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Tips on Planning a Catholic Wedding Ceremony

7 Mar
Tips on Planning a Catholic Wedding Ceremony

Tips on Planning a Catholic Wedding Ceremony

Marriage is the most significant lifetime experience of a person. Everyone wants to make their Wedding Ceremony memorable, pleasing, and spectacular. Making a wedding ceremony perfect is however a challenging as well as a daunting task. Catholic Wedding Ceremony is a religious affair which has certain strict rules and regulations that must be remembered while planning your perfect ceremony. Here are some general suggestions on how to plan a Catholic Wedding Ceremony.

  • Start your wedding preparation by choosing a parish in which you wish to have your wedding. It is always better to book a date and the location of the ceremony with the right priest or church officiator as soon as possible.
  • You have to make a decision regarding the form of the Wedding Ceremony. Catholic Church has two different rites of marriage, and that are celebration within the Catholic Mass or outside the Mass. The choice depends on whether you and your partner are baptized Catholics or not.
  • Choose the appropriate Scripture Readings, Biblical Passages and Hymns that you want to recite during the ceremony. Many priests also allow some blessings and personalized vows that can make you feel highly special.
  • The right choice of music can add grace and elegance to a wedding ceremony. Hire a professional to select a range of pleasing songs that can be played when you walk down the aisle.
  • The wedding dress is an important aspect of a Wedding Ceremony. Every bride wants to look gorgeous and dazzling in her wedding gown. It is advisable to choose an appropriate Wedding dress which is elegant and it shouldn’t disrespect the modesty of the Church.
  • You can choose your friends and relatives to perform different rituals during the ceremony. A maid of honor, the best man, blessing readers and the distributors of gifts and Holy Communion are some of the considerable options to make your family and guests feel honored.
  • You can also consider some additional elements to enhance your wedding ceremony. Background about the couple and the immediate family, and the details of the reception and Communion can be included in the program.

Meaningful, careful planning and preparation can provide you an unforgettable and overwhelming experience to the blessed couple. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and plan your perfect and delightful Catholic Wedding Ceremony!

Idea Of Tiffany Blue As Wedding Theme

11 Oct

Using Tiffany Blue as a wedding theme symbolizes the sense of elegance, opulence and wealth at your special day. It is not necessary to use Tiffany Jewelry to apply the Tiffany Theme to your wedding. Sometimes, people cannot afford to buy the jewelry. You can simply apply tiffany along with pearl white color to give it a grace and a little bit of sparkle to make it an authentic Tiffany Wedding.

The Tiffany Blue Theme Can Be Applied For:  

  • Invitations – Print your invitation card under the tiffany blue theme. It would be amazing to tie a pearl white ribbon over your three fold card with the initials of the name of the couple over them. This will create an impact of a classic Tiffany Gift Boxes and bags when your guests will receive it.
  • Décor – The Tiffany Blue Theme can be reflected into the ambience of the wedding venue. Theme can be applied to linens, flowers and chair covers. Blue lights can be used around the dining area. For flowers, you can try using white lilies with a blue satin ribbon tied over it to reflect the color scheme. Remember that it is best not to overdo the color scheme as it will result into a disaster. Use of light color should be more if you have chosen an indoor venue.
  • Favors – Favors should also match to your wedding themes. Tiffany Blue Wedding Theme can be easily implemented on your favors. You can present them into a blue colored box with a thick white satin ribbon tied over it. You may fill it with your favorite chocolates or any other thing you find suitable. Make sure that whatever you choose your guests love it.
  • Dress – Both Bride and Groom can be dressed as per Tiffany Blue Theme. Brides may ask her accompanying girls to wear blue gowns and she herself wear white gown similar things can be done with the groom. Dresses can also add grace to the Tiffany Blue theme Wedding.

Tiffany blue has become very famous in the past few years. It looks really elegant and is liked by the guests too. What you need to do is to choose the color shades wisely and arrange them in good proportion.

Small Tricks to Surprise Your Husband

29 Mar

Small-Tricks-to-Surprise-Your-Husband-MIPlanning and implementing small surprises for your husband is a good way of keeping the romance alive. And it is also wonderful to know that the tricks do not cost much. Thus, they can be played now and then. Some of the ideas mentioned below can work wonders in pleasantly surprising your husband.

