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Budgeting Tips for Wedding

22 Apr

Marriage unites two individuals and heralds the beginning of a new and joyous phase in the life of a couple. But the delights of a wedding ceremony can only be enjoyed if one is not concerned over the payment of the bills incurred regarding the various events and aspects associated with the ceremony.

A precise and detailed budget decides the various aspects associated with planning your dream wedding, ranging from your choice of venue to type of entertainment you decide to have. It is often seen that many couples struggle to stay within their wedding budget and often end up with more expenditure than they originally anticipated. So if you have decided to tie the knot, then these tips can help you prepare a budget and control costs so that you can stay within the limits and enjoy this phase.

Budget Planning Sheet
This can help you to identify and itemize costs for each element of your wedding. These sheets can be downloaded for free from wedding directory websites or you can find a blank planner in a wedding magazine. Usually designed generic to an average wedding, you may need to edit them to suit the wedding you are planning.

Set Your Priorities Right
Prioritize the essentials of your wedding day in order of importance. This will ensure that your budget is allocated to the most important bits first, such as the ceremony and reception venue rather than on matters of lesser significant like fireworks display etc.

Make Separate Bank Account
Create a separate bank account for your wedding budget. This will ensure that these savings don’t get mixed up with everyday living expenses. Look out for a savings scheme with a high rate of interest that multiplies your money to certain extent. Extra money is always welcome at this point.

Curb Your Expenses
In case, you do overspend on something; make sure you reallocate money from other areas to make up for the difference. This may mean compromising on other significant aspects of the ceremony but in the long run, it will prove better than overstepping your budget.

To curb the flow of money you can do certain things yourself, such as lending a hand in decoration etc. You should also engage in rigorous negotiation with vendors and suppliers over prices & packages of items that are bought in bulk quantities. This often helps in making big savings with very little effort.

Avoid Taking Loans
Lastly, avoid borrowing extra money in the form of a bank loan to fund your wedding day. Loans prove to be very expensive and you don’t want to begin your married life knee deep in debt.

Hence, new couples who are on the verge of commitment by entering holy matrimony should adopt the above mentioned techniques. By systematically budgeting for this joyous occasion and spending accordingly, one can surely make the right beginning.

Make Your Own Wedding Budget

17 Dec

The mesmerizing scent of flowers, sparkling jewelry, excited parents and anxious bride and groom, all these things are the part of great Indian wedding. One should not miss the celebration that comes once in a life time and brightens the future. Marriage is something for which bride, groom and their parents look forward for a long time. Everyone makes a vision of how they actually want to celebrate a wedding in the family and the foremost thing to decide upon before making decision about the same is your budget. It totally depends on how the wedding should be simple, elegant or an elaborated event.
Here, we are providing some simple tips that will help you in planning out a cost effective wedding budget, which will help you in weaving out the emotions of a wedding day without making any compromise with your wishes.

  • Talk to your would be spouse and their parents about what kind of wedding they want. Making decisions about the decoration, flowers, food, venue, invitations, clothing, etc. after discussion with the spouse will make things easier for you.
  • Prepare a list of things required and things to do. Consider taking services of a wedding consultant as they can prove to be a good help in making decisions about the location, decoration, menu, entertainment, photography and many more in a cost effective way.
  • It is advisable to prioritize your list according to what are the most important things for you and what are the areas where you can save money without sacrificing your wishes. Dividing budget according to your priorities will help you at the time of shopping and restrict you from over-spending on less important things.
  • Don’t make hasty decisions and start purchasing from only one vendor. Visit few vendors before making the final purchase decision and compare their prices. Purchase things from vendor that offers good quality products at affordable prices.
  • Maintain record of all the purchases you made along with your estimated budget and the actual money you spend for each item. Keep all the bills, vouchers, receipts, etc. safely with you for future considerations.
  • Review the budget after every purchase for keeping things into sync and maintaining your budget line. Incase you overspend on one thing try to cut the cut the cost of other favors, which can take backseat in your wedding plan.

Following these simple tips, planning ahead and organizing well will not only anticipate trouble but also make you enjoy the wedding day to the fullest.

How to Set Wedding Budget

2 Jul

Couples are believed to be made in heaven but they tie the knot on the earth. Wedding is an extravagant affair that is celebrated with pomp and show. The wedding celebrations demand a lot of expenses that need to be calculated way before the wedding. The wedding budget requires to be finalized in order to avoid any kind of panic at the last hour.

Why you need a wedding budget?

  • It offers relief to those planning the wedding
  • Avoid last minute confusion
  • Offers the planners ample of time to enjoy the wedding
  • The wedding procession is smoothly carried out without any hassles

Now, the question that must be tickling your minds must be how to set an appropriate wedding budget. We offer you certain important points that have to be kept in mind while setting a budget for a wedding.

Wedding Expenses first:

Firstly, you must have a clear idea of the total money that will be spent on the wedding. Judiciously divide the money for the major expenses that are:

  • Clothes
  • Jewelry
  • Venue
  • Decoration
  • Gifts
  • Transportation
  • Accommodation of the relatives

Note: some money must be kept in store for certain unexpected expenses.

Sharing the expenses:

It is in trend these days to share and spend in a wedding. Both the groom’s and the bride’s side can share certain expenses like:

  • Reception costs
  • Photographer and invitation card can be common for both

This helps in reducing the wedding costs.


While fixing the caterers, photographers, decorators etc. you must always bargain. Try and book these as per your affordability and budget.

Try and make the wedding a unique occasion

Don’t waste your time thinking about the things that did not fit in your budget rather stress on making the event a memorable one. Keeping an optimistic approach will enable you to make a flexible and apt wedding budget.

Also, besides these things, think out of the box and try out some cost cutting measures like:

  • Homemade invitations
  • Wrapping the gifts and sweets at home etc.

Thus following our suggestions you can set a perfect wedding budget without compromising with any of your desires. Always remember wedding is an occasion that comes once in a lifetime so do not let it ruin because of the budget.


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