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MatrimonialsIndia.Com – Blogs Release July 2013

2 Aug

Healthy Arguments Strengthen A Relationship
Arguments are a common thing in every relationship. Two people can never be totally of the same mentality. There are bound to be differences in their thinking. But that does not mean that the differences are always negative [...]

The Role Of Love In Marriage
When love is all around everything seems to be perfect. Love is important for two people who marry and make a vow to support each other in good times and bad. Love is an emotion that strengthens the bond between the two. Although, love is not everything that makes a marriage successful but two people can handle their problems in a better way if love exists in a relationship [...]

Tips To Create Online Matrimonial Profile
Marriage is the most important thing in everybody’s life. Success of a marriage totally depends on the compatibility of the two partners. However, before that comes finding a suitable match. Matrimonial Sites are of great help for finding a soul mate [...]

Online Matrimonial Services
The busy schedules of today’s young generation rarely give them time to look for love in leisure. And parents feel helpless when they cannot find a suitable match for their children. Online Matrimonial Services are of great help for them. Matrimonial Sites offer the widest number of possible choices to any prospective bride or groom [...]

Matrimony Sites – Paid Membership Vs Free Matrimonial Service

12 Feb

miMatrimony Sites are the newest buzzword, as far as arranged marriages in India are concerned today. With the trend of nuclear families having caught up the Indian society too in the past decade, parents of prospective grooms & brides no longer have a family network to depend upon. Though love matches do happen once in a while, it is an exception rather than being a norm; majority of the youth still depend on their families for finding the suitable match. With a shrinking social circle (which usually comprises of the immediate family members & few close friends), finding a suitable partner has become a burdensome task. At such a point, Matrimony Sites have emerged as the perfect alternative for parents seeking to find the perfect partner for their children.

Paid Membership Vs Free Matrimonial Service    
Matrimonial sites offer two kinds of services to people who log in – paid membership and free services. As is evident from the name itself, for becoming a paid member of a matrimonial site, there would be a monthly membership fees involved. As opposed to this, free services can be availed by any visitor to search for suitable profiles. But as you would have guessed by now, there is a catch involved. The basic difference between free and paid members is the level of services offered & the access to exclusive data.

While those availing paid membership services have complete access – which includes access to any suitable profiles they want to browse through, they can have video chats, show interest on profiles they like & so on. But in the case of those availing free services, the access is only partial, which means that they cannot see the contact information on profiles, do not have the permission to hold video chats, & may even be blocked from accessing profiles of paid members. Above all, the paid members also have the choice of availing additional services (free of cost) which may include – counseling, advice, tips, horoscope matching, etc.

By becoming a paid member, one can have an easier time in searching for a suitable match on these Matrimony Sites.

MatrimonialsIndia.Com – Blogs Release October 2011

1 Nov

Vastu Solutions for Problems in Marriage
What could be more heart-warming than two people getting committed to each other for lifelong? Probably nothing! A Matrimonial bond is one of the most sacred relations in ones life. In this relation, the husband and the wife promise to love and stand by each other forever.[...]

Wedding Accessories for Grooms
All set to tie the wedding knot with the women of your dreams? If your answer to this question is yes, then think again…. Though you may have done all the preparations of your dream wedding to the your utmost satisfaction yet you may end up feeling a little disappointed on the big day if your look is not up to the mark.[...]

How To Write Matrimonial Bio-Data
Once you are registered with an online matrimonial website, either you will be required to fill a form or you will be asked to submit a Matrimonial Bio-data. A matrimonial bio-data includes all your personal information, professional details, family details, horoscope details, etc.[...]

Solah Shringar: 16 Adornments of Indian Bride
On her wedding day, the bride makes all efforts in ensuring that she puts her best foot forward. Most of the Indian girls dream of looking perfect on the D-day since childhood. The Indian brides-to-be have a variety of adornments, called Solah Shringar, for getting groomed on their wedding day.[...]

