees still hold relevance for a modern day marriage. High class brands nowadays release unique and varied collections of[...]

Oriya Wedding Rituals
A typical Oriya Wedding reflects the simplicity and beauty of the lifestyle of people residing in Orissa. An Oriya Wedding resembles common Hindu ceremonies, yet is different in many aspects. The most astonishing fact about Oriya Wedding is that the groom’s mother doesn’t take part in the ceremonies and rituals of the wedding.[...]

Tips For Wedding Shopping!
Every person enjoys shopping! And for a celebration as big as wedding, shopping just cant get more interesting! It is one of the most fun-filled parts of any wedding preparation. But, with enjoyment, comes the responsibility of buying all the necessities within the stipulated time frame.[...]

Top Indian Wedding Destinations!
India, known for its unique culture and warm hospitality, has gained prominence as a wedding destination in recent times. These days, it’s not just Indians who have keen desire to get married in the home country but foreigners too can’t resist themselves to look forward to this spectacular country as their Wedding Venue.[...]

Best Ways To Bring Spice In Your Married Life!
When you were ‘just-married’, everything seemed rosy and exciting in life. But as the years passed by, nothing remained the same. Marital Life took an opposite turn inform of monotonous routine and there was nothing to enliven it! No doubt that you still love your partner but most of the times it seems as if the romance has left your marriage.[...]

Ways to Secure your Matrimonial Profiles!
Most of the matrimonial service providers and websites require every kind of private information, like date of birth, last name, remarriage, or divorce; along with most sensitive ones like photo albums. Members of matrimonial portals upload their complete personal information to their matrimonial profile.[...]

Help Your Failing Marriage Survive
Marriage is a lifetime affair which requires utmost adjustment from both the sides. In order to have a happy married life, you must learn to live with the negative and positive aspects of your life partner. It’s natural that everyone has a different nature and attitude and adjusting with these dissimilarities is what makes marriage[...]

Unique Parsi Wedding Ceremony!
A Parsi wedding is full of fun-filled customs that one enjoys while observing. The rituals are primarily divided into pre wedding, wedding and post wedding basis. Rituals of Pre-wedding phase: Some time before the marriage, the bride and groom go through the Nahan ritual.[...]

Best Ways To Bring Spice In Your Married Life!

18 Nov

When you were ‘just-married’, everything seemed rosy and exciting in life. But as the years passed by, nothing remained the same. Marital Life took an opposite turn inform of monotonous routine and there was nothing to enliven it! No doubt that you still love your partner but most of the times it seems as if the romance has left your marriage. Fortunately, the romance is right there, it is just waiting for your attention and initiative.

Here are some tips that can bring back the lost spice in your married life.

Break The Routine
Keep the vibes of romance alive. Bring the element of surprise. How about making a candlelight dinner for two, leaving notes around the house, or even washing your spouse’s hair?

Get Back Into Shape
Get a good haircut, facial, or a massage. Join a gym, go cycling, jogging, or take up yoga classes. Getting fit will also do wonders for your skin and sexual energy.

Show Your Care
Come home from work earlier than usual. Do things for each other, it can be anything from giving a massage after a tiring day to cooking dinner.

Increase The Touch Factor
Touch increases happiness and pleasure levels. Create a private and intimate atmosphere with a gentle touch, constant eye contact, a personal smile, and most importantly quick hugs.

Increase The Sex Factor
Go and Shop for a sexy outfit. Also, try something new in the bedroom. Don’t let sex become just a task.

Go On A Second Honeymoon
Take some time out from your busy schedule and kids. Go on a holiday together.

After years of marriage, chances are that you have unintentionally let yourself go. Unknowingly you might have been neglecting your spouse. But always remember, it’s never too late to indulge yourself in activities that can bring back the spark of romance in your married life.

How To Avoid Stress And Enjoy Your Wedding

19 Jul

A wedding is not just another event in your life and most of us have many big plans to make the D-day special. But as the wedding date approaches, many couples get stressed out, thinking that how will they plan everything? Will they look their best? How will they find the right Services provider and Supplier? How will they make it a memorable affair…blah blah blah…..But actually there is nothing to be so stressful about! Just by adopting an enjoyable attitude, planning earlier, sharing the tasks, staying healthy and above all by working within a well-planned budget couples can avoid the D-day jitters to have a great experience.

