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MatrimonialsIndia.Com – Blogs Release June 2014

1 Jul

Wedding Traditions & Customs
Weddings are a joyous affair, both for the couple involved and for their near and dear ones. Irrespective of which corner of the world the bride and groom belongs to, weddings are cheerful occasions that are celebrated with great pomp and fare. Depending on which faith the bride and groom belong to, there are different traditions and customs that are followed [...]

Wedding Rings & Their Importance
Wedding rings are the token exchanged at the wedding ceremonies. They are a pure symbol of perpetual love and commitment. Steeped in tradition, they connect two souls for lifelong companionship and faithfulness. Over the years, even as the meaning of wedding rings has changed in different cultures, yet they are highly valued as the symbol of the beginning of the new good relations [...]

What You Must Include In Your Bridal Makeup
Without an iota of doubt, you would have decided what you would be wearing on your d-day. The jewelry and footwear would have been decided too. But, have you decided the make-up as well? Don’t leave the makeup only to the makeup artist [...]

What You Must Include In Your Bridal Makeup

20 Jun

What You Must Include In Your Bridal MakeupWithout an iota of doubt, you would have decided what you would be wearing on your d-day. The jewelry and footwear would have been decided too. But, have you decided the make-up as well? Don’t leave the makeup only to the makeup artist. Here is a makeup checklist for you:

Waterproof Mascara: - You have to get this one. Go for quality waterproof mascara for your wedding. To get the best look, you can apply one coat of the waterproof mascara after using the regular mascara first. The wedding event is very emotional, and while shedding the tears, you would never want your makeup to be ruined.

Brow Highlighter: - Accentuate your beautiful eyes by applying light shade highlighter on the area beneath the arc of eyebrow. It will make your eyes look more open and brighter while maintaining the natural look. However, keep in mind that the shade of the highlighter should be lighter than your complexion.

Naturally Colored Bronzer: - Go for naturally colored bronzer for highlighting your neck area, forehead and other parts, as required. You can go for gold tone bronzer irrespective of the skin shade you have. It gives the most natural look.

Naturally Colored Blush: - Pick natural colored blush for highlighting your cheekbones. Smartly choose the right shade of pink or any lighter shade that imparts natural highlight to your skin complexion. If you cannot decide on any, blushes of any pink shade will can be chosen for the perfect natural appearance.

Moisturizer with SPF: - Go for sunscreen based moisturizer that is specially formulated to be applied on the face on wedding day. Using it is very important if the wedding is organized outdoors.

Lipstick: - Apply natural colored lipstick. You can go for the shade that matches with your eye-shadow.

In addition to keeping in mind the above-mentioned makeup accessories, schedule a date with the makeup artist solely to discuss the makeup to be worn on the d-day. It will help you out to decide on the best makeup style you can go for on your wedding day.

Your Wedding Make-Up Guide

28 Feb

Wedding is an occasion where two souls exchange their vows and promise to live their life together. On this auspicious moment, it is obvious that you want to look fabulous and stunning. For this much-awaited day, brides-to-be start their preparation months before the D-day. Right from deciding the venue to deciding the color of the dress, all the preparations are so special. Have you ever given a thought on how your wedding make up will be done? How will you look your best on that blissful occasion?

Outlined here are some easy tips and ideas, which can help you, look dazzling on the day of your wedding:

  • It is always suitable to choose your make up type according to the dress and jewelry that you are going to wear. If they are heavy then, try to keep your make up light and vice-versa.
  • If your wedding is planned in winter season, then go for warmer and deeper shades, and if it is a spring/summer wedding, then go for bright and pastel shades.
  • Although your make up should be heavier than normal days, but this does not mean that you wear oodles of make-up and end up looking a drag queen.
  • It is advisable to use pigmented cream foundation in yellow tones and layer it with powder foundation to make the skin look smoother and beautiful when you are photographed.
  • Remember to synchronize your eye make up with lip make up. If you are opting for dramatic eyes then go for lighter lip shades and if you are going for darker lip color then opt for lighter eye shadows.
  • Don’t forget to apply foundation on areas like neck, ears and chest. Otherwise, you will seem to have a separately painted face.
  • Dust some translucent or bronzing powder in the end; this indeed gives a natural look to your face.

Apart from makeup, you should take care of your skin also. Avoid going in sun and keep yourself hydrated. Moreover, try these easy tips and look astonishing on your wedding day.

Bridal Hairstyles: Changing Trends!

25 Oct

Every bride dreams to get the perfect look on her wedding day. Earlier given less attention, Bridal Hairstyles have now emerged as one of the most important aspects of the whole bridal look. Parlors and salons now attempt to give the bride a traditional yet trendy hairstyle. This blog will help you to make a safe choice for your bridal hairstyle.

