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Wedding Rings & Their Importance

18 Jun
Wedding Rings & Their Importance

Wedding Rings & Their Importance

Wedding rings are the token exchanged at the wedding ceremonies. They are a pure symbol of perpetual love and commitment. Steeped in tradition, they connect two souls for lifelong companionship and faithfulness. Over the years, even as the meaning of wedding rings has changed in different cultures, yet they are highly valued as the symbol of the beginning of the new good relations.

The Making:
By and large, contemporary wedding rings are crafted from precious metals and gemstones. Platinum, sterling silver, white gold and diamonds are commonly used for designing the wedding rings. The bands of Wedding Rings for Grooms are generally 7 to 12 mm wide while Bridal Wedding Rings’ bands measure approximately 4 mm wide.

History Of The Wedding Rings
Exchanging rings during a wedding ceremony was first originated in the prehistoric Egypt and the tradition eventually extended to Rome. However, in that period ring only symbolized woman to be the man’s possession instead of lifelong love between the two. It was until the beginning of 20th century that men wore the rings.
But nowadays, grooms as well as brides exchange rings during their wedding ceremonies and continue wearing them for as long as they want.

In ancient Asia too, rings were exchanged during wedding ceremonies. In fact, in ancient Asia puzzle rings were very popular signifying woman’s attachment to her husband while ensuring fidelity as well. If the wife ever removed that ring, it would completely fall apart and could be reconstructed only by the artisan who designed it. Thus, overprotective husbands used such rings to ensure their wives didn’t betray them.

The First Ever Wedding Ring
It is believed that the first ever wedding ring was made from plant material. It was skillfully crafted into a circle signifying the unending bond between two people. The Egyptians wore it on the forth finger of the left hand, with the belief that a vein in that finger directly connected to the heart. The ritual of wearing the wedding ring on this finger is still prevalent, which is pretty evident from the fact that the finger is called ring finger.

In modern era, exchanging ring is indeed not just about expressing possession of another or checking on infidelity. Rather, couples nowadays exchange wedding rings to express the never-ending love for each other.

Wedding Traditions & Customs

10 Jun

Wedding-Traditions-&-Customs-MIWeddings are a joyous affair, both for the couple involved and for their near and dear ones. Irrespective of which corner of the world the bride and groom belongs to, weddings are cheerful occasions that are celebrated with great pomp and fare. Depending on which faith the bride and groom belong to, there are different traditions and customs that are followed. Here we are going to highlight some customs and traditions that are particular to catholic marriages.

  • Giving Away Of The Bride
    As per this popular custom, the bride walks down the aisle with her father, & when they reach the stage the father hands over the bride to the groom. This custom is symbolic of the fact that the father is entrusting the groom with the care of his daughter from here on.
  • Wedding Vows
    Though there are standard wedding vows that are traditionally used in most catholic weddings, many a times the bride or the groom add a personal touch and write their own vows. These wedding vows may be funny or sober; a simple declaration of their heartfelt love for their partner or a promise to treasure their partner for a lifetime.
  • Challenge
    As per this custom, the priest calls upon the guests assembled in the church to raise their hands if they have any objection to the match. In the absence of any objection, the union is considered to be holy and complete.
  • Bouquet Toss
    Once the union is considered complete, the bride turns around and tosses the bridal bouquet into the crowd of unmarried women. The bridal bouquet is considered lucky and the unmarried woman who catches it is considered to be next in line for marriage.
  • Tossing Of the Wedding Garter
    Just as the bridal bouquet is considered lucky for the unmarried girl who catches it, the garter too has the same symbolism attached to it. As per the custom, the bride is asked to sit and the groom proceeds to remove the garter from her leg which he then tosses into a crowd of unmarried men.

Apart from these, there are many more customs associated with a catholic marriage. All of these customs have a symbolic meaning behind them; knowing the symbolism gives us a better understanding of the whole wedding ceremony.

Tips on Planning a Catholic Wedding Ceremony

7 Mar
Tips on Planning a Catholic Wedding Ceremony

Tips on Planning a Catholic Wedding Ceremony

Marriage is the most significant lifetime experience of a person. Everyone wants to make their Wedding Ceremony memorable, pleasing, and spectacular. Making a wedding ceremony perfect is however a challenging as well as a daunting task. Catholic Wedding Ceremony is a religious affair which has certain strict rules and regulations that must be remembered while planning your perfect ceremony. Here are some general suggestions on how to plan a Catholic Wedding Ceremony.

