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MatrimonialsIndia.Com – Blogs Release September 2011

3 Oct

Matrimonials India- Helping Millions to Get Married
Gone are the days when matchmaking for marriages was the task of pundits or relatives or agents. In the contemporary scenario, online matchmaking has gained a lot of momentum. People now look for their ideal life partners on the different Matrimonial Websites catering to millions of people all across the world.[...]

Youngsters Catching Up Online Matrimonial India To Find Suitable Match
The whole traditional process of looking for the weekly classified ads or published matrimonial columns in newspaper to find suitable life partner has become the thing of the past. The youth nowadays has adopted the new form of searching for their potential spouse by logging on to the emerging matrimonial websites.[...]

Matrimonial Sites Are A New Platform For Match Making
The cyber world has bought a massive change in the outlook of the users. The increase in technological development has increased the level of user dependency on the internet. One such area that has been highly affected is that of the matrimonial market.[...]

Valentine Wedding
Valentines Day- an entire day dedicated to celebrate the beautiful feeling called love. The lovely weather at this time of the year makes young hearts tempted to fall in love. Moreover, Valentines Day gives a big reason to couples to celebrate their relation.[...]

Sikh Wedding
Sikh Wedding is a joyous occasion which is considered very sacred and pious. Though the actual Wedding ceremony does not take more than thirty minutes yet the wedding rituals start a week before the Wedding. The Wedding ceremony takes place in a Gurudwara, in the presence of Guru Granth Saheb ji.[...]

Privacy And Security Tips For Matrimonial Websites Members
Though matrimonial websites put forward a convenient way of finding a life partner yet security remains a big concern of many. Seeking a matrimonial alliance online may require you to provide many personal details. You may also be required to share some personal information that in general you won’t like to expose on any social[...]

Muslim Wedding
Muslim Wedding, which is popular by the name of ‘Nikah’, is an immensely joyous and a love filled occasion. Just like most of the other Indian weddings, a Muslim Wedding too has many rituals before and after the marriage. However, the rituals of a Nikah are greatly different from the weddings of other religions.[...]

Wedding Cards: How To Select The Perfect One?
One of the most interesting aspects in Indian Weddings is distribution of Wedding Invitation Cards to friends and relatives. Indians are very fond of beautifully designed Wedding Cards meant to invite people to attend the wedding celebrations. Like all the other things associated with an Indian Marriage, even Wedding Cards have to be grand.[...]

Wedding Cards: How To Select The Perfect One?

30 Sep

One of the most interesting aspects in Indian Weddings is distribution of Wedding Invitation Cards to friends and relatives. Indians are very fond of beautifully designed Wedding Cards meant to invite people to attend the wedding celebrations. Like all the other things associated with an Indian Marriage, even Wedding Cards have to be grand. It means that great care is taken to ensure that the wedding cards reflect the grandeur connected with the wedding.

The Significance Of Wedding Cards
As soon as the wedding date is fixed, families of the bride and groom start their search for the finest Invitation Card. Invitation Cards are important as they have all the information about the wedding that a guest may need. Name of the bride, the groom and their parents; date of the wedding and other functions; address of the venue, etc. are clearly mentioned in the Wedding Cards. Some people also get a map to reach the venue printed on the backside of the card. All the other details related to the marriage are also mentioned in the card.

The Right Way Of Selection

  •  There is a wide variety of papers that can be used for manufacturing a Wedding card. You can choose from crushed paper, handmade paper, glossy paper mat finish paper, fibrous paper etc.
  • Once you select the paper, decide whether you want a two fold card, three fold card or even more than that. You can also take your pick from rectangular shaped cards to square shaped cards and any other shape.
  • Most of the wedding cards have sacred religious symbols printed on the top. You can take your pick from the beautifully designed images of Ganesh ji, Laxmi ji in traditional/modern format or go for natural motifs etc.

Since Wedding Cards have great significance, particularly in Indian Weddings. It is necessary that you choose a card that gives information about your marriage in style as Wedding Cards are no less than a style symbol for most of the people. There are many colors, designs, shapes, sizes and even papers to choose from. So select the one that you like and invite your friends and relatives to the wedding with élan.

Indian Wedding Cards: Blending Culture and Creativity

26 Apr

Wedding Cards are the perfect way to announce to the whole world that the would-be – bride and groom are finally ready to tie the nuptial knot.  Every couple wants their wedding card to look unique and elegant. Hence, these cards are exquisitely designed and in-fact set the tone for this big event in an individual’s life.

An Introduction – Indian Wedding Card
The wedding cards give very specific details to the guests about the wedding schedule i.e. the venue, date, time of the marriage etc. Mostly, the Indian wedding cards contain some holy mantras or picture of Lord Ganesha to invoke a religious feeling and seek the blessings for matrimony. Nowadays people shell out a large amount of money to make the wedding invitation card look the best. There are numerous online companies that are offering exclusively designed wedding cards.  Indian wedding cards are made available in varied designs, sizes and colors to suit everybody’s preference and budget needs. Nowadays, these cards are especially crafted by designers who have knowledge of the latest trends and can the most unique and stylish designs.

