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3 Oct

Man’s Guide To The Perfect Marriage Proposal
The lady walks into the huge stadium where you are waiting for her. The light is dim, you are dressed in your best suit with a bunch of red roses in your hands and two spot lights are following you and her as both of you approach each other [...]

5 Things A Man wants In A Woman
If you are single lady eagerly waiting for your Prince charming, you must be aware of the 5 most important things in a woman that attract men. An educated man with modern values respects women and expects her to be an independent and confident person [...]

What Do Women Want From Men
You are gifted with killer looks and attractive personality. Bingo! But hey, is that enough to be a woman’s Mr. Right? It is obvious that women get attracted to handsome men very easily but are looks the only criterion to select a man for a life-time commitment [...]

Why Go For Premarital Counseling
Divorce rates are growing higher day by day. The institution of marriage is losing its credible essence. People are living their lives at a very fast pace. They don’t have much time and generally they take decisions in haste without spending sufficient time on critical matters [...]

Why Go For Premarital Counseling

20 Sep

Why Go For Premarital CounselingDivorce rates are growing higher day by day. The institution of marriage is losing its credible essence. People are living their lives at a very fast pace. They don’t have much time and generally they take decisions in haste without spending sufficient time on critical matters. In such circumstances, Premarital Counseling is the need of the hour. It is important to analyze a relationship and to ensure its well-being. Premarital Counseling serves as the right guide before one steps in a new world marked by expectations, responsibilities and duties.

Why Go For Premarital Counseling?

  • Resolve your issues: Premarital Counseling gives both partners the opportunity to identify issues and resolve them.
  • Discuss the pros & cons: It helps them to discuss the pros & cons. It gives a platform to the participants to understand the institution of marriage in a better manner.
  • Communicate: Communication is the key requirement for any relationship. Premarital Counseling is a platform that facilitates open communication.
  • Facilitate greater understanding: Premarital Counseling is carried out by professionals. They take a few sessions with the couple and facilitate a better understanding between the partners.

Every individual has a unique personal history, opinions and values. It is almost impossible that two people will be alike in every way. So, it is very important to discuss and analyze the expectations as well as differences before marriage. Premarital Counseling helps the couple to understand the changes that will come with marriage and makes them ready for those changes. Premarital counselors facilitate an open approach in the couple by making them ready to accept the compromises and newness of marriage.

Dating someone is one thing, but marriage is a whole new level of commitment. Whatever, the type of marriage be, arranged or love, it is always advisable to undertake a few sessions of Premarital Counseling. To have a durable, healthy and stable marriage, go for it. It is not something very unusual and has been a part of civilizations in one way or the other. Today, it faces us only in a complete new packaging. Live a peaceful and happy married life, go for Premarital Counseling. Remember, prevention is better than cure!

Pre-Marriage Counselling

25 Jun

Why most of the marriages end up as a quarrelsome affair?  This is because the couple before tying the knot are so excited that they overlook various integral points. The most neglected one is the pre-marriage counselling.

Marriage is a lifelong bond and not a social contract that a person can break or amend easily. Marriage is altogether a new sphere of life that brings along numerous responsibilities. So, a couple needs to understand and discuss certain points beforehand. For this, pre-marriage counselling helps a lot.

What is pre-marriage counselling?

It is a kind of psychological counselling that assures that a couple enjoys a healthy marriage. The couple is asked various questions based on different topics. But most of the couples do not pay heed to it and simply get married. The consequences thus faced are unavoidable and painful.

Why pre-marriage counselling is required?

  • It enables you to have a peaceful married life
  • Helps you avoid trivial clashes
  • Helps you achieve better understanding
  • Enables you to learn about the expectations of your spouse

These are only few of the reasons as to why you need a pre-marriage counselling. There are various other reasons or benefits as we can call that will force you to go for a pre-marriage counselling.

Various marriage counselling agencies are there to render their services. Basic things are discussed by a marriage counsellor in order to make the couple understand the problems that can become an obstacle in the future.

What are the things that a counsellor discusses?

  • They tell you the possible issues that can crop up into conflicts
  • They tell you the ways to get over with the petty issues
  • They tell you the ways in which they can keep their spouse happy
  • They tell you the ways in which better understanding can be nurtured among the two
  • Also, assistance is offered on various other aspects like sexual issues, children issues, religion difference etc.

Thus our write up must have offered you concrete reasons of visiting a pre-marriage counsellor. So, visit a pre-marriage counsellor in order to avail important information and suggestions needed for a successful married life.


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