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Some Wedding Gift Ideas To Consider

21 Nov

Buying a Wedding Gift!!! Though the idea may seem enjoyable and pleasurable to many, only those who have had to undergo the wedding gift buying experience will be able to empathize with me and my sentiments when I say –it is not an easy task at all. Ok, there are exceptions of course, like if it is a close family member, your best friends or anybody else you know intimately then the task of buying a wedding gift is half done before its even gets started. The reason is simple, this is because you know the person in and out, you know what they like and not, what they would love to have, etc.

But what about others – your other casual friends, office colleagues, yoga class buddies or relatives. Ever had to Buy Wedding Gifts for them? If you have, then you know the confusion that one encounters when there are a thousand gifts staring you in the face, that you get even more confused as to what to buy. In the following write-up, there are a few Matrimonial Gifting Ideas that will help you through the wedding gift buying experience.

  • Cash, Cash And More Cash – As you would have noticed, cash is the key word here. Play safe if you are clueless about what to buy. This option is also what most couples love, & believe me they’ll love you for this gift choice.
  • Personalized Gifts Of The Wedding Couple – Be it cute quilts with the blessed couple’s photo, personalized photo albums or any other such items, customized gifts are universally liked by all.
  • Travel Tickets Or Hotel Accommodations - Who doesn’t like a vacation in exotic locations, especially if couple loves travelling? Though it may seem like a very expensive gift idea, there is a simple solution. You can probably contact other common friends or family members and pool in funds. If it works out, the couple will forever love you for it.
  • Wine Or Champagne – This is another of the gifting options that holds universal appeal & most couples will appreciate the gesture.

Other than these you can try other gifting options like jewelry, spa items, and tickets to events that the couple enjoys, etc. Hope these ideas help you in choosing a suitable wedding gift that you may be sure that the to-be-wed couple won’t discard at the first opportunity (or one that remains unused for years at end).

MatrimonialsIndia.Com – Blogs Release December 2011

3 Jan

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What Is The Ideal Wedding Gift?
If one of your dear ones is getting married soon, then make sure you don’t lack behind in expressing your good wishes and happiness. Be it your brother, sister, friend or any acquaintance, the most appropriate way for you to convey your feelings is in the form of a gift. You must choose and buy a present that reflects your thoughts in the best possible manner.[...]

Tips To Make Your Marriage Succeed
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The Beautiful Wedding Of Kashmiris..
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Are You Trapped In These Relationship Myths Too?
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Bridal Beauty Tips!
When the marriage of a girl is fixed, her level of anxiety to look her best starts increasing day by day. With the availability of a number of bridal beauty packages, the brides have to avail skin nourishment, hair conditioning, and many other services to enhance their beauty. Although, the natural glow of happiness on brides’ faces is incomparable,[...]

What Is The Ideal Wedding Gift?

13 Dec

If one of your dear ones is getting married soon, then make sure you don’t lack behind in expressing your good wishes and happiness. Be it your brother, sister, friend or any acquaintance, the most appropriate way for you to convey your feelings is in the form of a gift. You must choose and buy a present that reflects your thoughts in the best possible manner.

What Not To Do?
Most of the people get too excited about the wedding and start wondering about things that they don’t have to do much with. It is most likely that they would try to find out- who the groom or the bride is? What does he or she do? What would the venue be? Which outfit should they wear? and other such things. Somehow, nobody thinks about the gift they should give.

What To Do?
Try to find out that what would be the ideal present for the couple, as soon as you get the invitation. If possible, get an idea about the likes and dislikes of the bride, the groom or both.

A List Of Some Of The Ideal Wedding Gifts:

  • Artistic Presents
    You can always gift the couple a nice piece of art. Go for designer flower pots, bedspreads, wall hangings, artistically designed mirrors. Such gifts are cherished for a long time.
  • Pampering Fundas
    You can pamper the couple by booking a luxurious hotel room for them. You can also gift tickets for a honeymoon trip. Additionally, you can give vouchers for a spa therapy.
  • Tech Savvy Options
    If you gift the latest gadget to the couple, chances are that your gift will be considered the best. There are innumerous options available- an iPad, a Digi-cam, a Camcorder, an Android phone, etc.
  • Old Is Gold
    The conventional gifting option of giving cash can never be out of the trend. You can also gift the couple a set of dinnerware, a set of bedspreads, etc. These things are needed daily. Thus, there gifts remind the couple about you every time they will use it.

Now that you have a number of options to choose from, don’t wait! Buy the gift that you find the most suitable and get ready to receive the appreciation for expressing your feelings in style.

Unique Ideas for a Wedding Gift

16 Oct

What is the most important and special time in a couple’s life? The answer to this question is of course their wedding. They invite friends and relatives to be a part of this wonderful celebration called wedding for giving them blessings and pray for their bright future together.  People who become the part of their celebration wish to express their happiness by giving them gifts as token of love. However, deciding what can be the perfect wedding gift for a couple is not at all easy. There can be so many things that a newlywed couple would need, but you want to make your gift the most memorable one.

For simplifying the daunting task of searching for a wedding gift, we have summarized a list of great gifts, which you can consider as a perfect wedding gift for your loved ones.

Go For a Signature Platter

What else other than a signature platter can make a wonderful gift for a couple on their wedding day? A couple can keep it as a personalized gift by getting it signed by everyone who has attended their wedding. This can be an ultimate way for them to remember their wedding day and also those who were part of their happiness.

Luxurious Hotel Room for Making Their First Night Memorable

Nothing can beat the charm of well-decorated luxurious hotel room filled with the mesmerizing fresh flowers and aromatic candles. This will make their first night as a couple memorable and they will remember you for making it special in equally special way.

It’s better to check out with the bride’s and groom’s parents whether such reservations have already been made or not. For not missing your golden chance, inform them early about your gifting plans before they make reservations for the same.

A Gift That Can Stand the Test of Time

A bottle of fine wine or scotch, a piece of art, a gorgeous vase, photo frame engraved with their names on it, an antique piece of furniture, etc. make an excellent gift item. Such items lasts for a longer period of time and couple look upon them fondly after few years of marriage and remember the person who has gifted them the time tested piece of remarkable gift.

Add More Sweetness to Their Honeymoon

Now, if you are very well-aware of the place where the couple is going for honeymoon then it is an excellent chance for you to surprise them with your very special wedding gift. Give them a certificate of the finest restaurant or resort of that place, so that they can have their best time together.

Hope, we have solved your problem of searching for a perfect wedding gift to an extent. These gifts are not only memorable but unique as well and they will convey your true love and blessings to the couple.


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