Reddy Matrimony Sites: Highly Preferable to Find a Befitting Match
Significance of matrimonial alliance in Hinduism is imperative to mention. It is considered as one of the most sacred rituals of one’s lifetime. In fact, it is believed that once the holy knot is tied, the bride and the groom are destined to be life partners for next seven births.[...]

Bridal Hairstyles: Changing Trends!
Every bride dreams to get the perfect look on her wedding day. Earlier given less attention, Bridal Hairstyles have now emerged as one of the most important aspects of the whole bridal look. Parlors and salons now attempt to give the bride a traditional yet trendy hairstyle.[...]

Beautiful And Lively Maharashtrian Wedding
Before the wedding bell rings, you should be well versed with all the rituals that take place in a wedding. When it comes to Maharashtra Weddings, they are one of the simplest wedding ceremonies in India. With all the rituals starting from the morning, the wedding is a simple and comparatively less lavish affair.[...]

How To Write Matrimonial Bio-Data

14 Oct

Once you are registered with an online matrimonial website, either you will be required to fill a form or you will be asked to submit a Matrimonial Bio-data. A matrimonial bio-data includes all your personal information, professional details, family details, horoscope details, etc. Some people hesitate in providing detailed information but there is nothing to fret about as most of the matrimonial websites are completely credible.

Such websites have rules about protecting the confidential details of the people registered with them. Therefore, you must fill the form completely in order to find the right match for yourself. Some tips that may come in handy to create a good matrimonial Bio-data are as follows:

  • Be honest and mention all the details clearly. More specifically, if you belong to a community that believes in horoscopes, mention the details regarding your horoscope precisely like raashi, star, nakshatra, doshas, caste, sub-caste etc.
  • Write about your background and that of your family in simple language.
  • Highlight your interests, thought process, attitude and vision in life in an attractive manner.
  • You can also mention a little about the qualities that you want in your preferred partner.
  • You can also mention why you want to get married but make sure it is nothing overtly negative.
  • Do not elaborate on your looks or other attributes. Keep it short and simple.
  • Check the text for any errors and use a simple font.
  • Many websites have text box options for writing while others may ask you to upload the bio-data. In such cases, submit it in a simple Microsoft Word format.

The second you upload a properly written Matrimonial Bio-data online, you get a step closer to your life partner. So don’t wait anymore if you want to get married, submit your matrimonial details to a reputed matrimonial website right away.

Online Matrimonial Profiles

8 Jul

With the advent of the new technology called internet, the age-old process of matchmaking has undergone a complete makeover. Finding a life partner is now much easier all thanks to the Internet. Earlier one had to rely on the priests or relatives to look into their circuit of connections to search for prospective matches. Then came the time when one could see people publishing ads in newspapers for the same. There, they would give little relevant details and expect responses from the potential brides’ and grooms’ families. Now, the internet is capable of doing this tedious job for you in much lesser time. All you need to do is get registered at a matrimonial site while considering certain things as follows:

Create An Interesting Profile: Just keep it in mind while filling out the information in your profile that it should be correct to your knowledge. It has to be interesting enough as well. Make it a point to upload a recent photograph so that it becomes easy for someone to shortlist your profile. A picture is the first thing that attracts anyone to a matrimonial profile so ensure that you upload a clear picture with close shot. There are some sites that give you an option of showing the photograph only to the interested people.

Relevant Information And Authenticity: Be sure of what you have written in your profile. Accuracy has to be maintained as it can be checked by the bride’s/groom’s family. It could be about your educational qualification, your family background or about your personality. Every piece of information has to be true to your knowledge.

Highlight Positive Aspects Of Your Personality: Always try to emphasize more upon the special areas of your personality. Highlighting them would give an idea about you to the other person and you should also detail your preferences as well as qualities that you would like in your partner. This would generate interest in the profile.

Stay Regular: You should always be regular and check your profile. Show ample interest in the people who respond to you. Maintain your profile by regularly updating your information.
Be polite while responding and try to make a best impression as it is well said that first impression is the last one.