Go For A Hairstyle That Suits You
You may get a wide variety of bridal hairstyles to choose from. But it’s always intelligent to opt for the one which suits your face structure, height, persona, wedding dress, etc. A proper haircut helps the stylist to weave the magic perfectly.

Hair Coloring: An Emerging Option
Many of the brides nowadays have become experimental while opting for different hair colors for their D-day. This not only helps the bride look trendy, but also solves her grey hair apprehensions in some cases. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind while choosing a hair color for your wedding day look:

  • Opt for the hair color that suits your complexion and natural hair texture.
  • The fair ones should go for bright colors while those with dusky complexion can go for dark shades of burgundy, dark brown, copper etc.
  • Always go for sober and matt colors as they are easier to carry and also give a decent look.
  • One can choose from a variety of hair coloring options like Normal full hair color, Diagonal Streaking, Slicing, Velcro Coloring, Gray Hair Coverage, Horizontal Streaking, Hair Relaxing and Straightening, Hair split ends and Bleaching.

Analyze All The Hairstyle Options Carefully
It’s always preferable for you to carefully analyze all the latest and appropriate hairstyles. You can choose amongst the following options available:

  • Roller setting
  • Ironing
  • Straight
  • Crimping
  • Ringlets
  • Braids
  • Fringes
  • Layers
  • Combo
  • Long short medium
  • Sleek and Blunt
  • Vertical
  • Bangs
  • Blunts
  • Wedge

Just be careful to use the right products that are completely skin friendly and plan the hairstyle well in advance. Thus, by including the trend in you individual style, you can easily create a unique look that will surely make you the center of attention all day and night long.

Solah Shringar: 16 Adornments of Indian Bride

18 Oct

On her wedding day, the bride makes all efforts in ensuring that she puts her best foot forward. Most of the Indian girls dream of looking perfect on the D-day since childhood. The Indian brides-to-be have a variety of adornments, called Solah Shringar, for getting groomed on their wedding day. These are sixteen adornments by which Indian married women also groom themselves. The Shringar focuses on making the girl look stunningly beautiful.

  1. Bindi- Bindi is applied at the forehead of the bride.
  2. Sindoor- It is a vermillion red colored sacred powder. The husband fills the centre parting of the hair of the bride with this.
  3. Maangteeka- This ornament is worn by the bride in the centre parting of hair. It is mostly made with gold for the bride.
  4. Kajal- The eyes of the bride are attractively decorated with Kohl. It makes her eyes look more appealing.
  5. Nose ring- A round nose ring is adorned by the bride to be. It makes her look stunningly beautiful.
  6. Necklace- A beautifully designed necklace is adorned by the bride. This necklace is very heavy and has intricate designs.
  7. Earrings- The bride has to wear earrings. The earrings compliment the necklace.
  8. Mehendi- The hands and feet of the bride-to-be are decorated with traditional designs. The name of the Groom is also written in the hands of the bride.
  9. Bangles- Wearing bangles is mandatory for the grooming of a bride.
  10. Baajuband- Baajubandh is tied at the arm of the bride. This beautiful ornament is carved in gold.
  11. Aarsi- It is the thumb ring that the bride wears. It usually has a mirror.
  12. Hairstyle- A bride to be has to have a special hairstyle. This styling of the hair is called Keshapasharachana.
  13. Kamarband- This beautiful piece of jewellery is tied at the waist of the bride. It is mostly a gold chain embedded with jewel stones.
  14. Toe rings & Anklets- Popular in India with the name of Bichuas, Toe rings are one of the essential ornaments for a bride to be. She is also made to wear anklets.
  15. Perfume- A special scent called ‘Itr’ is sprinkled on the bride. Due to his, she remains fragrant during the entire wedding ceremony.
  16. Shaadi ka Joda- The bridal dress is called Shaadi ka Joda. Different cultures have different wedding dresses like Lehengas, Sarees, Salwar Suits, etc.

Solah Shringar has religious significance as well. Most of the ornaments that are a part of the Solah Shringar imply that the girl is now a married woman. Moreover, it is believed that the lady, who regularly adorns herself with the Solah Shringar, brings prosperity and her husband has a long life.

Make-Up Tips To Get The Right Bridal Look

25 Mar

Marriage is a big event in every girl’s life. It is one occasion on which a bride-to-be is the only centre of attraction and people come to have a mere glimpse of her. So, it becomes quite important to look the best on the D-Day. You have chosen the guy, set up the wedding date, decided the dress, hairstyle, etc., but have you decided upon your make-up? It is requisite to look picture perfect while sauntering the aisle for saying I-do.