  • Start your wedding preparation by choosing a parish in which you wish to have your wedding. It is always better to book a date and the location of the ceremony with the right priest or church officiator as soon as possible.
  • You have to make a decision regarding the form of the Wedding Ceremony. Catholic Church has two different rites of marriage, and that are celebration within the Catholic Mass or outside the Mass. The choice depends on whether you and your partner are baptized Catholics or not.
  • Choose the appropriate Scripture Readings, Biblical Passages and Hymns that you want to recite during the ceremony. Many priests also allow some blessings and personalized vows that can make you feel highly special.
  • The right choice of music can add grace and elegance to a wedding ceremony. Hire a professional to select a range of pleasing songs that can be played when you walk down the aisle.
  • The wedding dress is an important aspect of a Wedding Ceremony. Every bride wants to look gorgeous and dazzling in her wedding gown. It is advisable to choose an appropriate Wedding dress which is elegant and it shouldn’t disrespect the modesty of the Church.
  • You can choose your friends and relatives to perform different rituals during the ceremony. A maid of honor, the best man, blessing readers and the distributors of gifts and Holy Communion are some of the considerable options to make your family and guests feel honored.
  • You can also consider some additional elements to enhance your wedding ceremony. Background about the couple and the immediate family, and the details of the reception and Communion can be included in the program.

Meaningful, careful planning and preparation can provide you an unforgettable and overwhelming experience to the blessed couple. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and plan your perfect and delightful Catholic Wedding Ceremony!

Traditional & Inspiring Wedding Vows

11 Feb

Traditional & Inspiring Wedding VowsWe wish your wedding vows never turn into wedding woes and in this blog we are going discuss the significance of the traditional and inspiring vows. These vows are personal and these are special too, and there is something more than what meets the eyes. In Hindu marriages these are taken while treading around the kindled fire, and in Christian marriages these are taken before the figurine of Lord Christ.

These vows are actually special words, which were written ages ago in ancient languages, and since contemporary society speaks differently now, these age old vows do not seem to deliver the message quite eloquently to the modern generation. Still these hold their charm and young are always curious to know what these vows actually mean. Sometimes we sit in the lap of our mothers asking their meaning and sometimes search the web to understand their significance. More or less, in every culture these vows mean the same. Here are some of the popular wedding vows with their meanings:

  • The bride or groom promises his or her partner that he or she would stay with his or her partner in every good and bad situation, till death does them apart.
  • The bride/groom accepts his or her partner as a constant friend, loyal partner, and a lifelong lover. He or she takes the vow that one would not abandon his or her spouse during sickness, sorrow and bad times.
  • A promise of unconditional love is made along with the promise to support the other in his or her goals. The groom/bride promises to respect and cherish the significant other, and laugh and cry together till both are alive.
  • The person commits to grow old and fall in love with the significant other a little bit more every moment and every day.
  • The bride/groom accepts to make the family of the significant other as his or her own family. He or she also takes the vow to be buried at the same place where the other would be after death.

You can also write your own heartfelt vows for your wedding. It is a great way to personalize the weddings and tell it to the world that how much your love your lovely wife or adorable husband. The vows taken at the time of marriage make the weddings sacred and strengthen the relationship because these are taken publically and before the divine god. You don’t need to turn into a poet or a philosopher to write a vow, write from your heart and it would surely touch the heart of your special someone.

Getting Married Can Be Fun

19 Nov

Is your marriage on the cards? Does that make you fidget? Well… marriage being such an important decision of life is sure to run a few droplets of sweat and cause sleepless nights. But hey… this life changing step does not mean the end of all the fun! Yes, there is a lot more in marriage than just commitments and compulsions. With just a few sincere efforts, you can enjoy all the good times with your partner as marriage certainly brings positive changes, bliss and love along. Here are few helpful reminders that will make your embrace marriage heartily:

