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MatrimonialsIndia.Com – Blogs Release December 2011

3 Jan

Why You Must Have A Wedding Website?
Most of the Indian Weddings are incomplete without the blessings and good wishes of near & dear ones. Thus, much emphasis is given on involving friends and relatives in the wedding celebrations. The Internet has given an impressive alternative to the conventional way of informing people about a wedding.[...]

Wedding Music: DJ System Versus A Live Band
Weddings are incomplete without good music, particularly in India. Like everything else, the Wedding Music also has to be the best. Different situations and ceremonies of a wedding need different music that can heighten up the enjoyment quotient for the guests and the couple. Thus, a sound arrangement for music becomes almost a necessity.[...]

What Is The Ideal Wedding Gift?
If one of your dear ones is getting married soon, then make sure you don’t lack behind in expressing your good wishes and happiness. Be it your brother, sister, friend or any acquaintance, the most appropriate way for you to convey your feelings is in the form of a gift. You must choose and buy a present that reflects your thoughts in the best possible manner.[...]

Tips To Make Your Marriage Succeed
Marriage is said to be the new beginning wherein one gets a new partner in life to share the bliss and adversities. Initially marriage seems like a dream land where everything is perfect. But life is not always the same. In the married life as well, problems have to be faced by a couple that have to be tackled and surpassed.[...]

The Beautiful Wedding Of Kashmiris..
The fact that the people of Kashmir add to the picturesque and natural beauty that surrounds them is well-known and whole-heartedly accepted all across the globe. What is little known about the region of Kashmir is the fact that the Weddings that take place in the area are as magnificent and exquisite.[...]

Beautiful Accessories of the Gorgeous Indian Brides
The beauty and the charming get-up of Indian Brides are known and celebrated all over the world. People across the globe compare the appeal of the Brides of India to a magnificent dream. The charm and aura of the soon-to-be-Mrs. is complemented with stunning accessories. Be it the necklace, the bangles, the earrings,[...]

Are You Trapped In These Relationship Myths Too?
Right from our teenage years, we learn about love and relationships from romantic films, mills and boons novels, magazines, and, of course, our own personal experiences. But in the process we often tend to cling to strong opinions about relationships which are completely based on misconceptions and myths.[...]

Bridal Beauty Tips!
When the marriage of a girl is fixed, her level of anxiety to look her best starts increasing day by day. With the availability of a number of bridal beauty packages, the brides have to avail skin nourishment, hair conditioning, and many other services to enhance their beauty. Although, the natural glow of happiness on brides’ faces is incomparable,[...]

Bridal Beauty Tips!

30 Dec

When the marriage of a girl is fixed, her level of anxiety to look her best starts increasing day by day. With the availability of a number of bridal beauty packages, the brides have to avail skin nourishment, hair conditioning, and many other services to enhance their beauty. Although, the natural glow of happiness on brides’ faces is incomparable, these bridal packages are highly in demand to add an ‘X factor’ to their overall look.

Must-To-Do For A Bride
Body massages are a must-to-do for every bride. The reason has a lot to do rather than just beautifying your skin. Since it is the most important day of your life, a complete body massage is a great way to prepare for it. This helps in relaxing your body as well as mind. It soothes your senses and calms your mind, so you can refreshingly arrive at your wedding.

Special Hair Care
Deep conditioning treatments on a monthly basis are highly recommended. Hiring a professional hair expert, apart from your hairstylist, is highly important. A few days before the wedding day, brides should avoid sudden changes to hair, like opting for a new haircut, coloring your hair, etc. Besides this, protecting hair from extremes of temperature is highly essential, because you cannot afford to have damaged hair at such a crucial time.

Smooth Skin Secrets
Steam facials are extremely beneficial as they clean the dirt trapped in the pores of the skin and release toxins too. It is advised to do the facial well in advance so as to avoid any harsh skin reaction before the wedding day. Facials using ingredients from home, like an egg white mixed with honey, is recommended for its no negative after effects.

If you have intelligently planned for your bridal preparations, you will never end up dealing with stress to look beautiful on the wedding day. By using these tips, you will surely charm everyone with your charismatic beauty and attractive look on your D-day.

Pre-wedding Beauty Tips for Brides

6 Jul

Wedding is like a dream come true for a girl. Bride remains the center of attraction of any wedding. Everyone longs to see how she is dressed and mainly wait to see the glow of her face. Hence, it becomes very important for the bride to look attractive and beautiful. The preparation for this special day begins much in advance. There are various beauty parlors and spas that offer pre-bridal packages, which include massage, hair treatment, skin treatment etc. However, if a bride wishes to look perfect on the wedding day then she must go for the following treatments:

We offer you some useful tips regarding these treatments, which if followed will help a bride look gorgeous.

Skin Care

  • Skin care should ideally begin about six months prior to the wedding day.
  • To-be bride should visit a dermatologist and get her skin type identified and accordingly choose her treatment and make up style. It becomes even more important for the girls with problematic skin.
  • Going for back- facial is a good option. It cleanses, tones and exfoliates the exposed body parts like shoulder and back.

Beauty Treatment

  • To-be brides should go for regular facial to attain a glowing skin.
  • Steam facial is a good option because it enhances the complexion of the bride and also it proves to be relaxing for her.


  • Brides often choose to wear open toed footwear. In this case, special attention needs to be given to foot care.
  • It not only enhances the beauty of a bride’s foot but also provide comfort to her foot.


  • Getting a regular manicure done gives a healthy and smooth look to the bride’s hands.
  • It prevents the hands from getting dry and duly moisturizes it.

Nail Care

  • Well-polished and shaped nails add spark to the looks of a bride.
  • Any light color nail paint can be a good option for a bride.
  • The color of nail paint should ideally match the wedding dress of the bride.
  • Dark and bright red color nail paint should be avoided.

Apart from these there are various other treatments that a bride should take like hair spa, full body massage etc. The sole aim of these treatments is to make a bride look exceptionally beautiful. So, by following these simple above mentioned beauty tips a bride is sure to look stunning.


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