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MatrimonialsIndia.Com – Blogs Release April 2012

1 May

The Tradition of Sindoor
The first thing that might come to your mind when you see someone wearing sindoor is that she is married. Sindoor is also known as Vermillion. It is not merely a red colored powder; it has a deep significance in Hindu tradition [...]

The New Age Matchmaking
Matchmaking has always been a responsible task. Earlier, the older members of the family were responsible for finding a perfect match for the eligible one in the family. People were not allowed to see their “would be” wife or husband before marriage [...]

Lakshadweep, The Most Romantic Place For Honeymooners
Lakshadweep is a beautiful place in India, which is surrounded with crystal blue water. For honeymooners it is an ideal place where they can blossom their love away from any hustle bustle of the city [...]

Set Up The Most Beautiful Mandap For Your Wedding
Any Hindu marriage will be incomplete without a Wedding Mandap as most of the rituals are performed in the mandap itself. A beautiful mandap is the main attraction of a wedding where the groom and the bride take vows around the sacred fire to get bonded with each other for the lifetime [...]

Matrimonial Sites: Finding Your Life Partner Online
Finding life partners had never been so easy, before the coming of Online Matrimonial Sites. It’s a perfect and convenient option for people who are too busy in their lives and don’t have time to get out and meet new people [...]

Customs, Rituals and Indian Hindu Marriages
Hindu Marriages in India are a grand affair, involving a lot of customs and rituals and where the whole community of family, friends, relatives and social circle come together to celebrate the occasion with great style and pomp [...]

Ideals of Hindu Marriage
Hinduism recognizes men and women as two halves of divine body. Hindu matrimony symbolize the divine concept for the union of these two halves. According to Hindu scriptures, the basic idea behind a Hindu marriage is the lifelong union of man and woman so that the two can move forward in their lives and achieve their goals [...]

The Tradition of Sindoor

6 Apr

You might have seen women wearing sindoor along the parting line of their hair. What is the first thing that comes to your mind?

The first thing that might come to your mind when you see someone wearing sindoor is that she is married. Sindoor is also known as Vermillion. It is not merely a red colored powder; it has a deep significance in Hindu tradition. In traditional Hindu society, wearing sindoor is considered must for married women. It is a visible expression of their desire for their husbands’ longer life. The sindoor, apart from being an auspicious adornment, also plays the role of a silent communicator. Therefore, widows are not allowed to wear it.

Red color is considered the symbol of happiness and love in India. Most of the brides in India in almost every religion and culture are made to wear red color attire at the time of her wedding. The Indian bride holds great pride in wearing a sindoor, which adds to the beauty of a married woman.

The sindoor is first applied to the woman by her husband on the day of her wedding. This ritual is one of the most important rituals on the wedding day, which marks end of the ceremonial procedure. After this, she must apply this every day herself in the parting of her hairline. The parting of hair is symbolic of river of red blood full of life. Sindoor is counted one of the essential components in solah shringaar, which is important for a Hindu married woman. Sindoor is said to complete the look of a married woman along with bindi, mangalsutra, mehndi, bangles etc. However, symbolizes that the life of the woman who is wearing it is full colors and happiness.

Sindhi Weddings – Blend Of Elegance And Traditions

30 Mar

India is an amalgamation of cultures. Each community in India has its own traditions and formalities that make it distinct. The Sindhi people are one such prominent community in India. The marriage ceremonies in the Sindhi culture are beautiful and meaningful. Their weddings are a blend of Hindu and Sufi traditions and usually take place on auspicious days like Satyanarayan Chandsi or the new moon day. There are number of interesting ceremonies and rituals that are observed with dedication.

The various rituals and ceremonies in a typical Sindhi wedding include:

Pre Wedding Rituals
In Kachchi Misri, coconut and mishri are presented to the bride and groom to signify their unity.
Pakki Mishri is a formal ceremony that takes place a week prior to the wedding. A formal engagement takes place and the couple exchanges rings. Berana Satsang honors the Sindhi God, Jhulelal. The bride’s hands are then adorned with Mehndi. In the Sangeet ceremony, women dance and enjoy with music and songs. Flowers are showered on the bride during the Saagri.

Wedding Rituals
The thread ceremony has a lot of significance in the marriage rituals. After this ritual, the bride and groom are not allowed to go out of the house. During the Swagatam ceremony, the groom is welcomed into the bride’s house by her sisters and friends. During the main ceremony, the couple sits before the holy fire. Then they circle the fire four times while the priest chants the scared mantras. The parents of the bride place her hand into the groom’s hands as a part of the Kanya Daan ceremony.

Post Wedding Rituals
The bride is welcomed into the groom’s house. The bride takes a fistful of salt and hands it over to the groom. He then gives it back to her, without spilling it. The ceremony is repeated three times and constitutes the Datar Ceremony.