Come Home To A Surprise
This technique can be used to share good news like promotions, etc. and should be done after thee husband comes home from work. He will naturally be tired. Go on with the usual activities like any other day for a while and give him his usual cup of tea or glass of juice. When he has settled down, expecting the next part of the schedule, go to him and give him the news. The wife can explore her creativity while deciding the manner in which the news is to be broken to him. Some news are best conveyed in whispers.

Pretending That You Forgot
This trick always works. And the best part is that it can be employed for any number of times. When there’s an important day like his birthday approaching, pretend that you don’t remember about it. Don’t speak anything about it in front of him. Even though most men will say otherwise, they do care about the dates of the special occasions, at least those that they can remember! Plan a surprise birthday bash, and hide it well from him. Wake him up to the birthday party when the clock strikes the midnight hour.

Visit Him At Places You Are Not Expected
One of the surest ways of surprising your husband is to visit him at places where he usually does not expect you. Such places may include his workplace, etc. However, be sure not to interrupt him for too long. For example, pay him a visit during the lunch hour at his office. One thing which every wife should know is that a husband introducing his wife to his colleagues is a proud and happy man.

Surprising your husband does not always come for a huge price. In fact, very often, they are the little incidents which hardly involved any cost which your husband will fondly remember for a long time.

Beautiful Ceremonies Of Muslim Wedding

18 Sep

Muslims weddings reflect the rich and ancient culture, consisting of several ceremonies that are observed over the course of some days. Both the families & friends of the bride and the groom actively participate in the affair, which is held lavishly in every aspect whether it is the food, décor, functions or anything else.

Dowry Agreement
The agreement of the ‘Meher’, which the groom has to give to his future wife, is one of the first things to be done as part of Muslim Matrimony. The bride’s family is supposed to decide the amount of the ‘Meher’, which is meant to secure the future of the wife.

Henna Ceremony
Some of the ceremonies after the Dowry Agreement differ from one country to the other. The next ceremony to take place is the Henna ceremony and it is not described in Quran. It takes place usually in the evening and 1 or 2 days before the wedding. At first, the bride is given a purifying bath, called Hammam. After this, the bride is bathed in perfumed water and henna is applied on her feet and hands. The ceremony is not only meant for beautification but has a deeper meaning. It is supposed to bring good omen and is accompanied with dancing and singing by members of the family.

Wedding Celebrations
Muslim weddings are usually held at the bride’s home or at the mosque and are accomplished by a Muslim religious official. The ceremony starts with the recitation of short speech in the Arabic language and verses from Quran are also recited in Arabic. Then the groom is asked by the religious official if he agrees to take the girl as his wife and the same approval is sought from the girl in the presence of several witnesses while the dowry amount is recalled. Then they receive the marriage certificate.

A warm welcome is given after this by the family as part of the reception ceremony called the “Walimah”. Here the couple along with family and friend partakes of a grand feast and this marks the end of the ceremonies.

MatrimonialsIndia.Com – Blogs Release July 2011

2 Aug

How to Choose a Wedding Photographer
Every moment of the wedding day is so precious and to capture all of them, one must choose a photographer who can capture these moments beautifully. But selecting a good wedding photographer for this special occasion is a task in itself. Let’s have a look at some of the ways to choose the best photographer in town.[...]

Online Matrimonial Profiles
With the advent of the new technology called internet, the age-old process of matchmaking has undergone a complete makeover. Finding a life partner is now much easier all thanks to the Internet. Earlier one had to rely on the priests or relatives to look into their circuit of connections to search for prospective matches.[...]

Checklist For Choosing A Matrimonial Portal
Marriages are made in heaven but solemnized on Earth. So true and well said! Marriage gives your life a new meaning with a new sense of responsibility and transforms you as a person. Well obviously for successful marriage, you need to have a right partner and nowadays[...]