So, to look the best on the most special day of one’s life, a bride must follow the given make-up tips:

Wedding Make-Up Tips

Some Essential Remedies

  • Having a glowing, fresh look on wedding day is what a bride looks out for. Just about 6 weeks before the wedding, start a skin as well as nail care plan. Hire a beautician and go for regular facials as well as manicures.
  • Don’t go under sun & avoid sunburns & rashes. Peeling skin shouldn’t damage your wedding. Spray on tanned skin and keep washing skin at regular intervals.
  • Not having a balanced diet at proper intervals affects your face as well as body. So, eat well and take frequent naps.
  • For calming your nerves, burn some essential oils around.
  • Have some Valerian tea before going off for sleep, if you have any problems in sleeping.
  • Go for a trail of desired makeup artist 1-2 months before the wedding day.
  • Tell your make-up artist about your allergies before they put up make up on you.
  • Go for a make-up in sync with your dress as well as hairstyle.

What Else To Consider?

  • Keep in mind the time of the ceremony, whether it is a day wedding or an evening wedding? Avoid dramatic look for morning wedding, preferably keep it light. Go for a dramatic look for an evening wedding.
  • Brides-to-be having wedding in the spring/summer wedding should go for bright, pastel colors. In winter wedding, go for warm and deeper shades.
  • For flash photography in wedding, apply foundation with yellow undertones.
  • Translucent powder can give that perfect shine.

The above mentioned tips can surely work wonders for you and can give you the perfect look on your day. So, plan wisely and make sure that you spell magic on the guests.

Latest Innovations In Bridal Make-Up

24 Dec

Bridal makeup involves the creation of a picture perfect image of the bride. On the wedding day, the bride should outshine everyone and mesmerize her groom to make him wonder at his good fortune for bagging such a prize.

Innovation In Make-Up, “Airbrushing”

In terms of make-up, several modern techniques have evolved over the course of time. But the latest bridal makeup technique that assists makeup artists to attain the perfect wedding makeup is airbrushing. The basis of any great makeup look is foundation and there is no better way to apply foundation than with an airbrush. Regardless of the type of skin-tone and texture, the perfect foundation for a good makeup can be done by the modern method of airbrushing. Moreover, celebrities have been using it for years to gain the all perfect appearance that makes them look ethereal and divine.

So, Why Is Airbrushing Considered To Be The Latest Bridal Makeup?

The technique of airbrushing involves a method that is similar to covering a diagram with a smooth layer of airbrush. Therefore, in terms of bridal make-up too, the airbrushing technique allows the makeup artists to cover the entire area of the face with a smooth and soft thin layer.

Airbrushing becomes significant when the bridal contouring comes into play. Silhouette is essential in bridal looks because it helps define the face thereby ensuring that the bride has dimension and depth in her wedding photos. Regular contouring methods can sometimes give a patchy look, but airbrushing blends seamlessly, so the outline of the face is imperceptible with a glowing and even skin tone.

Technology Seeps In Make-Up Techniques

Besides this, HD makeup is also making a name in bridal looks. Since, the formulas are so refined that they can actually create an optical illusion of glowing skin with their light-reflecting particles. HD foundations were developed to cope with the exacting standards of HD film and camera and the rising 3D movement in film.

Therefore, the advances in technology have started making their mark in bridal make-up. A bride in today’s times can have the varied technological innovations in make-up at her disposal, in order to make a lasting impression on her susceptible groom and the others present at the occasion.

Solah Shringar for Indian Bride

16 Jul

A traditional Hindu wedding procession takes place following various rituals and ceremonies. The marriage is a reflection of the rich Indian culture where every ritual has its own importance. Out of many rituals ‘Solah Shringar’ of the bride is one of the most important one.

What is ‘Solah Shringar’?

A traditional Indian bride has to dress up using sixteen vital components of her beauty known as ‘Solah Shringar’ which includes make-up items, jewels and other accessories. From head to toe she is adorned with accessories that add spark to her beauty. These objects of beauty are believed to be associated with the well being of her to-be husband. Having knowledge about accessories that comprises ‘Solah Shringar’ helps you understand their worth. We offer you a brief description of the sixteen accessories worn by the bride.

