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Matrimonial Websites, and Happily Married Forever!

23 Oct

There are chances that you can meet your soul mate on one of the matrimonial websites!! Many have found their special someone on these sites and have formed matrimonial alliances. If you too wish to tie the nuptial knots this year but still want to wait for your fair lady or prince charming to come, there is no place ideal than going on a matrimonial website.

  • Read Details: After getting access of the profile of the selected person, you can also read details about the person such as his/her family background, qualification, job, religious beliefs, traditional values etc. This way you can foresee living a life with the other person.
  • Kundli Matching: Many matrimonial websites match the kundlis of the registered members who are interested in marrying each other. A reliable software application is used for the purpose.
  • Chatting Option: One can also chat with the person via the chat option available on the websites. It is a great way to know what the other person likes or dislikes and one can also judge by this way if he/she is compatible with him/her or not.
  • Upload Photograph: Everyone has an idea in mind that he she would like to marry someone who is bestowed with certain kind of looks. On the matrimonial sites you can also check the pictures of the other person and if the good looks of the person fit your idea of beautiful or handsome mate, you can approach him or her on the website.
  • Event Arrangements: The websites also make arrangements for events like personal meetings. The professionals working with the websites are adept at making the right arrangements that facilitate effective communication between the two people interested in marrying.

You never know, a chance meeting with a person on the matrimonial website would turn out to be a most happy moment of your life! On these websites thousands of people have found their significant other and are leading a happy life. Keeping aside their commercial agendas, these websites work to create faith of the people in their services. Many websites have created goodwill amongst people with their diligent efforts at facilitating matrimonial alliances that last forever.

Indian Matrimonial Sites: Now A Favorite Of Parents Too

21 Sep

For a long time, Indian Matrimonial Sites were considered one step ahead of dating websites and social networking websites where young single people registered to get in touch with other singles. A lot of apprehensions later, parents have too hopped on the bandwagon and now trust such Indian Matrimony Sites to find a suitable match for their boy or girl. But how did this shift occur? Let’s dig deeper to find out.

Reasons Why Matrimonial Websites Are Finding Favor With Parents:

  • Although the traditional match-making system still prevails but it is being slowly substituted with Online Matchmaking due to the sheer convenience of accessing so many profiles of suitable prospective brides and grooms.
  • Along with this, the systematic classification and searching system of the profiles as per the age, location, caste, community, marital status, profession and other personal aspects has made it much easier for many parents who want the best for their child.
  • Indian Matrimonial Websites have brought the system of arranged marriages with proper involvement of parents again into focus.
  •  Such websites are designed keeping the traditional mindset of parents in mind and now parents can even check the astrological compatibility with just a few clicks.
  • What’s more, the user-friendly interface makes it easier for even the not so tech-savvy parents to browse and search through different profiles while availing different services.
  • The Indian Matrimonial Portals have special services for NRIs, which ensure that people settled abroad can find matches for their children in their homeland, or for that matter, anywhere in the world, from their community.

With time Matrimonial Portals of India are increasingly finding favor with both singles and their parents or guardians alike. This is not only due to the convenience but also because of the platform such sites offer that is becoming increasingly personalized and secure.

MatrimonialsIndia.Com – Blogs Release June 2012

4 Jul

Indian Matrimony Is Now Totally Different From What It Used to Be
To say the least, Indian Matrimony is parting ways with traditional customs and embracing the novelty. Indian Matrimony has come across a sea change than what it used to be in the past [...]

Indian Matrimonial Websites Can Absolutely Be Very Useful
The gradual shift in beliefs and attitude at the individual levels has started reflecting in the social practices as well. Where, earlier, the authority of taking decisions on marital alliances rested entirely with the parents, the trend is changing [...]

Matrimonial Websites: Constantly Striving Hard to Make a Mark in an Orthodox Society
We have seen that there are several people who do not set their watch and warrant on the business of online matrimony. Several individuals harbor suspicion in their mind, pertaining to infidelity of online matrimonial sites [...]

Ways For Matrimonial Search in India
India is a country of amazing cultural diversity. There are so many religions, languages, castes and customs prevalent in the country. However, one thing that is common in this overwhelming diversity is the strong belief of the Indians in the institution of marriage [...]

Matrimonial Websites: Constantly Striving Hard to Make a Mark in an Orthodox Society

22 Jun

We have seen that there are several people who do not set their watch and warrant on the business of online matrimony. Several individuals harbor suspicion in their mind, pertaining to infidelity of online matrimonial sites.
Narrow minded individuals, who have never taken a stroll on the broad allays of thinking, will never accept such a way of matchmaking. They would resort to the age-old and conventional way of matchmaking, where they would contact an intermediary who would then fetch the bride or groom for you or your family member.

Some matrimonial websites are straining every nerve to prove their metal and to match the expected standards set by several netizens. Now, matrimonial websites, who are serious in what they do, are conducting their business affairs with due care. They are validating every profile and are on a witch-hunt for spammers and fake profiles.