How to Choose a Florist and Flowers for a Wedding
The selection of florist and flowers for your wedding day is a thing that has to be creatively planned beforehand. Before you visit the florist, be sure about the color and the style of the dress that you’ll wear along with the color of the dresses of the family and relatives.[...]

How To Avoid Stress And Enjoy Your Wedding
A wedding is not just another event in your life and most of us have many big plans to make the D-day special. But as the wedding date approaches, many couples get stressed out, thinking that how will they plan everything? Will they look their best?[...]

Steps To Work On A Relationship
So you are through with the honeymoon and the golden years at the beginning of the marriage, now what? The prospect of having a partner may be very reassuring for many but sometimes it is not as rosy as it is believed to be.[...]

Popular Wedding Trends in 2011
Wedding arrangements over the years have seen several trends. With the arrival of the year 2011, weddings have become grander and more creative. From the decorations and dresses to the cuisines, all have witnessed something new as against the clichéd styles. Just like the fashion industry, weddings industry is also witnessing new trends.[...]

Ideas For A Christmas Theme Wedding
One of the biggest celebrations on Earth Christmas is also a good time to be united in blissful matrimony. No matter in which way you want to celebrate this special occasion, the Christmas theme can truly make it an affair to remember forever.[...]

Ideas For A Christmas Theme Wedding

29 Jul

One of the biggest celebrations on Earth Christmas is also a good time to be united in blissful matrimony. No matter in which way you want to celebrate this special occasion, the Christmas theme can truly make it an affair to remember forever. You also get to enjoy discounted rates in this off-season and also save on the décor as most of the venues will be already decorated. Still thinking about how to include Christmas elements in your wedding? Read on to know more.

Themed Invitations

You can use Christmas symbols on the invitation cards like Jingle bells, Winter scene or beautiful snowflakes with green and red borders to add a special touch.

What To Wear

The Bride can dress up in brocade, velvet, and satin gown and the Groom can go for an elegant tuxedo in the same fabrics. The outfits can be trimmed with fur.

Décor Schemes

  • White Christmas: How perfect to have an all-white wedding in the winter with snow-white dresses, decorations to recreate a heavenly atmosphere?
  • Claus Couple: If you want to get playful, then dressing up as Mr. and Mrs. Claus is just the thing to do.
  • Red and Green: You can take these classic colors and give them a twist by using different hues. For decorations use emerald and ruby tones or burgundy and forest green to complete the look.
  • Victorian Christmas: If you want to make it unique and memorable then go for vintage Victorian dresses and décor.

Flowers, Decorations and the Food

You can choose from holly and white roses or go for beautiful Poinsettias and pine sprigs. Small Christmas trees complete with decorations, gingerbread houses, pine boughs and glass ornaments and fake snow are ideal for the décor. Food can include traditional dishes with ham or turkey, eggnog, gingerbread and beverages like hot cocoas, mulled wine or hot cider.

Even the music can have carols personalized with lyrics about the couple and special tunes to make the event elegant and nostalgic. This is in fact a great way to celebrate the Christmas cheer and have an anniversary each year on this special day.

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Wedding Theme Planning Tips

17 Jun

All of us have several plans for our wedding and many people start planning about their wedding theme since childhood. Everything in a wedding expresses our personality and style, right from decorations to music and from food to attire. So, the theme of the wedding becomes a very important aspect. Here are some wedding themes and ways in which you can use make your wedding dream come true.

Beach Wedding
This is one of the most popular themes, where the ceremony is conducted on a lovely sandy beach. According to this theme, the wedding dress should be lighter and casual than the usual dress. The decorations done in this wedding consist of seashells and fishing nets. At night, floating candles can be lit in glass bowls or torches can be kept in long bamboo shafts.

Fairy Tale Wedding
This is another most liked theme by couples. The easiest way to incorporate this theme is by dressing the couple in age-old fairy tale styles. A fitted bodice with a tulle skirt is very fitting for fairy tale weddings. This style is easily available in different bridal shops. It can be also referred to as Cinderella gown. The perfect attire for the groom would be a white tuxedo with tails. The couple can arrive in a horse-drawn carriage. The best part of this theme is the ballroom reception.