These rituals and ceremonies have deep seated meanings and significances. They help the couple make the transition into the new life. This way two people come together as one and enter into a relationship of bliss and happiness.

MatrimonialsIndia.Com – Blogs Release February 2012

2 Mar

Romantic Ideas For Busy Couple!
Working couples or those who are career oriented find that, after a few years of their marriage, the initial excitement of togetherness just vanishes. Work keeps them busy all the time. They come home, eat dinner and fall asleep, only to be woken by the alarm the next day [...]

Marriage: New Chapter In A Woman’s Life
Marriage is a word which changes everything in women’s life. If you are getting married, soon you will be sharing your life with your future partner. This will bring new responsibilities, new family ties and adjustments. Marriage is not always a bed of roses but support, love and understanding from in-laws can make it is an easier ride [...]

How To Choose Exclusive Wedding Cards
With e-invites gradually taking the place of the wedding invitation cards, wedding cards are being introduced the market with many exclusive designs. Rituals are there to solemnize the marriage, but to make a long-lasting impact and to be the trendsetter; people spend a lot on the different celebrations of wedding [...]

The Telugu Way Of Tying The Knot
The Telugu Wedding, traditionally called Teluginti Pelli aptly reflects the sense of warmth and the love for culture the people of this community possess. While earlier the rituals lasted for almost 15 day, a modern day Telugu wedding can last for 5 days. This write-up presents an overview of the beautiful wedding ceremony of Telugus [...]

Points To Remember While Planning A Wedding
Wedding is an important event in a person’s life. Although it is said to be in heaven, the task of making the wedding proceed smoothly falls on the shoulders of mortals. It may seem like a difficult and stressful task but a proper and methodical planning will ensure that the day goes on smoothly [...]

Think Twice Before Divorce
Are you standing on the cross roads of deciding your marital future? Does the option of divorce linger at the back of your mind? If so, then it is extremely important that you take a step back and analyze the situation before taking a step further.Sometimes the emptiness and bleakness of the marriage hits you even though you love your spouse dearly [...]

Your Wedding Make-Up Guide
Wedding is an occasion where two souls exchange their vows and promise to live their life together. On this auspicious moment, it is obvious that you want to look fabulous and stunning. For this much-awaited day, brides-to-be start their preparation months before the D-day [...]

MatrimonialsIndia.Com – Blogs Release August 2011

2 Sep

Saat Phere- Tying The Bonds Of Holy Matrimony
Matrimony is the union of two lives, two families and two souls. A Hindu wedding consists of several rituals each having its own significance. The ‘seven vows’ or ‘saat phere’ is a noteworthy ceremony as a marriage is incomplete without it.[...]

Finding Your Soul Mates By Indian Matrimonial Websites
Indian Matrimonial Websites have made it much easier and simpler for those looking forward to get married to meet new people online. These websites are the latest way of finding a soul mate for you as per the personal preferences.[...]

Online Indian Matrimonial and Traditional Marriages
Indians have been following the practice of finding suitable match with the help of entire family, relatives and even family friends. Traditional ways of arranging marriages has changed with the arrival of the online matrimonial sites where[...]

How To Initiate A Successful Online Relationship
Earlier relationships were thought to be made in heaven but now with the generational and technological leap, meeting you soul-mate online and dating new people is the in-thing. You might have come across the stories in movies where two people meet each other over internet and interact without seeing each other.[...]

Hindu Nair Wedding
A Nair wedding is a simple wedding having a complete traditional Hindu wedding essence. Generally, a Nair wedding is conducted in a nearby temple or a Kalayana Mantapa. Guruvayur Temple in Punnathur Kotta is considered to be a very auspicious location.[...]

Indian Matrimonial Websites- The perfect way to find the most appropriate match
It is rightly said that “Marriages are set in heaven but celebrated on Earth.” The one who marries his or her dream companion is destined to have a lifetime filled of love and joy. Somehow in this big world, it may become difficult for you to find your ideal life partner.[...]

Divorced Matrimonial to bring New Shine in Life
Marriages are meant to be lifelong relations joining two people together till eternity. But, sometimes marriages end in divorces due to some reason. Whatever be the reason for divorce, it breaks the person emotionally and brings emptiness in life.[...]

Indian Matrimonial: Choose with Care
India is a land of traditions where each and every custom has a special significance. Marriages are the most significant among all of them. Traditionally, in Indian societies brides and grooms are selected with the consent of parents & relatives who have the sole responsibility of finding an ideal match for their children.[...]

Hindu Nair Wedding

19 Aug

A Nair wedding is a simple wedding having a complete traditional Hindu wedding essence. Generally, a Nair wedding is conducted in a nearby temple or a Kalayana Mantapa. Guruvayur Temple in Punnathur Kotta is considered to be a very auspicious location. The Nair Wedding Ceremony can be easily understood in its two phases i.e. the pre-wedding phase and post wedding phase.