Types Of Wedding Cards

  • Scroll type
  • Roll-open card
  • RSVP cards (here the bride and the groom family write down the date, time and venue for the wedding by themselves)

What Needs Your Focus While Selecting An Indian Wedding Card?
Choose from variety of fabrics i.e. velvet, tissue etc as per your preference for the creation of wedding cards. Pay due attention to the words and quotes that you may want on your wedding card .Also, various printing options are available such as foil printing, screen printing etc. you can even get the cards hand-made or hand-written, thermo graphed or engraved and even get it personalized by including your photos. Besides, you can also select a theme for your wedding invitation card too.

Apart from devoting time to venue decoration, apparels and accessories for the big day, nowadays the bride and the groom take extra efforts and pain on selection of their wedding cards too. Searching designs online is a good choice to get most options and that too in your budget.

Wedding Cards And Their Trends

29 Mar

There are several important aspects related to an Indian wedding. Right from the venue to the food, from the attire to the gifts, there are many things to consider in a marriage. One of the most important ones would be the wedding card. It is the wedding card that actually informs the guests, relatives, family and friends where the actual event would be taking place. The wedding card can be, in more informal terms, your entry pass to a wedding. But let us see first what exactly a wedding card contains? It encloses the basic details like who is to marry whom, the details of the functions, the venue details, timings of the events, contact person and so on. Nowadays, the wedding card trends are changing and new and innovative methods are being adopted by invitees. Let us first go through the basic details a card contains and the different trends.

  • The most important thing that a wedding card contains is the name of the bride and the groom and their parents or grandparents. Without the names of the wedding couple, the wedding card would have absolutely no value.
  • The venue is another major thing in a wedding card. Sometimes, only one card contains all the details of the events leading up to a wedding but sometimes, there is an individual card for every event or ceremony. Nowadays, both combined and individual cards are in trend so either of them can be chosen. The card or cards also contain the time of the functions and the venue, etc.
  • Wedding cards also contain the details of the contact person. Sometimes the wedding venues are at far-off places and at locations that are not easily accessible. In such cases, the guests can contact the contact person, usually mentioned under the head RSVP and find out the details of the venue and the best way to get there.
  • Nowadays, apart from the contact details of the contact person, there is sometimes a map enclosed with the card. The map contains the entire route to the venue from different parts of the city. This makes it easier for the guests to find the wedding venue.
  • The latest trend that has started is giving a box of sweets or some gift along with the wedding card to the guests. This accompaniment of sweets and gifts with the card is known as ‘shagun’.

So, if you or your loved one is getting married soon, make sure you keep these latest trends and the basic aspects of a wedding card in mind before getting it printed. An informative and attractive wedding card would add that extra appeal to the grandiose affair called ‘The Great Indian Wedding’.

Great Wedding Invitation Ideas for Small Budget

27 Aug

Marriage is an auspicious occasion that unites two lives in a never-breaking bond. Marriage in India is an extravagant affair that plays host to hundreds of people. Presence of the near and dear ones on this sacred occasion becomes very important so invitation cards play a vital role. Nowadays, invitation cards acts as a status symbol reflecting your class. Youngsters have their own choices and wish to make their wedding the most memorable and set everything perfect. For this, people usually shed out considerable amounts of money to get the best designed invitations. There are separate designers dedicated to the job of creating novel and unique invitation cards.

But, what if you have a small budget and can’t hire one of those top-notch cards designers? Not to worry. Even in a small budget you can have the most stylish and attractive invitation cards. You want to know how? Just check out this write up and help out yourself…..

Think it for yourself: The ideas that you or your family members come out with, will be unique and of course as per the budget.

  • Involve your family and friends and take their active suggestions in designing your wedding invitation card.
  • Design a template yourself and get it printed from a reasonable printing press. This will ensure their low cost.
  • Also, homemade cards carry your personal feelings and surely reflect the happiness. Use of stick-ons, ribbons, etc. adds your personal touch to the invite cards.
  • These homemade wedding cards have their own charm and appeals a lot to those receiving them.

So, just let free your creativity and assure yourself a perfect wedding invite fulfilling all your requirements.

Some in-trend invites ideas:

Photo wedding invitations:

  • These invitations have the picture or pictures of the bride and the groom. You can make this invite highly creative by adding pictures of the first meeting and then the proposal day…etc. in a collage form. This will translate a story of your relationship and turn out to be an appealing invitation idea.
  • Also, you can have only one photograph with beautiful border. This will offer a neat and clean look to the invitation card.
  • People around you- friends, siblings, relatives etc. can provide you with many more ideas so don’t hesitate to take their help.

Online invites: This is one of the most accepted ideas these days. Simply draft an invitation card using your imaginative power and send it your close ones through email. This means is highly cost-effective and convenient.

Such invitations ideas are very different from the traditional wedding invitations and are purely based on personal expressions. Your personal input in designing your own wedding card will let you have an extraordinary idea. Using any of the above mentioned ideas will guarantee you an exclusive wedding invitation card. So, go for it…….


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