Several matrimonial websites are keen on giving their franchise to other people, who can start-up their offline services on behalf of the matrimonial brand name. These matrimonial websites have been trying to expand their business value by doing such acts of opening their offline centers, so as to enhance the credibility quotient in the mind of probable customers.

People have innumerable reasons to blow hot and cold, as to whether or not to trust the matrimonial websites, and to disclose confidential and sensitive information. As a party to the marriage, one has to disclose his/her personal contact number, address, and most importantly, a photo, which can be perilous at  the present web age which is been plagued by hackers.

Therefore, before enrolling yourself to any of the matrimonial website, you must be sure of the policies of the website, and refrain from uploading your entire family album, rather just upload one solo pic of yours. You must also make sure that you only cogitate on those profiles which can be viewed simply, any profile that is easily accessible and have ambiguous information should never be entertained.

Marriage is a pivotal decision of our life. Any recklessness should not be practiced when you are taking a decision, which appertains to wedding. Any miscalculations occurring in a decision of such stature would beget shrills that will echo till your entire lifetime.

Pros And Cons Of Matrimonial Sites

27 Jan

There would hardly be anyone who has not thought about or made plans for his/her dream-come-true day. Yes, we’re talking about wedding day here. Wedding is, undoubtedly, an auspicious occasion that comes along with happiness and starts a new phase of life for both bride and groom; the happiness that lasts forever and the phase that is beautiful than ever. But the problem arises when the bride or groom is not able to find a perfect match. This is where the need of Indian Matrimonial Sites, which have become an all-new platform for matchmaking, arises. But is this platform good enough for tying the eternal knots? Read on to know about the pros and cons of Matrimonial Websites in India.


  • People who have been in search of the right partner for years can now register to a one-stop destination – Matrimonial Website – where they can easily find a partner as per their likings, mother tongue, country, religion, occupation and more.
  • Without seeking any wedding broker, relative or pundit, you’re just a click away from your partner when using a Marriage Site.
  • Several Matrimony Sites also provide an option of live chat with could-be-the-one person. And through some of them you can also contact the wedding vendors, be it a florist, videographer, photographer or caterer.
  • The reputed Marriage Sites in India keep your personal information secured and confidential, so rest assured about security-related worries.


  • If you come across a fake profile and go on to believe upon it, all your dreams of finding the one can get shattered. Solution: Register only on those Matrimonial Sites that verify the biodata and identity of whosoever gets registered with them.
  • Getting married through a Matrimonial Matchmaking Site is like trying your luck, because you know nothing about your would-be spouse. Solution: Talk to person, arrange several meetings with him/her, meet his/her family and then make your final decision.

If a good wedding can make your life blissful, the bad one can make it woeful. Therefore, when you’re finding a match through a Matrimonial Site, you ought to be cautions, check whether the biodata of the potential partner is genuine, meet him/her several times instead of making decisions in a hurry and then you are sure to find your ‘the one.’

Ways to Secure your Matrimonial Profiles!

22 Nov

Most of the matrimonial service providers and websites require every kind of private information, like date of birth, last name, remarriage, or divorce; along with most sensitive ones like photo albums. Members of matrimonial portals upload their complete personal information to their matrimonial profile. Therefore in such situations, privacy of matrimonial profiles becomes highly essential.

In India, the general psychological belief of people restricts themselves from sharing most private information on a global platform like Internet. Other things that act as a deterrent are the bogus members or fake profiles where there are chances of abusing or leak of information to unknown or fraudulent individuals.

All the matrimonial portals are not secure. Only some of them provide secure matrimonial services. Therefore before creating your account and posting private information, make sure that your profile is protected. Here are some necessary tips you must consider:

  • Check verified contact details to avoid fake and fraudulent profiles
  • Read the privacy and security tips on the matrimonial services providers’ website
  • Do not give any information straight away
  • Stay away if you feel suspicious of the person’s behavior
  • Protect your password
  • Secure all your confidential information
  • Use Photo Request option and do not put your photo album open on the web
  • Meet any person only after you conform their identity and related details
  • Meet at a safe public place

So before you register yourself in any matrimonial website, check it thoroughly and do not haste. Take your time. If you feel paid and professional matrimonial websites are secure then better opt for them, rather than compromising your safety for any free or unauthentic matrimonial site. Don’t judge any person from just the face value, go beyond it and use be on extra guard while selecting your partner for life.

MatrimonialsIndia.Com – Blogs Release September 2011

3 Oct

Matrimonials India- Helping Millions to Get Married
Gone are the days when matchmaking for marriages was the task of pundits or relatives or agents. In the contemporary scenario, online matchmaking has gained a lot of momentum. People now look for their ideal life partners on the different Matrimonial Websites catering to millions of people all across the world.[...]

