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MatrimonialsIndia.Com – Blogs Release January 2013

8 Feb

Common Types Of Marriages
Marriages have been a part of human civilization since ancient times, regardless of geographical divisions. Though a commonly followed tradition, there is huge difference in the way people get married & the types of marriages that are in existence today.[..]

Tips On How To Do A Marriage Background Check
With online matrimonial sites & online dating becoming common news, there has been an increase in the frauds & cases of innocent people being taken for a ride. So it has become very important for a person to conduct a proper Marriage Background Check before getting into a serious relationship or marrying someone.[..]

Finding The Man You Always Dreamt Of
Have your parents finally started pressurizing you to tie the knot but you still have not found the man of your dreams? Well, this situation comes in the life of many, but one thing that must be kept in mind is that relationships are never made in a jiffy and it is never sensible to get married just for the sake of being married.[..]

Authenticity – Does It Relate To All Relationships
Authenticity means being real and being true to the self. It means that you don’t make up things and every word that you utter comes right from the bottom of your heart. Authenticity simply means that you are honest and unquestionably, it can be related to all the relationships.[..]

Marriages Are Made in Heaven and Meetings Arranged on NET

11 May

The title of this article might sound a bit different from what we are used to listen. The first half of the title “marriages are made in heaven” is a most frequently used phrase, but you may feel uneasy to get agreed with the second part  meetings arranged on net” Not much but just 15 to 20 years ago, marriage and specially selection of bride or groom,was an issue which was completely controlled by relatives, parents and friends. It would not be hyperbolic if we say that these kind of marriages were not less than a gamble. There were very limited resources to find the Prince or Princess of one’s dreams. The chain of relatives and friends groups were the only modes to search perfect spouse. There was a huge scope for misunderstandings and doubts, as usually only the mediocre used to interact with both the parties, till marriage. Even sometime it was also difficult to find a suitable match as per the one’s expectations.

This typical trend of searching a perfect life partner is almost over now. The initial change happened when people starts advertising with the help of print media. People found it easier to place an matrimonial ad in leading news paper and magazines, where they can mention their specifications and expectations. The responses were quite huge in numbers but still there was a gap for misinterpretation. Specially the interaction of bride n groom was not happening in this so called modern way. Apart from this, use of hyperbolic language was extremely in practice. As well it is a time consuming process, at times people don’t find any satisfactory proposal even after spending hours of newspaper reading.

We all know that how Internet has changed our life style. Internet is a huge collection of informations, which can be accessed by just pushing a finger on mouse. Emergence of Internet has brought perfect solution for all above mention hurdles of matrimonial issues. The idea of most latest trend of matrimonial search was conceived by Internet and named as on line matrimonial services. On line matrimonial services are available on various websites. To avail the services of these matrimonial websites, one has to get registered with the site.

Unlike earlier generation, today boys and girls have out of the line expectations. Current generation doesn’t believe in same ideal frames of Bride or Groom. Today they believe in realistic characters , which is really appreciable. Online matrimonial services are quite capable to comprehend with specific expectations of jet aged youngsters. These on line matrimonial services are designed in such a way that without wasting time one can select the only suitable profiles and then sort them as per his/ her expectations. At the first glance you can see the personal and professional details and photographs too. The details of horoscope, hobbies, interest, life priorities, and dis likings can also be accessed on a single click. On line matrimonial services also create a highly comfortable interaction between both the parties. Liked profiles can be connected for further discussions. Some on line matrimonial services also offer on line massaging facilities. With advancement in technologies few sites nowadays allows one to chat on line directly with preferred profiles.

Easy accessibility, numberless options, speedy process , time saving and highly interactive approach are few features of on line matrimonial services. On line matrimonial service providers have shown their concern for the authenticity of the claims being made and verify all the profiles. This has added a safety advantage to registered members.

Matrimonial Portals: Changing the Scenario Of Arranging Marriages

19 Apr

The tradition of arranging a marriage has seen many transformations down the ages. Earlier it was the responsibility of a close relative or a priest to give information of the prospective Brides and Grooms. But in the modern age, matchmaking is taking place through newspapers and even internet, providing a much wider platform for boys and girls of all cultures, age groups, castes and languages to meet each other irrespective of the geographical barriers.

