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MatrimonialsIndia.Com – Blogs Release October 2011

1 Nov

Vastu Solutions for Problems in Marriage
What could be more heart-warming than two people getting committed to each other for lifelong? Probably nothing! A Matrimonial bond is one of the most sacred relations in ones life. In this relation, the husband and the wife promise to love and stand by each other forever.[...]

Wedding Accessories for Grooms
All set to tie the wedding knot with the women of your dreams? If your answer to this question is yes, then think again…. Though you may have done all the preparations of your dream wedding to the your utmost satisfaction yet you may end up feeling a little disappointed on the big day if your look is not up to the mark.[...]

How To Write Matrimonial Bio-Data
Once you are registered with an online matrimonial website, either you will be required to fill a form or you will be asked to submit a Matrimonial Bio-data. A matrimonial bio-data includes all your personal information, professional details, family details, horoscope details, etc.[...]

Solah Shringar: 16 Adornments of Indian Bride
On her wedding day, the bride makes all efforts in ensuring that she puts her best foot forward. Most of the Indian girls dream of looking perfect on the D-day since childhood. The Indian brides-to-be have a variety of adornments, called Solah Shringar, for getting groomed on their wedding day.[...]

Reddy Matrimony Sites: Highly Preferable to Find a Befitting Match
Significance of matrimonial alliance in Hinduism is imperative to mention. It is considered as one of the most sacred rituals of one’s lifetime. In fact, it is believed that once the holy knot is tied, the bride and the groom are destined to be life partners for next seven births.[...]

Bridal Hairstyles: Changing Trends!
Every bride dreams to get the perfect look on her wedding day. Earlier given less attention, Bridal Hairstyles have now emerged as one of the most important aspects of the whole bridal look. Parlors and salons now attempt to give the bride a traditional yet trendy hairstyle.[...]

Beautiful And Lively Maharashtrian Wedding
Before the wedding bell rings, you should be well versed with all the rituals that take place in a wedding. When it comes to Maharashtra Weddings, they are one of the simplest wedding ceremonies in India. With all the rituals starting from the morning, the wedding is a simple and comparatively less lavish affair.[...]

How To Write Matrimonial Bio-Data

14 Oct

Once you are registered with an online matrimonial website, either you will be required to fill a form or you will be asked to submit a Matrimonial Bio-data. A matrimonial bio-data includes all your personal information, professional details, family details, horoscope details, etc. Some people hesitate in providing detailed information but there is nothing to fret about as most of the matrimonial websites are completely credible.

Such websites have rules about protecting the confidential details of the people registered with them. Therefore, you must fill the form completely in order to find the right match for yourself. Some tips that may come in handy to create a good matrimonial Bio-data are as follows:

  • Be honest and mention all the details clearly. More specifically, if you belong to a community that believes in horoscopes, mention the details regarding your horoscope precisely like raashi, star, nakshatra, doshas, caste, sub-caste etc.
  • Write about your background and that of your family in simple language.
  • Highlight your interests, thought process, attitude and vision in life in an attractive manner.
  • You can also mention a little about the qualities that you want in your preferred partner.
  • You can also mention why you want to get married but make sure it is nothing overtly negative.
  • Do not elaborate on your looks or other attributes. Keep it short and simple.
  • Check the text for any errors and use a simple font.
  • Many websites have text box options for writing while others may ask you to upload the bio-data. In such cases, submit it in a simple Microsoft Word format.

The second you upload a properly written Matrimonial Bio-data online, you get a step closer to your life partner. So don’t wait anymore if you want to get married, submit your matrimonial details to a reputed matrimonial website right away.

Matrimonial Resume

22 Jun

Resume is one of the most imperative documents. Whether it is a professional resume or a matrimonial one, it needs to be framed with extra care. Matrimonial resume is created in order to find a perfect match. It is now become necessary to have such a resume because it helps in finding an ideal match. People often confuse professional resume with matrimonial but they should know that the language and the fields to be added are different in these two.

Most of you don’t care to make a Matrimonial Resume. But here are some reasons that will compel you to make one:

  • It offers your details in an organized manner
  • It is an easy read for the reader
  • You can highlight all your plus points in it
  • The reader can easily locate what he wishes to know
  • Easy to upload on online matrimonial sites
  • You get a better exposure
  • Match making becomes easier and quicker

Now, you know how important is to create a matrimonial resume for yourself. So, you now wish to know how a matrimonial resume is made. Here is the format that you should follow:

1. Personal Profile:

Your personal details are the first things a person wants to know. Following are the fields that you should mention in the personal profile:



Birth Date




Hair Color



2. Hobbies and Interest:

This can include favorite books, cuisine, movies, music etc. These details helps a person understand you in a better manner. These details should be filled in with complete honesty.

3. Skills:

The skills added here should not be your professional skills. You can mention your skills as a good cook, orator, communicator etc.

4. Work Background:

This should entail all your work experience along with the responsibilities that you held but all in a brief manner.

5. Educational History:

This should normally contain information about your higher education.

6. Preferences:

You can list out the things that you want your better half must possess. This can include anything from caste to physical appearance etc.

The above mentioned is the most appropriate format for a matrimonial resume.

Here are some points that you should keep in mind while creating your matrimonial resume:

  • Do not elaborate on points
  • Try to provide information in bullets
  • The font chosen should be clearly visible
  • Do not use dark background colors

Thus our write up must have offered you a clear idea of what a matrimonial resume is and why you should have one. So, if you a bachelor or a spinster then frame a suitable matrimonial resume today.


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