Medieval Wedding
The third popular theme gives takes the couple on a ride through medieval times while the medieval music with romantic sonnets of Shakespeare can be played. Costumes for the Bride and groom, and the entire wedding party can be rented. The wedding reception is main attraction with a festive multi-course meal with musicians and troubadours. The couple can also take the vows in the language of medieval times.

These are just a few of the wedding themes but the important thing is that you should choose a theme with which both the partners are satisfied. Some themes are more costly than others so you should select a theme which is the most suitable according to your budget.

Some Tips For A Theme Wedding

22 Feb

Wedding is the most joyous and the most auspicious occasion in a person’s life. It unites two individuals in a holy bond for the rest of their lives. Everybody wants to make this day memorable and unique so that it can be cherished for the rest of one’s life. The concept of theme wedding is slowly catching up in the market. Theme weddings basically involve planning and arranging every single aspect of a wedding like music, decoration, attire etc. based on a particular theme. If you are planning to have a theme wedding, read on to know how you should go about it:

  • Do a thorough research on what kind of theme you and your partner need for the wedding. Layout your budget and then decide which theme you would want for your wedding like romantic or fantasy etc.
  • Once the theme for your wedding has been finalized, do a proper research whether the planned theme would go with the venue. Finalize what will be the menu and attire that would go with the theme.
  • Another factor to consider if you are going for a theme wedding is the size of the venue. Obviously, an open venue would require more elaborate decoration and lighting than an indoor venue. So, it’s essential that you check out your budget and the availability of the venue before you plan on any theme for your wedding.
  • Do not limit yourself to the venue itself where the wedding has to take place. Your home decor should also blend well with your wedding theme.
  • Remember, if you are going for a traditional wedding, there should be more use of bright colors like orange, green, red etc. And, if you are going in for a floral theme, the whole venue should be adorned with flowers like roses, orchids etc.

People sometimes plan these theme weddings either themselves or hire a wedding planner. With so many weddings being planned around themes nowadays, there are many planners who offer comprehensive theme packages that let you relax while the planners make a dream setting for you. So, if you are ready to tie the nuptial knot with a difference, you can definitely have a theme wedding!

Theme Weddings- the latest trend

29 Jun

Though the concept of theme weddings is new in India, but it is creating a rage among the couples. Theme wedding is a creative expression of a couple’s fancies and desires in an experimental and an unconventional manner. Though, it is a bit daring to go for a theme wedding, but if handled carefully, it can come out to be a real treat for the couple as well as the guests.

If you are willing to incorporate a theme into your wedding processions then just go through some of the interesting concepts mentioned below:

Whimsical wedding theme:

An unconventional yet quite dramatic theme for creative lovers can be a Whimsical wedding. This wedding is set around the theme of a particular book, TV serial, era or collectibles. For a real memorable wedding, let your guests have fun and laugh around, with an unusual concept of Whimsical wedding.

Beach wedding:

Set at the shores of a sea, beach wedding is a dream wedding. This theme has become very popular among the young couples, as they desire to experience an exotic blissful marriage at the beautiful beaches. With a large number of beaches, India has become a perfect destination for beach weddings.

Flower wedding:

Flower wedding theme is a classic concept of getting married. Fresh and natural flowers like rose, sunflower, lilies, marigolds, gerberas and orchids can actually make an ambience look different and auspicious. This theme looks traditional yet beautiful.

Valentine wedding:

Valentine day is the best day of starting your love story by tying the knot on this day. As the air is filled with love everywhere, it is the perfect day to get married. You can go for a classic venue decorated with flowers everywhere and express your love for each other. This day has become popular amongst the couples and they particularly wish to tie the knot on Valentine’s Day.

Handy tips while planning a theme wedding:

  • Make sure that the theme you are choosing for your wedding suits you and your spouse.
  • Go through a proper research and budget required for setting up the theme wedding.
  • Take the acceptance of your elders.
  • Be cautious while selecting the venue and lookout for an apt ambience.
  • Make your wedding look real.

A concept that was not popular five years back has caught the fancy of most of the couples, and now they desire to get married on the particular themes only. So, with the help of our write up you can now decide upon your wedding theme.


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