  • What’s Better Than Being With Your Best Friend Always!
    Your spouse is not only your lover, but a best friend as well. Strolling down the road of life together with your best friend will make the journey truly enjoyable. A strong and healthy relationship is what you will get by preparing for the life’s little hiccups as one and facing together the challenges triumphantly.
  • Double Entertainment!
    Right from planning holidays, going for adventurous trips, playing sports, learning languages, making improvements in the house, hosting parties to achieving life goals, all can be done in the most entertaining way with your permanent cuddle buddy.
  • Just The Perfect Intimacy!
    Marriage brings all a steady and satisfied sex life. A firm bond between the committed partners not only makes sex comfortable but exciting as well. The romance and intimacy will surely rev up all the experiences of your life together with your partner.
  • It’s You Who Can Make It Or Break It!
    Controlling the entire show is in your and your spouse’s hands. You can either make it monotonous and boring by cooking the same meals or watching the same daily soaps everyday or wild and spontaneous by doing some adventures and thrills.

As per many dating and marriage experts, marriage is not just that iron chain and heavy ball that translates to a prison sentence, but is the foundation of a healthy, funny and exciting life. So simply cut down all the inhibitions, make peace with your wandering thoughts and get ready to rock and rock with your partner for life!

MatrimonialsIndia.Com – Blogs Release October 2013

6 Nov

A Glance At Some Traditions Followed In Catholic Wedding
Catholic Weddings have been much popularized in Hollywood movies and TV Dramas. Now, how many of us, especially the women, can claim to have remained unaffected when the beautiful bride in a lovely wedding gown walks down the aisle in these movies [...]

Idea Of Tiffany Blue As Wedding Theme
Using Tiffany Blue as a wedding theme symbolizes the sense of elegance, opulence and wealth at your special day. It is not necessary to use Tiffany Jewelry to apply the Tiffany Theme to your wedding. Sometimes, people cannot afford to buy the jewelry. You can simply apply tiffany along with pearl white color to give it a grace and a little bit of sparkle to make it an authentic Tiffany Wedding [...]

Seating Arrangements To Be Made At Wedding Ceremony
Organizing a wedding ceremony includes an important task which cannot be ignored i.e. arranging the seats for guest. Appropriate seats should be allocated including the families of both bride and groom as sometimes wrong allocation may result into complaints from the guests [...]

Superstitions That Brides Follow
The wedding day is a special day for the couple who is about to enter into a lifelong relationship with each other. Though it is an important day for both the partners, for the bride it is D-Day of her life. Although many people may take this as a sexist comment, it is just that girls are more sentimental about marriages as compared to guys [...]

Seating Arrangements To Be Made At Wedding Ceremony

15 Oct

Organizing a wedding ceremony includes an important task which cannot be ignored i.e. arranging the seats for guest. Appropriate seats should be allocated including the families of both bride and groom as sometimes wrong allocation may result into complaints from the guests. Following are the instructions that can be considered while making seating arrangement for the wedding:

  • Before planning anything, one should have the list of the guests that are attending the wedding as without the list, it won’t be easy to allocate right number of seats to the guests.
  • An ideal seating for the couple’s parents, typically seen at the traditional church weddings, comprises the groom’s parents being seated on the right side and bride’s parents being on the left side. The rest of the family is generally seated behind the seats allocated to the parents of the couple. The important task is to have a layout of the arrangement of the seats as this will make it easy to allot the seats wisely.
  • The seating for the close relatives and friends should be in proximity to the seating of the bride and groom. It’s better to place a card with the name of the guest at each seat for ease.
  • The seating of younger children should be arranged with their parents; the adolescents may either sit with their parents or at the separate chairs. If several children would be attending the ceremony, it is better to have children’s corner. The table can be placed somewhat separately from the seating of the parents but in the setting where parents can easily keep tabs on the kids.
  • When arranging the seats, it should be kept in mind that old people should not be made sit near the speakers. The guests who have the mobility issues should be made sit near to the exit doors or the rest rooms.

Seating plans do play an important role not only at wedding ceremony but at every formal and informal occasion. Make the best arrangements with prioritizing the comfort of your guests. Last but not least, be always ready for the last minute change in the arrangements.

MatrimonialsIndia.Com – Blogs Release August 2013

3 Sep

Fix Your Marriage by Just a Click
The heading “Fix Your Marriage by just a click” is a thumping statement on how internet has been able to penetrate into our lives and in molding the ways by which we make even the most crucial decisions. A decade ago, such a statement would have garnered no more than laughter bursts but today, this has real substance to it [...]

