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Matrimonial Sites – A New Trend In India

17 Jul

Matrimonial sites in India are gaining popularity as an interactive platform that brings together prospective brides and grooms to establish compatibility between them. In a country like India, where marriages are solemnized in a traditional way, the search for a bride or bridegroom also takes a long time.

The search for a partner is commonly carried out by parents with the assistance of relatives, friends and acquaintances. This conventional way of seeking matrimonial partner is intricate and time taking. For the same reason, now Matrimonial Sites have emerged as the modern matchmakers.

Matrimonial Sites are a new trend in India for finding a perfect match. There are a number of Matrimony Sites that carry first hand matrimonial information.  These websites are a real source of information and simultaneously, offer attractive services to the information seekers. After online registration, members can post their profiles to search their match. Although the registration on Matrimonial Websites is free, you have to pay for value added services such as SMS alerts, blog-entry, chat facility, etc.

There are a number of advantages associated with Matrimonial Websites. Primarily, these sites facilitate the search for a suitable match. The process is very convenient and the information exchange through Matrimonial Sites is instantaneous. Matrimony sites facilitate the members to come together on a common platform, interact and exchange marriage related information through selective dissemination of information.

There are a number of Matrimonial Sites in India, gaining popularity in the social set-up. Some of the most famous Matrimonial sites that are getting popular are Shadi.com, Bharatmatrimony and Jeevansathi.com.  Seekers are attracted by free registration. However, the paid members enjoy greater access to information. They enjoy various value added services.

The popularity of a Matrimonial Site, to an extent, depends on its structural components including database. The more organized and extensive the database, the better will be the traffic on it. In this fast pace world, where Internet has become a universal source of information, Matrimonial Sites are set to rule the roost as far as matchmaking is concerned.

Increased Popularity Of Indian Matrimonial Profiles Among Indians

10 Jul

The advent of social networking has left a huge impact on the social set up and prevalent customs. For example, a decade ago who could have imagined that matchmaking will be done on websites and portals? The mere idea could have sounded like a joke at that time. But, today this is the very reality. Instead of wandering place to place, people prefer Matrimonial Websites and there are concrete reasons for this emerging trend. The popularity of Matrimonial Websites and the increasing traffic of them can be attributed to a number of reasons.

Youngsters prefer to register on Matrimonial Sites, primarily because of the huge exposure that they derive on such platforms.  Internet is ubiquitous and has a wide reach, both in terms of number and geography. As such, prospective brides and grooms find it convenient and a judicial way to have an online presence for matrimonial proposals. On the other hand, Matrimonial Websites contain extensive database of a number of aspiring brides and grooms. Thus, one has access to multitude options.

With the enormous growth in the field of social networking, Matrimonial Sites are also becoming popular among Indians. Matrimonial sites are so user-friendly that it requires a few steps to get registered and you can access these sites.  In fact, marriage counselors and matchmakers also suggest people to consider Matrimonial Sites. Matrimonial Site is a platform where a registrant can involve his/her parents as well.

The structural components of Matrimonial Websites too contribute immensely in their growing popularity. The user-friendly content, systematic categorization on various grounds, reliable information, etc, are some of the reasons behind successful run of the Matrimonial Sites. Indians have realized that Matrimonial Websites serve as the best platform where aspirant brides and grooms can interact and share their interests. No denying, Matrimonial Sites are the modern matchmakers in the Indian society.

Find Your Better-Half With Indian Matrimonial Sites

7 Jul

It has become a vogue to search a soul mate through internet. The wide reach and accessibility of internet has prompted the Matrimonial Agencies to provide their services through internet as well. Hence, people have been showered with number of Indian Matrimonial Sites. But, for most of the people nobody is more trustworthy than their parents and family and hence, they are the decision maker in their life. Then is it really safe to trust a Matrimonial Site when it is a question of whole life? Are Matrimonial Sites here for business only or do they really help people in true sense?

These are the pertinent questions that an individual need to ask himself prior to relying on any Matrimonial Site. The Matrimonial Sites contain extensive database including complete profile of bride and groom. You can register yourself and after that you will be able to see all the possible matches in accordance with your profile. To take a definitive decision, Matrimonial Sites facilitate the interactive services. Hence, you can talk to the desired person online and unearth everything related to him. In fact, the parents of registrants have also started believing in these sites because:

  • In their outlook, it is a safe medium to interact with a stranger.
  • Matrimonial Sites help you in finding a match in accordance to your background, customs, tradition, etc.
  • The compatibility of prospective couple can also be judged on the basis of horoscope matching.
  • Matrimonial Sites are highly time-saving and you can find your match from any corner of world.
  • These sites provide an opportunity for those who have settled abroad but wishing a match from India only.

