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MatrimonialsIndia.Com – Blogs Release June 2011

1 Jul

Great Tips on How to Save a Bad Marriage
Marriage is the most important part of everyone’s life. All of us want our marriage to be successful but the problem arises when the marriage doesn’t work, which becomes a source of tension for not just the wife and the husband but their respective families as well.[...]

Indian Matrimonial Sites: An Easy Option for a Perfect Match
Looking for a soul mate? While the traditional way of meeting him/her may be popular still, but the simplest way of finding a match for you, is by registering in an Indian matrimonial site. Gone are the times when people had to depend on their relatives and close ones or other mediators to find a perfect match.[...]

Get your dream Bridal Dress on the Web
The most anticipated day of your life, the wedding day, surely needs the prettiest attire so that the bride can truly be the center of attention. That is why every girl’s dream is to have the best bridal dress on her special day.[...]

Is Your Photo as Good as It Could Be?
“Pictures say a thousand words” so your photograph becomes the most important element for you to get noticed on a matrimonial site. Every one gets attracted to the profile which has pictures in it and if your picture is not good enough then your profile visitors may not get impressed.[...]

Wedding Theme Planning Tips
All of us have several plans for our wedding and many people start planning about their wedding theme since childhood. Everything in a wedding expresses our personality and style, right from decorations to music and from food to attire.[...]

Online Free Matrimonial Services
Online Free Matrimonial Services are one of the most convenient ways to look for a life partner. Such sites help people in finding a perfect match, perfectly paving the way for marital bliss. They also make the serious job of finding a life partner very simple and enjoyable. Let’s find out how.[...]

5 Tips for a Healthy Relationship
Healthy relationships have a great impact on your mental and physical well-being as your better-half is the most important and close person in your life. All of us dream of a strong and long term relationship but many times, relationships don’t work the way we want.[...]

Renting a Wedding Dress
Every bride looks for the perfect wedding dress to look special on this important day. The significance of a wedding dress is such that no compromises can ever be made, isn’t it? But what if your dream dress goes beyond your budget? The best option in such a case is to rent one.[...]

Renting a Wedding Dress

28 Jun

Every bride looks for the perfect wedding dress to look special on this important day. The significance of a wedding dress is such that no compromises can ever be made, isn’t it? But what if your dream dress goes beyond your budget? The best option in such a case is to rent one. A rented dress is not the same as a new one but it is a very economical option. There is a good chance that you can get the perfect dress for your wedding on rent, which you could not have able to afford otherwise. Moreover, the money spent on the dress that you have to wear just once in a lifetime can be spent effectively on other celebrations and functions.

Renting a wedding dress is a common phenomenon these days but certain points are to be kept in mind while doing so. First of all you should conduct a thorough market research to know all the stores and salons in detail that offer wedding dresses on rent. Choose the one that is credible and renowned for trusted deals. Different stores offer different rental packages. Some stores even provide matching accessories along with the dresses. Now it is up to you to go for the dress that suits you the best. The points that you must keep in mind before renting such a dress are:

  • Check the condition of the dress- You should check the dress properly to ensure that it is not dirty or torn off or defective. Why? Well, everybody does not need to know that the dress is not a new one, so select the dress which does not look used.
  • Rent the dress before the big day is yet to come- You must place the order many days before the wedding so that the fittings and alterations can be done well in time. You can’t run the risk of last minute rushes with your special dress.
  • Settle all the terms and conditions in advance-  You must decide in advance the rent, penalties on delay in returning dress and whether the provision of making alterations is available or not.
  • Pick the dress yourself- As you are the best judge of what you want and you are the best person to take care of every small detail for your dress.

So, go out and make a rational decision that will save your precious money while make you look like a million bucks on this special day of your life.

Get your dream Bridal Dress on the Web

10 Jun

The most anticipated day of your life, the wedding day, surely needs the prettiest attire so that the bride can truly be the center of attention. That is why every girl’s dream is to have the best bridal dress on her special day. This once in a lifetime event calls for a dress that will enhance your beauty and bowl over your life partner. The days have gone when you had to hunt in markets and shops for that perfect dress. Now, the web has a great collection of the best wedding dresses with a mind-boggling variety to choose from.