By following these few tips, you can successfully interact with many people who are searching for their soul-mate online.

MatrimonialsIndia.Com – Blogs Release June 2011

1 Jul

Great Tips on How to Save a Bad Marriage
Marriage is the most important part of everyone’s life. All of us want our marriage to be successful but the problem arises when the marriage doesn’t work, which becomes a source of tension for not just the wife and the husband but their respective families as well.[...]

Indian Matrimonial Sites: An Easy Option for a Perfect Match
Looking for a soul mate? While the traditional way of meeting him/her may be popular still, but the simplest way of finding a match for you, is by registering in an Indian matrimonial site. Gone are the times when people had to depend on their relatives and close ones or other mediators to find a perfect match.[...]

Get your dream Bridal Dress on the Web
The most anticipated day of your life, the wedding day, surely needs the prettiest attire so that the bride can truly be the center of attention. That is why every girl’s dream is to have the best bridal dress on her special day.[...]

Is Your Photo as Good as It Could Be?
“Pictures say a thousand words” so your photograph becomes the most important element for you to get noticed on a matrimonial site. Every one gets attracted to the profile which has pictures in it and if your picture is not good enough then your profile visitors may not get impressed.[...]

Wedding Theme Planning Tips
All of us have several plans for our wedding and many people start planning about their wedding theme since childhood. Everything in a wedding expresses our personality and style, right from decorations to music and from food to attire.[...]

Online Free Matrimonial Services
Online Free Matrimonial Services are one of the most convenient ways to look for a life partner. Such sites help people in finding a perfect match, perfectly paving the way for marital bliss. They also make the serious job of finding a life partner very simple and enjoyable. Let’s find out how.[...]

5 Tips for a Healthy Relationship
Healthy relationships have a great impact on your mental and physical well-being as your better-half is the most important and close person in your life. All of us dream of a strong and long term relationship but many times, relationships don’t work the way we want.[...]

Renting a Wedding Dress
Every bride looks for the perfect wedding dress to look special on this important day. The significance of a wedding dress is such that no compromises can ever be made, isn’t it? But what if your dream dress goes beyond your budget? The best option in such a case is to rent one.[...]

Tips For The Perfect Matrimonial Photo

18 Feb

Posting your photo is the best way to get noticed on Matrimonial Sites, but there is a fact to consider-Is the viewer really impressed? The photograph on your profile dictates a lot about you apart from increasing your prospective of getting good responses. You should be very careful while getting your photograph clicked, as it helps in giving people a true glimpse of your personality. If you are not comfortable and confident about your photo and have no idea how to get the right photo clicked, you can follow these simple tips when the time comes.

Be Natural, Be yourself
On a matrimonial site, the appearance matters a lot and your face is first thing to get noticed. Do not appear nervous, just do the activity that you really enjoy while taking a photo. Relaxing and smiling are the added measures that you can go for.

Take Cluster of Pictures at a Time
Why to go for only one when you can click more? Always take a bunch of pictures in a variety of moods and expressions. With each shot your expressions will get better and surely some of them will be really admired by all.

What to Wear?
Wear something in which you are comfortable and also an outfit that enhances your look. Apart from this, you can also go for some smaller details like- go for dark colored dresses such as black and blue when clicking in night and bright colors like fresh green, yellow, white for day time. Also, make sure that the background forms a proper contrast with your outfit.

Perfect Headshot is Necessary
Ensure while taking the photo that your face is properly highlighted. You need not be a professional for the same, a focus on your doe-like eyes and beautiful smile is more than enough.

Be in Limelight
Make sure that it’s you who is properly focused in the picture and not the tree that you are standing beside. The picture should have a closer and more prominent view of yours.

So, when you post your picture on your matrimonial profile the next time, we are sure you will earn lots of appreciation from the admirers.