The previous records of these Matrimonial Sites stand by the success rate of marriages done with the help of Matrimonial Sites. Hence, these sites can be followed and trusted to find your perfect match.

Indian Matrimonial Websites Can Absolutely Be Very Useful

20 Jun

The gradual shift in beliefs and attitude at the individual levels has started reflecting in the social practices as well. Where, earlier, the authority of taking decisions on marital alliances rested entirely with the parents, the trend is changing. The changing time, riding on the back of technological advances, presents the youth with independent and advanced ways to select their spouses. With a number of Indian Matrimonial Websites serving the pursuits all across the nation, a conclusion can be drawn out that these sites certainly have substantial benefits for the subscribers.

Extensive Database
A matrimonial alliance is a life time relation. A thorough research needs to be put in before one arrives at certain decision. Indian Matrimonial Websites come in really handy as far as information gathering is concerned. You can register on a matrimonial website and get access to an extensive database of prospective brides and grooms. These websites have several categorization based on religion, ethnicity, profession, social status, etc. that eases your search.

Authentic Information
Indian Matrimonial Websites are reliable in terms of the information they contain. The professional and personal details of registered girls and boys are thoroughly verified. You get a fair idea of the family backgrounds and the credentials that is really important for decision making.

Online Matchmaking
Indian Matrimonial Websites are gradually overtaking traditional matchmakers. They not only provide information but at the same time play a crucial role in bridging the gap between prospective partners. The more the interaction, the better people understand one another. In the light of the fact, Indian Matrimonial Websites are critical in developing a connection and understanding between individuals from different families or may be cultures.

Special Services
Indian Matrimonial Websites not only bring the prospective brides and grooms on a common interactive platform but, in the process, provide special service as well. Some of the websites have special applications for horoscope matching; others provide special packages for wedding and so on.

So if you are looking for your soul mate, it is better to register on Indian Matrimonial websites that are true guide in your pursuit.

Indian Matrimonial/Shaadi Websites – The New Way To Find Your Soul Mate

8 May

It’s the time for you to bid farewell to the orthodox methods of selecting your soul mate. With several Indian Matrimonial Websites springing up to serve you with the best options, traditional matchmakers are the things of the bygone days. There are various advantages associated with Indian Matrimonial Websites that can be listed as follows

Provide You The Exposure
The foremost purpose served by a Matrimonial Website is that it provides you with an effective way to expose yourself to the girls and boys seeking for their soul mates. You may register on a reliable Matrimonial Website and mention your family values, interests, expectations, etc and then wait for responses. This is one of the best ways of scouting your partner as it saves a lot of time and effort.

Access To A Large Database
You can easily access any of the Matrimonial Websites. These websites provide you with a comprehensive database of the girls and boys seeking for their life partners. The records are managed in a highly organized manner to facilitate you with an easy and quick search. Matrimonial websites present data in the form of well structured categories for specialized searches. You may look for a partner on the basis of caste, religion, profession, social status, location and many other such parameters. This specialized categorization is an attribute unique to Matrimonial Websites.

Privacy Ensured
Matrimonial Websites provide you the opportunity to sit comfortably in your room and simultaneously search your soul mate without any need to wander around and collect information from other people. Matrimonial Websites ensure privacy of the personal information submitted by you at the time of registration. Your details can be viewed only after your consent.

Wide Network
Matrimonial Websites come with the advantage of a wide reach and network. They transcend boundaries whether geographical, social or cultural. Thus your options are not limited to any particular group or nation rather you may explore new options among the diverse choices.

With the aforementioned advantages, Matrimonial Websites certainly qualify as the best option for seeking your soul mate in the modern time.

Increasing Usage of Christian Matrimonial Sites in Indian Context

4 May

Marriage constitutes an important aspect of your life. Even more important is the selection of a suitable partner. Earlier our families used to rely on the traditional matchmakers or relatives to suggest options but now times have changed. With Internet ruling the roost, Matrimonial Websites have surfaced to the scene to provide you with better and effective means for scouting your soul mate. Christian Matrimonial Websites in India have gained popularity for the benefits they provide to their clients.