Youngsters Catching Up Online Matrimonial India To Find Suitable Match
The whole traditional process of looking for the weekly classified ads or published matrimonial columns in newspaper to find suitable life partner has become the thing of the past. The youth nowadays has adopted the new form of searching for their potential spouse by logging on to the emerging matrimonial websites.[...]

Matrimonial Sites Are A New Platform For Match Making
The cyber world has bought a massive change in the outlook of the users. The increase in technological development has increased the level of user dependency on the internet. One such area that has been highly affected is that of the matrimonial market.[...]

Valentine Wedding
Valentines Day- an entire day dedicated to celebrate the beautiful feeling called love. The lovely weather at this time of the year makes young hearts tempted to fall in love. Moreover, Valentines Day gives a big reason to couples to celebrate their relation.[...]

Sikh Wedding
Sikh Wedding is a joyous occasion which is considered very sacred and pious. Though the actual Wedding ceremony does not take more than thirty minutes yet the wedding rituals start a week before the Wedding. The Wedding ceremony takes place in a Gurudwara, in the presence of Guru Granth Saheb ji.[...]

Privacy And Security Tips For Matrimonial Websites Members
Though matrimonial websites put forward a convenient way of finding a life partner yet security remains a big concern of many. Seeking a matrimonial alliance online may require you to provide many personal details. You may also be required to share some personal information that in general you won’t like to expose on any social[...]

Muslim Wedding
Muslim Wedding, which is popular by the name of ‘Nikah’, is an immensely joyous and a love filled occasion. Just like most of the other Indian weddings, a Muslim Wedding too has many rituals before and after the marriage. However, the rituals of a Nikah are greatly different from the weddings of other religions.[...]

Wedding Cards: How To Select The Perfect One?
One of the most interesting aspects in Indian Weddings is distribution of Wedding Invitation Cards to friends and relatives. Indians are very fond of beautifully designed Wedding Cards meant to invite people to attend the wedding celebrations. Like all the other things associated with an Indian Marriage, even Wedding Cards have to be grand.[...]

Privacy And Security Tips For Matrimonial Websites Members

23 Sep

Though matrimonial websites put forward a convenient way of finding a life partner yet security remains a big concern of many. Seeking a matrimonial alliance online may require you to provide many personal details. You may also be required to share some personal information that in general you won’t like to expose on any social platform where an unknown audience can access it. Keeping into consideration the fact that you may not be sure about the credibility of Matrimonial Websites worsen the fears of your private information falling in the wrong hands. Since matrimonial websites also ask you to upload your photographs, the security again arises as a big concern.

You have to upload sensitive information like- Date and Place of Birth, Place of Residence, Height, Caste, etc. Thus, it is essential that you are completely sure about credibility of the Matrimonial Website you register your name with. Never forget to check the privacy rules of that site. Following are some of the tips that will keep your profile secure:

  • Confirm the contact details of the matrimonial website you choose
  • Verify the privacy policies of the company that reserves the right of that website
  • Do not neglect the privacy and security tips provided on the website
  • Initially upload only one photograph instead of a photo album
  • Keep your password protected at all times
  • Fix the first meeting only at a public place
  • Entertain queries of only those prospects, whose contact details can be verified conveniently
  • Do not entertain any person who changes statements frequently. If someone tries to avoid any particular question, find out the reason behind it.

Make sure that you are completely convinced with the authenticity of the website before uploading any information. Getting married is decision of a lifetime so never hurry on finalizing one name as your ideal life partner. Lastly, once you meet your dream person, you will realize the worth of not being negligent and losing your personal information to frauds.

Matrimonial Sites Are A New Platform For Match Making

13 Sep

The cyber world has bought a massive change in the outlook of the users. The increase in technological development has increased the level of user dependency on the internet. One such area that has been highly affected is that of the matrimonial market. Nowadays, the brides or the grooms don’t have to undergo the traditional frenetic process when their suitable life partner is just a click away. The traditional methods have now become a thing of the past.

These new emerging matrimonial websites have revolutionized the whole life partner seeking process. Now the process has become much more sophisticated and has expedited the procedure by providing numerous options from all around the world. The prolonged options have also helped the bride and the groom to find their suitable life partner. By rendering their services to not only first marriages but also NRIs, divorcees and widows, the demand has only multiplied.

These websites cater to the needs of all the users and makes sure that it caters to all their requirements in an orderly manner. Thus new ways to impress the users like religion-wise searching for Sikh, Hindu, Muslim & Christians and other preferences have been incorporated. Also, users’ time is given significance and in the current scenario, many websites are tying up with mobile and newspaper companies to have a wide user base.

Due to the number of facilities being provided by these sites, the younger generation has also accepted them with open arms. These sites provide them with a spectrum of options and a platform to communicate with many eligible singles. Besides, they get all the detailed information- education, family background, interests and expectations of the candidates just with the click of the mouse.

The biggest advantage of these sites is the increased interaction level between the bride and the groom which helps them choose amongst the wide number of options available. The whole matchmaking process has thus changed, but only for the good!


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