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How To Choose Exclusive Wedding Cards?

14 Feb

With e-invites gradually taking the place of the wedding invitation cards, wedding cards are being introduced the market with many exclusive designs. Rituals are there to solemnize the marriage, but to make a long-lasting impact and to be the trendsetter; people spend a lot on the different celebrations of wedding. Wedding cards are the medium through which people formally inform and invite their guests about the wedding. With the association of Indian wedding ceremonies with pomp and splendor, and as a matter of pride, wedding cards with unique twists are now available. With so many options your need to have some ways to select the design of the wedding card like:

Search for online wedding card designs: Search for diverse designs online to know what’s trendy and what’s not. This way, when you finally contact your local wedding card designer, you can easily specify what you are looking for and get the best options.

Search for the wedding card designers online: Several experienced and creative card designers are enlisted online, who are readily available to provide their services across the world. They bring forth innovation and present exclusive designs as per the themes of wedding.

Indian wedding cards can be divided into many broad categories. The style mostly depends upon the religion of the people getting the wedding cards designed, but with the increase in the trend of inter-religion weddings, the designs are selected as per the theme of wedding. Some of the Indian wedding card categories are:

Religious Wedding Invitations: People of different religion have different preference for the color and motifs of the wedding cards. For example, all Hindu wedding cards have the picture of Lord Ganesha. But, the people of all religion are united in the demand for wedding cards with exquisite designing.

Interfaith Wedding Invitations: With more and more people going for inter-religion marriage, the concept of designing the wedding cards as per the religious specifications is losing the impetus. The Interfaith Wedding cards are designed with freedom to bring about unconventional and exclusive samples.

Themed invitation cards: The modern trend in wedding ceremonies is making arrangements conforming to particular themes. To be different from others people are attracted towards themed wedding cards as well. For example, Scrolling wedding cards are used to invite the guests in a royal manner while invitations with gothic theme, culture-specific motifs can also be seen.

With different designs and colors of wedding invitation cards available to choose from, people can easily pick exclusive and Designer Wedding Cards for inviting their guests. These wedding cards can reflect the theme and speak for the grand preparation done for the wedding.

Great Wedding Invitation Ideas for Small Budget

27 Aug

Marriage is an auspicious occasion that unites two lives in a never-breaking bond. Marriage in India is an extravagant affair that plays host to hundreds of people. Presence of the near and dear ones on this sacred occasion becomes very important so invitation cards play a vital role. Nowadays, invitation cards acts as a status symbol reflecting your class. Youngsters have their own choices and wish to make their wedding the most memorable and set everything perfect. For this, people usually shed out considerable amounts of money to get the best designed invitations. There are separate designers dedicated to the job of creating novel and unique invitation cards.

But, what if you have a small budget and can’t hire one of those top-notch cards designers? Not to worry. Even in a small budget you can have the most stylish and attractive invitation cards. You want to know how? Just check out this write up and help out yourself…..

Think it for yourself: The ideas that you or your family members come out with, will be unique and of course as per the budget.

  • Involve your family and friends and take their active suggestions in designing your wedding invitation card.
  • Design a template yourself and get it printed from a reasonable printing press. This will ensure their low cost.
  • Also, homemade cards carry your personal feelings and surely reflect the happiness. Use of stick-ons, ribbons, etc. adds your personal touch to the invite cards.
  • These homemade wedding cards have their own charm and appeals a lot to those receiving them.

So, just let free your creativity and assure yourself a perfect wedding invite fulfilling all your requirements.

Some in-trend invites ideas:

Photo wedding invitations:

  • These invitations have the picture or pictures of the bride and the groom. You can make this invite highly creative by adding pictures of the first meeting and then the proposal day…etc. in a collage form. This will translate a story of your relationship and turn out to be an appealing invitation idea.
  • Also, you can have only one photograph with beautiful border. This will offer a neat and clean look to the invitation card.
  • People around you- friends, siblings, relatives etc. can provide you with many more ideas so don’t hesitate to take their help.

Online invites: This is one of the most accepted ideas these days. Simply draft an invitation card using your imaginative power and send it your close ones through email. This means is highly cost-effective and convenient.

Such invitations ideas are very different from the traditional wedding invitations and are purely based on personal expressions. Your personal input in designing your own wedding card will let you have an extraordinary idea. Using any of the above mentioned ideas will guarantee you an exclusive wedding invitation card. So, go for it…….


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