Popularity of the Matrimonial Portals has soared due to various reasons like:

  • Access to thousands of profiles.
  • Systemized searching capabilities even for the most specific requirements like age, caste, ethnicity, language, religion, gender and so on.
  • Increased communication: Contacting is so simple. With just one click you can get in touch with any person.
  • Detailed profile: While traditionally you had to individually meet each other for a fair idea regarding one’s personality, with online Matrimonial Portals you can virtually access the detailed profiles and even chat before meeting in person.
  • No Third person: Matrimonial Portals have diminished the existence of third persons like brokers or agents so that you can directly put your preferences across.

Points Of Caution

With every concept on the internet, there is the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. The downside of getting to meet eligible people through these portals exists in various ways and you should watch out for:

  • People who are not serious about getting married and are there just for fun
  • People who have malicious intent in contacting and scamming people
  • Fake profiles of people who pretend to be someone else
  • Overseas alliances: Alliances outside of the country need to be handled cautiously as there are many cases of remarriages taking place through such portals.

With many success stories doing the round these days, even the most conservative parents have taken to this method of arranging a suitable match for their sons or daughters. So, you just need to exercise a little caution as opposed to the match-making in the real world but the benefits at your hand are very good when it comes to Matrimonial portals.

Arranged Marriage: Love Is Ought To Happen

19 Nov

Do you also believe in the notion that in arranged marriages, a girl and a guy are forced to fall in love with each other? This traditional form of marriage known as arranged marriage is prevalent in the society since many ages. Even today, there are people who don’t believe in the concept of love marriages and are strictly against it. A majority of people in India still plan their children’s marriages themselves, without giving the bride or groom to be, a choice or option of choosing their life partners.

How Arrange Marriage Is Fixed?

An arranged marriage doesn’t mean that you just select a prospective partner for your child without any search and just tie them in a knot of matrimony. A full-fledged investigation by both the brides and grooms families is carried out.

  • Both the families judge each other on basis of their own criteria’s. Where some check the compatibility, the others match their janampatris.
  • Overall research is done on the behavior, background and reputation of the families.
  • Finally, after taking into account the factor including height, taste, age, values and castes of the marriage is fixed.

Why Should You Go For An Arranged Marriage?

As parents are experienced and wiser, they are better judges for their children’s life than anyone else in this world. Maximum marriages in India are arranged, though prominence of love marriages is no less. Even NRI’s always wish to get married in India. The essence of Indian marriage especially when it is arranged is unparalleled. In the courtship time, the prospective couple can get to know each other better. They can enjoy that term and get to know each other. During this time, they start falling in love. Although, they are tied in a relationship that doesn’t has love, but as the time passes by and the date of their marriage comes near, both develop a feeling of dependence. Now, they can’t live without each other and they want their marriage to arrive.

Finally, when the wedding day comes, both are excited and ready to start a new life. As the ceremonies takes place and they both take the saat pheras, the marriage gets completed and they automatically get tied in the unbreakable bond of love called marriage.

Arrange Marriage

18 Mar

The word ‘marriage‘ has a sacrosanct notion attached to it. The nuptial bond has been a part of the world since ancient times. It is considered to be a heavenly bond that has blessings of almighty showered on it. Whether it’s a Hindu, Christian or any community’s marriage, it is broadly divided into two main categories: Love Marriage and Arranged Marriage.

What do you understand by arranged marriage?
It is basically a marriage that is fixed by people associated with the girl and the boy. The people who play the main and active role in the arranged marriage are the parents or the elders of the family. The participation of the boy and the girl is minimal in the fixing up of the marriage.

How does it go about?
Elders of the family select a match and then fix a meeting. After everything is settled between the two families, date of the ceremonies is fixed. The marriage procession is celebrated with great pomp and show. Everything is conducted under the supervision of the elders and as per their will. As everything has its pros and cons, an arranged marriage also has its positive and negative aspects. From the time immemorial there has been a constant debate on the matter whether arrange marriage should be performed or not.

Why Arranged Marriages are preferred?

  • Elder people have their years of experience so they will find a match suitable after examining even the minutest details and ensuring complete compatibility
  • Arrange marriages are considered to be more stable than love marriages
  • As marriages are believed to be the merging of two families so the chances of harmony between the two increases in arrange marriages

Drawbacks of Arranged Marriages:

  • If the marriage is performed under the pressure of the parents it might not attain the marital bliss
  • A forced marriage ends up in fall-apart relationships
  • Couples are not able to understand each other as they do in the love marriage

In most of the families arranged marriage is a part of their customs and values. Not adhering to it brings disgrace to the family name. Thus our write up provides you a complete idea of what an arranged marriage is along with its pros and cons.


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