Have A Fun-Filled Approach

The key is to have fun while planning for this special occasion. It is not the be-all-and-end-all of your life. Just relax and enjoy while you visit interesting wedding venues, taste gourmet food, shop-till-you-drop for gorgeous apparel and share moments that you will never forget in your life.

Plan Early, Stay Stress-Free

Starting early is always better as you can check out more options, book earlier to get the best venue, organize in a better manner and arrive at well thought out decisions with confidence. To start planning you can visit a few bridal shows in the city that are organized at peak bridal seasons. You can also read bridal magazines and go online to get ideas on the themes and stuff. Getting ideas from friends who are already hitched can also help.

Take Help, It Helps

You will be surprised to known how a wedding planning increases family bonding despite the tension and the chaos. Right from the day you decide to get married to the last-minute preparations at the wedding, your siblings, parents and cousins can help you with the planning, choosing and organizing to reduce all the stress. But be careful and choose only the people who can work around your ideas and do not cause conflicts. Close friends are also very helpful.

Plan The Budget

Planning a wedding is no child’s play and it is better at times to approach the financial matters in a business-like approach. Create a worksheet to list all the items and ensure that you do not go overboard while spending.

More importantly, you must choose the right people to work with and that includes all the service providers and suppliers. Also, purchase samples of all the things for which you will order in bulk later on. And above all, it is easier to be stress-free while get in a good shape for the wedding by exercising to get a special glow. As you can see, there are so many small things that you can do to make the most of planning and enjoying the most important day of your life.

Wedding Planner Help

Great Tips on How to Save a Bad Marriage

4 Jun

Marriage is the most important part of everyone’s life. All of us want our marriage to be successful but the problem arises when the marriage doesn’t work, which becomes a source of tension for not just the wife and the husband but their respective families as well. Still, there are many ways through which you can save your marriage and make it successful. Some of them are as follows:

Don’t Hasten Things:
Most of us have a habit of patching up things as soon as the problem arises. This creates more problem because the more you try the more things will go wrong. Instead of trying to patch up immediately you should give each other some time and allow the wounds to heal

Always Be Calm And Composed:
You should never loose your temper. When things go wrong, you should not break out. It will make the situation worse as when we our angry we cannot think straight. So you should not take any decision when you are angry.

Be Consistent:
Try to be consistent and stick to your words and actions. If you promise to change a particular habit of yours then make sure that you change it. Don’t start it again after a few days. If you stick to your words you will be able to see a positive result in your relationship.

Be Committed:
You should be committed towards every aspect of the relationship. Your careless attitude towards your partner can affect the relationship as your partner may start feeling that you are not interested in the marriage any more.

So now, if you really want to save your marriage from divorce then you should start following the above mentioned tips and you will surely succeed. A healthy marital relationship is a source of happiness for everybody around you and you must give it the care that it needs in order for it to be successful.

Wedding Day DOs and DONTs

24 May

The Wedding Day is the most special event in anybody’s life as it can change a person’s life forever. Keeping in mind the significance attached to this day all the preparations should me made well in advance so that no mishaps occur on the grand day. Here are some tips on what should be done and what should not be done on the wedding day so that you can enjoy to the fullest.

Give A Personal Touch
An important factor that is missing from most weddings is a ‘personal touch’. Weddings theses day are mostly planned by wedding planners who provide a good professional set up for the weddings but if you wish to make your day special and unique then make it personalized. Your decoration and theme will hold more appeal if they are reflective of your personality and tastes. So, spend some time with your wedding planner and brief them about what you want so that the ceremony takes place according to your choice and not someone else’s.

Money Matters!
Know the meaning of the word budget. Therefore it is important to set your priorities and not go over spending on any item just because of an advice from someone.

Other Important Aspects To Consider
It is the most basic fact to mention the precautions that need to be taken regarding the dress and makeup. Select both the things with care and never overdo the makeup. Know your personality and select a beautician who will rightly enhance your personality rather than flooding your face with cosmetics. Keep an extra kit of makeup readily available and a pouch for stuff like lip gloss, compact with you for touch ups.

Eat properly during the day as the wedding night will not allow you to have a hearty meal if you are the bride or groom. So it is essential to have something filling to keep your energy intact for the night and also keep you lively. Always have your sense of humor with you to handle unpleasant or difficult situations that might arise.

It would be really helpful if you do not commit mistakes like getting drunk on the night before which would give you hangover and headaches on your wedding day! The best thing to do is plan everything from food to caterers to music and decoration well in advance to maintain the essence of the day and avoid any fallout. Have a happy wedding.


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