Choose a Credible Site
Many girls doubt the credibility of net for shopping but it is not so. You have a whole gamut of options to choose from on the web and can easy do window shopping while sitting at home to select the perfect one. Several big showrooms and brands have their websites with the catalogs of their collection. You can look at the images and the details about the fabrics, fittings, sizes and other specifics and choose the one that suits you. The dress can be ordered online without the need to go to any showroom again and again.

Endless Choice
The major advantage of shopping for bridal dress online is the availability of a huge variety. There are a limited number of the showrooms or shops you can visit personally while there is no such physical limitation on the net thus making your options numerous. It is good to conduct an online search rather than settling on the one dress you liked in a shop. However one needs to be aware about the credibility of the online store or website and be careful regarding the payments.

Order the dress well in time before the wedding day so that you have time to make necessary alterations and never purchase the dress from a wholesale site that does not allow returns without conditions. So, make an effort and choose the dress that will make your fantasy to look like a princess on the wedding day a reality.

Get Dressed In The Best Wedding Gown For Your D-Day

22 Mar

Getting married is a dream come true for every girl. Since childhood only, every girl aspires of getting dressed in a wedding gown and walking down the aisle to get married. Besides, the only matter of concern for the bride-to-be is, selecting a wedding gown that allows her to display her charm as well as instills confidence from within. The preliminary decision of choosing an ideal wedding gown without any stress rests upon the following factors:

  • Bride’s Skin Color
    The visual appeal of the gown majorly depends upon the skin color of the bride. A bride having lighter skin complexion definitely has, a multitude of options for choosing a wedding gown. White as well as vibrant colors give a sharper appearance to a fairer bride. On the other hand, bride having darker complexion should preferably get some make-up done before trying out the wedding gown. This will help her in knowing the final outcome of the gown on wedding day with make-up. A bride should not only apply make-up on her face, but also on her shoulders as well as forearms to look gorgeous.
  • Bride’s Body Shape
    Body shape is the major determinant of the final outcome of the wedding gown on a bride. Girls have different body shapes; some are taller, some are shorter, some are lean while some are hefty. While considering any gown, first know your body shape whether you have a heavier lower body or leaner legs, etc. You must know what is good and what is bad about your body. Once you have determined what your body shape is, you should start your search. Know which gown will accentuate your personality and bring out the best in you. But whatever the body shape of the bride is, a bride having smile on her face looks the most beautiful in the world.
  • Estimated Budget
    Determine your budget and as per the same, see if you could afford a designer or a tailor. Even if you are low on your budget, a perfectly fit and neatly tailored gown would exude brilliance, besides making you look like a princess. If money is not a matter of concern, then obviously you can go for a designer gown. You should also lookout for different wedding gowns and choose the best one for you. Besides, if time constraint is a problem then you can also go for shopping of a wedding gown online.

Some Of The Popular Styles Of Wedding Gown That You May Consider

  • Off-the-shoulder
  • Strapless
  • Sweetheart
  • Spaghetti strap
  • Tank
  • Cap sleeve
  • V-neckline

After reading the blog, you must have got an idea of how and what exactly you should look out for, while selecting a wedding gown. Also, look your best as it is your day and make the on-lookers spellbound.

Renting Bride’s Wedding Dress

4 Jan

Every girl dreams of wearing the most expensive bridal dress in her wedding. Striking jewelry, attractive makeup, and good pair of sandals looks perfect only when the wedding dress is beautiful. The Wedding attire enhances the beauty of a bride and every other accessory is bought and worn matching to it.
One has to shell out a lot of money to buy an attractive wedding dress that matches your desires. If you want to save yourself from this expense then go for rented wedding dress. However, you cannot preserve your wedding dress with you but you can control your expenses and can prevent unnecessary arguments with the bridal shop.