How To Be A Happy Couple
Well, if you think that there is a patent formula or a set of rules that can make you a “Happy Couple”, you may be oversimplifying things. Married life is not governed by rules and laws but by a mutual admiration of the relationship that the couple shares. The day you learn to value your relationship and your better half, you will make a Happy Couple; there are no additional efforts, counseling or training required; let me assure you [...]

Mistakes to Avoid While Planning a Wedding
Wedding day holds a very special place in one’s life; it ought to be just perfect. But for a reminder, here perfection requires extensive planning. You cannot just randomly select dates and location and presume everything to go the way you imagined. There are a number of aspects that need to be carefully planned before execution so that your special day truly remains special in every sense [...]

Selecting a Wedding Planner
As the cliché goes, you ought to be a professional to do something superlatively well.  Wedding Planning is certainly not an exception to this. If you want your wedding ceremony to be just perfect right from decoration to catering stuff, it’s better to hire a professional Wedding Planner. Professional assistance will keep things very organized and under control all the time. Here are a few guidelines you must remember when selecting a Wedding Planner [...]

Selecting a Wedding Planner

30 Aug

As the cliché goes, you ought to be a professional to do something superlatively well.  Wedding Planning is certainly not an exception to this. If you want your wedding ceremony to be just perfect right from decoration to catering stuff, it’s better to hire a professional Wedding Planner. Professional assistance will keep things very organized and under control all the time. Here are a few guidelines you must remember when selecting a Wedding Planner.

First of all do your homework. Research in wedding magazines or online to find out the names of the leading Wedding Planners in your locality. Go through their websites and try to collect information about how they work with their clients.

Send your query and arrange for consultation session with at least three of the Wedding Planners that meet your status.

In the consultation session, a lot of things will get clear to your.

  • If the planner is successful in figuring out your wedding vision and shows enthusiasm in your ideas, it’s a good sign.
  • Do ask as to how the planner aims to lend a special touch to your wedding.
  • Comfort level that you share with the planner in this brief session is very important. It gives an idea of the things to follow if select him/her. So due consideration to this aspect.
  • It will be a very good idea to go through the Wedding Planner’s portfolio of past weddings. You will be able to make out how well he/she will be able to serve you.
  • Will you be required to pay a flat fee, or a fraction of the total budget will be charged; this is an important question to ask.
  • Other financial considerations are also very important. Confirm if the planner accepts commission from suppliers; if yes then, whether these commissions translate into discounts for you or not.

Finally when the proposal arrives, does it match the discussion and your expectations? If yes, then you are in safe hands.

By keeping the aforementioned guidelines in mind, you will be able make a smart decision while selecting a Wedding Planner. After all, you cannot compromise on perfection when it’s about one of the most special days in your life.


Some Parlor Games Idea For The Wedding Party

14 Nov

A parlor game at the wedding reception may sound childish to many people but it is a nice way to have fun along with friends and family. Also it would also help make the wedding eve more special and memorable for the bride and groom.

There are many entertaining yet simple games one can play at the wedding reception. In the following write up, there are a few suggestions for parlor games that can be enjoyed at the reception.

  • The Blind Fold Game – This is a really popular game at wedding receptions and it can be really entertaining too. All the male guests present in the wedding party are lined up & the bride is blindfolded. Next the bride’s friends lead her to all the men in the party one by one, & she has to find out which one the groom is by touching. To make the game more fun, some clues could be given to her.
  • ‘The Couple’ Game - All the couples present in the wedding party could be given different titles like ‘the cutest couple’, ‘the madly-in-love couple’ ‘the most handsome couple’, the ‘best dressed couple’, the ‘funniest couple’, etc. You just have to get creative and funny with the titles you come up with.
  •  The ‘First- Time’ Game – This game would specially be enjoyed by the newly-wed couple as this game would specially involve the bride and groom’s participation. It basically involves giving the guests a blank paper each & asking them to write down a question starting from ‘first-time’. For instance, first time the couple met, what did they think of each other? First date they had? First time they realized they were in love? First fight? and so on. The game could be made funnier with quirky & creative questions. It would also help the couple relive some of the best moments of their courtship period.

There are many other parlor games that one can easily enjoy at the wedding party & make the most of this joyous occasion.


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