Face Accessories and make up include the following components:

  • Bindi: It is considered to be a mark of identity for a married woman. Traditionally, it used to be round in shape and red in color. But nowadays, a large variety of Bindis in various shapes, sizes and shades are available in the market. Generally, a girl chooses her bindi that is matching to her wedding dress.
  • Sindoor: Sindoor (vermillion) is a red colored powder that is applied on the centre parting of a bride. It has various religious and mythological connotations.
  • Mangteeka: It is a hair accessory that is generally worn in the centre parting of the hair and it comes till fore head. It is generally made of gold/silver.
  • Anjana: Anjana (kajal) is used to highlight the eyes of a bride. It is black in color and is applied on the edges of the upper and lower eyelids. It makes a bride’s face look beautiful and attractive.
  • Nath: Nath (Nose Ring) is another important symbol of holiness associated with marriage. It is a big, round ring that can be worn in a pierced nose. It is also generally made up of gold/silver.
  • Karn Phool: Karn phool (ear rings) is worn by a bride in both the ears. They are generally heavy and it further beautifies the bride’s face.

Hand Accessories include the following components:

  • Mehandi: Mehandi (henna) is prepared from the dried leaves of a tree. It is applied in the hands and foot of a bride. It stands as a symbol for the love between a wife and her husband. Mehandi applying ceremony forms an important part of an Indian wedding.
  • Choodiyan: Choodiyan (bangles) are worn in both the hands of the bride in large number. They are made up of glass or metal. They are believed to fill colors in the life of the bride.
  • Baajuband: Baajuband (armlet) is worn in the upper arms of a bride.
  • Aarsi: Aarsi (finger rings) is worn in the fingers of a bride.

Other Accessories include the following components:

  • Haar: Haar (necklace) is worn around the neck of a bride.
  • Keshapasharachana: Keshapasharachana (hairstyle) is also as important as the face. Different types of flowers and other ornaments are used to adorn the hair of a bride.
  • Kamarband: Kamarband (waist band) is worn around the waist of a bride.
  • Payal: Payal (anklet) is worn around the ankle of a bride. It produces sound when the bride moves.
  • Itar: Itar (fragrance) is applied to a bride to create a soothing aroma around her.
  • Wedding Dress: Normally a ‘Saree’ or ‘Lehenga’ is worn as a wedding dress. They are usually of bright colors like red, maroon etc.

These sixteen signs of beauty ensure complete adornment of the Indian bride. Though many modifications have been done in beautification of a bride, still these sixteen signs of beauty continue to hold their importance.

Bridal Make-Up for Indian Wedding

3 Mar

Indian weddings are generally royal and elaborated events in which bride and groom remains the centre of attraction and they both must look their very best, especially the bride. When it comes to bridal make-up for the big day, sometimes brides over do it and unfortunately their most memorable moment turns into something very devastating. It is advisable to choose the experienced make-up artist, because bridal make up is an intricate art, which can not be learned easily. There are certain things to keep in mind, so that you look fresh, vibrant and gorgeous at the time when you are starting a new chapter of your life.

For achieving fresh, beautiful, glowing and vibrant skin on your big day, start making advance preparations way before the marriage day. First of all ensure that the style and make-up you want is matching your bridal outfit or not, because that matters a lot. The second thing is to take a full test run of your wedding day make up with your dress at least four to six days before the marriage to assure that you get your desired mesmerizing look. Waxing, threading, facial, exfoliation etc. will help the bride in looking her best on that special day. All these activities should take place a week before the marriage in case of avoiding any irritation or side effect.

Choosing Makeup
Elaborate, deep and heavy make up has become common for Indian brides, however the trend is changing at fast pace. Try and be a master in the art of complimenting your dress and jewelry with your make up. If your wedding dress and jewelry are heavy, intricate and rich in color then its better to choose light make up so that your entire attire will be in harmony. Embellished eyes looks good with natural shade lipstick and the vice versa for balancing your face. Select make up as per the time of your wedding, for example, if your wedding is in the morning go for neutral and lighter shades and if your wedding is in the evening you can try out deeper and more dramatic make-up. Make sure that your make-up colors compliment your dress and make you look elegant

Make Up Tips on the Wedding Day

  • Start with a concealer on blotchy spots or dark circles under the eyes. Foundation matching your skin tone should be applied evenly on face, neck, behind the ears and other visible parts of your skin.
  • Eye shadow matching the dress of your color with complimenting eye liner, which is not so heavy, suits the best. Use water proof mascara for avoiding running make up.
  • Use lip liner matching your long-lasting lipstick in double coats and finish it with gloss so that it stays for a longer period.
  • Prefer bronzer instead of blush and dust your face with a translucent powder for settling the make up.
  • Keep powder and gloss handy for any necessary touch-ups all through the celebration.

Thus, using these tips not only define your natural beauty but also make you look perfect on the very special occasion of your life time.


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