Here are some tips on how to rent a bridal dress:

  • Search for a wedding dress rental business with a good repute. Talk to brides in your acquaintance who had rented their dresses.
  • Start your shopping as early as possible. You must find a dress that fits well and that is in good condition. It is necessary that you will get your accurate sizes; it might take some time to make alterations.
  • Check your dress properly for dirt and damages before picking it.
  • Pick the wedding dress yourself. Don’t ask anybody else to pick the dress for you. You should devote the time to pick it yourself. You should ensure your comfort as you are going to carry it off on the wedding.
  • Collect your wedding dress a few days before your wedding. By doing this, you can ensure the fitting and can modify it if needed.
  • Confirm the penalties if the dress is damaged

Weddings are an extravagant affair and are celebrated with great enthusiasm and zeal. Consideration is thus paid to minute details of the wedding dress. A bride wants to look her best on the day of her wedding. Thus, the wedding dress becomes the essential part of a bride’s beauty along with other embellishments concluding the wedding apparel.

Tips for buying Bridal Dress on Web

31 Dec

Marriage is the most beautiful thing that happens to everybody in their life time. And at that moment you want to look the most stunning and distinctive person among the gathering. Selecting a bridal dress is a tedious process because it is the most important dress of your life. The best option nowadays, is to buy yourself a perfect bridal dress from the web as it not only saves your time but gives you best deal. On the web sites you can find dresses at desired prices and amazing deals. You will be offered with striking designs; patterns, eye catching colors as per your requirements. Keeping in mind few things will help you to buy the right dress:

  • Be careful about the different fittings. Go through the details properly and accordingly place your order.
  • Be sure about what you are ordering otherwise, it would lead to chaos at the last moments.
  • Avoid buying your dress from the wholesalers as they don’t allow returns without conditions.
  • Place your order only after you are completely satisfied with what you have selected and are comfortable with it.
  • When you receive it try it on. Consult your friends or others about the dress.

Benefits of online buying of Bridal Dress:

  • Saves on a lot of time
  • Save you from all the tiredness of moving around in the markets
  • Offers you ample of choices
  • Prices are reasonable

Buying your Bridal dress online is very convenient rather than going out in the market and searching for it. Moreover, the bridal dresses on the web are offered at best possible prices and different varieties. Shopping for your bridal dress is one of the most vital tasks of your wedding preparation. It should be a full of fun as this opportunity comes only once in a lifetime.

Indian Groom’s Wedding Clothes

9 Jul

Wedding is a sacred institution especially in India. It is celebrated with a lot of pomp and show and special attention is levied on the dresses of Bride, Groom and the other members of the family. Groom and Bride are the most looked upon people and they need to stand apart from the crowd. Here, in this write up we will focus on the wedding attire of the groom.

To choose a wedding dress is not an easy task, every groom wishes to look the best on his ‘wedding- day’. Earlier, only traditional attires were worn but now with the changing trends grooms opt for designer wear. Some of the most popular choices are Sherwani, Jodhpuri Suit and Kurta- Pyjama. We offer you details about these options that will assist you in deciding your wedding day attire.


  • Sherwani is a three piece dress that includes a long coat, a pyjama and a stole.
  • The length of the coat is up till the knee. Normally, it is open from the front and is invested with ethnic embroidery.
  • The pyjama is of a contrasting color, which further highlights the beauty of the dress.
  • Stole is an important accessory that is teamed up with the coat and pyjama. It adds charm to the personality of a groom.

Jodhpuri suit

  • Jodhpuri suit is also three piece attire which includes a coat, a shirt and a formal trouser.
  • The coat of Jodhpuri suit is smaller in length as compared to that of Sherwani. It is very similar to a western coat. It is open from the front side with embroidery along the button line.
  • The formal trouser is of the same color as the coat.
  • A round collar top is also worn with it, either of the same color or a contrasting color.


  • Kurta is long with slits on both the sides making it a very comfortable dress. Intricate embroidery is done on it that gives it a richer look.
  • For pyjama, there is an option of either tight fitting or loose fitting.
  • Stole can be worn with this attire as well, giving it a more ethnic look.

Accessories like a ‘turban’ on the head and a pair of ‘juthis’ as a footware add a stylish touch to the whole attire making it complete. It takes about one month’s time for a wedding dress to get ready so manage accordingly.


Always remember to chose colors that suit your skin tone. Also, shades and material of the dress are chosen according to the weather conditions.

So, if you are a to-be groom then you must have attained a fair idea of the wedding attire and what will look best on you. Choose the best and look the best.


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