Some of the attributes that make these Christian Matrimonial Websites famous are as follows

  •  Christian Matrimonial Websites provide you with an excellent platform to freely publish your details including your name, gender, qualifications, details of family background, and the preferences thus providing you an extensive exposure in the matrimonial arena.
  • You are allowed to mention what are the traits that you would like to view in your partner. This ensures that you get response from the desired match.
  • Resorting to Christian Matrimonial Websites prevents you from taking services of intermediary marriage bureaus. This saves your money and at the same time allows your decisions to be free from any sort of manipulation.
  • Christian Matrimonial Websites provide you with the chat option. Chatting with your prospective match allows you to have a better understanding of each other and develop compatibility. This proves very beneficial to alert you at an early stage if there are differences of opinion.
  • The Christian matrimonial sites maintain profiles of NRIs belonging to the same caste and community thus facilitating more community specific searches.

However, there are certain guidelines to be followed while registering and utilizing the services of Christian Matrimonial Websites.

  • Make sure you register on a recognized and reliable matrimonial site.
  • Beware of fake profiles
  • Prefer to first have a live chat than going for a telephonic chat straight away.

Following a few precautionary measures you can avail the services of the Christian Matrimonial sites to find that perfect match.

MatrimonialsIndia.Com – Blogs Release March 2012

3 Apr

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Matrimony In India Redefined By The Internet

23 Mar

Marriages are made in heaven, so the saying goes. Earlier, parents and elders used to search for marriage proposals for their children. The children were kept out of the picture and after all proceedings are prepared, they were informed of the “decision”. Now, the matrimony scene in India has undergone a revolutionary change. Parents and children assume equal roles in looking for a suitable match. Even the expectations with marriage have changed with time.

With the advent of the Internet, there has a surge in the number of online matrimonial sites. There are sites for all communities. People register on these sites and create profiles that can be viewed by many others who are also looking for suitable matches. The online matrimonial sites offer a chance for the children and parents to come together and look for an appropriate life partner.

The numerous matrimonial sites have many search filters and criteria that ask for various details and then show profiles of candidates who fit the particulars entered. The searches can be done on the basis of a number of criteria like caste, language, place of residency, age, educational qualifications etc. There are many advantages in using the net for matrimonial searches.

  • You can search for a partner as per your preference
  • These sites also allow the provision of uploading photographs with the profiles. This helps in getting an initial impression about the person.
  • These online sites bring people closer to people of their own community who live faraway. They are also helpful to people who reside abroad and are looking for a bride or groom from their home country.
  • The online matrimonial sites also offer the option of online chatting. The girl and the boy can talk to each via live chat and get to know each other better before taking a decision.

Matrimonial sites have support staff, to call up the registered users and verify the details, which makes the websites a safe bet, if carefully used. So keeping pace with the changing times when looking for the “perfect match”, remember that the person could be on any one of the matrimonial sites.

MatrimonialsIndia.Com – Blogs Release January 2012

4 Feb

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Pros And Cons Of Matrimonial Sites

27 Jan

There would hardly be anyone who has not thought about or made plans for his/her dream-come-true day. Yes, we’re talking about wedding day here. Wedding is, undoubtedly, an auspicious occasion that comes along with happiness and starts a new phase of life for both bride and groom; the happiness that lasts forever and the phase that is beautiful than ever. But the problem arises when the bride or groom is not able to find a perfect match. This is where the need of Indian Matrimonial Sites, which have become an all-new platform for matchmaking, arises. But is this platform good enough for tying the eternal knots? Read on to know about the pros and cons of Matrimonial Websites in India.


  • People who have been in search of the right partner for years can now register to a one-stop destination – Matrimonial Website – where they can easily find a partner as per their likings, mother tongue, country, religion, occupation and more.
  • Without seeking any wedding broker, relative or pundit, you’re just a click away from your partner when using a Marriage Site.
  • Several Matrimony Sites also provide an option of live chat with could-be-the-one person. And through some of them you can also contact the wedding vendors, be it a florist, videographer, photographer or caterer.
  • The reputed Marriage Sites in India keep your personal information secured and confidential, so rest assured about security-related worries.


  • If you come across a fake profile and go on to believe upon it, all your dreams of finding the one can get shattered. Solution: Register only on those Matrimonial Sites that verify the biodata and identity of whosoever gets registered with them.
  • Getting married through a Matrimonial Matchmaking Site is like trying your luck, because you know nothing about your would-be spouse. Solution: Talk to person, arrange several meetings with him/her, meet his/her family and then make your final decision.

If a good wedding can make your life blissful, the bad one can make it woeful. Therefore, when you’re finding a match through a Matrimonial Site, you ought to be cautions, check whether the biodata of the potential partner is genuine, meet him/her several times instead of making decisions in a hurry and then you are sure to find your ‘the one.’


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