How to write an Impressive Matrimonial Profile

16 Nov

Marriage is a lifetime union of two souls. It is one of the biggest decisions that an individual has to take in life. If you are ready to tie that nuptial knot, the next step is to create a matrimonial profile for yourself. Nowadays, people prefer to find their prospective spouse on the internet. As finding a partner online is lot quicker and easier. But, it’s just not enough to register yourself on the matrimonial sites to find a prospective bride or groom. Your profile competes with thousands and millions of profiles uploaded on these sites. So, your profile should be as such, which attracts the attention of the reader at once. Read ahead to know on how you can create an impressive matrimonial profile…

Writing a profile for marriage is way different from writing a job profile. Enlisted below are certain tips, which should be kept in mind while you are writing a matrimonial profile:

  • Be honest and truthful in disclosing all the details about yourself in the profile. Provide adequate but complete information. Specify your educational and professional qualifications. Giving details like grades or marks you scored at school or college level is unnecessary. Do not write lengthy profiles as it is expected to bore the readers.
  • Do mention your interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes as it helps to know the reader whether his/her personality matches with yours.
  • Upload your recent photo so that your prospective spouse has a fair idea about your personality along with the information provided. Uploading a photo will also help maximize your profile visits. Don’t pose like a model rather dress as modestly as possible.  Photograph helps to take an instant decision that whether you wish to meet that person or not.

As marriage is one of the most important aspects of your life, be sure to follow the above mentioned points while writing your matrimonial profile.

Matrimonial Profile Requires More Than Just A Photograph

17 Sep

Matrimonial websites are enjoying a boom-time in the current age of World Wide Web. Gone are the days when a marriage alliance was fixed by parents, relatives and brokers. In case of the generation next when it comes to arranged marriage, matrimonial websites provide an excellent platform to showcase the ideal profile of a candidate who has put up his/her name in the marriage-mart. But what else is required for a complete profile in such websites besides an attractive photograph is a question that begs an answer! This write up will answer this query of yours……..

Trend of arranged marriages

Can you recall the time when alliances were fixed only between parents? The first step taken care of was the exchange of the candidates’ photographs to gain the attention of a prospective partner. And once you have put your best face forward so as to speak, things would progress in accordance and an alliance would be fixed. The matrimonial websites have adopted similar tactics to help the seekers of brides and grooms to catch a glimpse of their prospective partners by uploading their photos on these sites. But here again who does the job of singing the praises of a candidate in person as was done in earlier times by the relative or the parent? For this purpose these websites provide a detailed account of the candidate’s lifestyle, interests, likes and dislikes, aspirations and also the most crucial of all expectations from a partner.

A Step Beyond Photographs

And this is where things get tricky! Giving the correct and vital information about oneself becomes essential. What the photograph provided in the website can do, is help in gaining the attention of another member. But this has to be followed by further details about your demographic profile that can satisfy the resulting curiosity. Therefore the essay questions provided on these websites are designed to best display the candidate’s sense of humor, wit, view of life and opinions on a variety of topics.

Honest projection

Again you should not sweat over the task of jotting down the essay questions meant for describing your personality. An honest and simple approach to project oneself takes one a long way. In this respect, some tips for answering the profile questions can be taken as follows-

  • Be definite in providing the correct specifications about your expectations of the future partner.
  • Be honest and accurate in the information you provide. Fake profiles and false information will only prove to be liability in finding a good match. Moreover, it will also result in deceiving the other person.
  • Enjoy while projecting your true and honest persona. Losing one’s sense of self-consciousness and inhibitions can help in coming up with the right answers. Do not take pains over glossing over your drawbacks. What should come across in your marriage profile is your essential character traits and personality in the real life.

In spite of these websites’ excellent job of providing suitable matches for their members, a few problems still obstructs its smooth functioning. One of them is the proliferation of fake profiles by people who do not take it seriously and often act as mischief-makers. Here, the onus falls on the company operating the site or portal to check that all profiles are genuine and honest and bring in a sense of accountability and authentication to the venture.

Therefore, going through the above mentioned points, must have given you a fair idea that there is certainly more to your profile on a marriage portal than just a picture.


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