In the pre-wedding period, the groom is chosen and the elders of both the families decide about the engagement known as “Nischayam”. An astrologer helps in deciding an auspicious date called “Muhurtham” after which a function is arranged for this announcement of marriage and the wedding rings are exchanged.

One day before the wedding, a function called ‘Ayana’ (Prenuptial blessing of the bride) is organized at the house of the bride where she takes the blessings of her elders and relatives. A similar function is organized at the Groom’s house. On the ‘big day’, the marriage ceremony is conducted in a simple way either in the temple or in the Kalyana Mantapa of the wedding hall. The bride is escorted by her aunt to the mantapam, and sits next to the groom, amidst the special music of the ‘nadaswaram’ and the ‘thakil’. ‘Talikettu’ ritual is performed during this ceremony in which the groom ties the ‘Mangalsutra’ or ‘tali’ around the neck of the bride to the beating of the drums.

Another important ritual during the wedding is ‘Pudamuri’, where the Groom gifts the Bride a sari and a blouse which conveys that he will now assume the responsibility of providing for her all throughout her life. The Bride is supposed to wear this sari and blouse on her arrival at the Groom’s house for the first time after the wedding. The guests are given a delicious treat and the traditional feast called ‘Sadhya’ includes rice, three varieties of pickle, sambhar, toran, payasam, curries and sweets, avial, pacchadi, olan, kalan, and pappads served on plantain leaves.

Post wedding, the bridegroom takes his wife with his parents and family members to his house. This ceremony is called Kudivepu or Gruhapravesha. The bride is welcomed to her husband’s house by performing ‘aarthi’ with a typical Kerala metal lamp. The newly wedded couple enters the house with right foot forward where the bride kicks over a large measure of rice. The couple then leads a happy and prosperous married life with blessings of their elders.

Make-Up Tips To Get The Right Bridal Look

25 Mar

Marriage is a big event in every girl’s life. It is one occasion on which a bride-to-be is the only centre of attraction and people come to have a mere glimpse of her. So, it becomes quite important to look the best on the D-Day. You have chosen the guy, set up the wedding date, decided the dress, hairstyle, etc., but have you decided upon your make-up? It is requisite to look picture perfect while sauntering the aisle for saying I-do.

So, to look the best on the most special day of one’s life, a bride must follow the given make-up tips:

Wedding Make-Up Tips

Some Essential Remedies

  • Having a glowing, fresh look on wedding day is what a bride looks out for. Just about 6 weeks before the wedding, start a skin as well as nail care plan. Hire a beautician and go for regular facials as well as manicures.
  • Don’t go under sun & avoid sunburns & rashes. Peeling skin shouldn’t damage your wedding. Spray on tanned skin and keep washing skin at regular intervals.
  • Not having a balanced diet at proper intervals affects your face as well as body. So, eat well and take frequent naps.
  • For calming your nerves, burn some essential oils around.
  • Have some Valerian tea before going off for sleep, if you have any problems in sleeping.
  • Go for a trail of desired makeup artist 1-2 months before the wedding day.
  • Tell your make-up artist about your allergies before they put up make up on you.
  • Go for a make-up in sync with your dress as well as hairstyle.

What Else To Consider?

  • Keep in mind the time of the ceremony, whether it is a day wedding or an evening wedding? Avoid dramatic look for morning wedding, preferably keep it light. Go for a dramatic look for an evening wedding.
  • Brides-to-be having wedding in the spring/summer wedding should go for bright, pastel colors. In winter wedding, go for warm and deeper shades.
  • For flash photography in wedding, apply foundation with yellow undertones.
  • Translucent powder can give that perfect shine.

The above mentioned tips can surely work wonders for you and can give you the perfect look on your day. So, plan wisely and make sure that you spell magic on the guests.

Latest Innovations In Bridal Make-Up

24 Dec

Bridal makeup involves the creation of a picture perfect image of the bride. On the wedding day, the bride should outshine everyone and mesmerize her groom to make him wonder at his good fortune for bagging such a prize.

Innovation In Make-Up, “Airbrushing”

In terms of make-up, several modern techniques have evolved over the course of time. But the latest bridal makeup technique that assists makeup artists to attain the perfect wedding makeup is airbrushing. The basis of any great makeup look is foundation and there is no better way to apply foundation than with an airbrush. Regardless of the type of skin-tone and texture, the perfect foundation for a good makeup can be done by the modern method of airbrushing. Moreover, celebrities have been using it for years to gain the all perfect appearance that makes them look ethereal and divine.

So, Why Is Airbrushing Considered To Be The Latest Bridal Makeup?

The technique of airbrushing involves a method that is similar to covering a diagram with a smooth layer of airbrush. Therefore, in terms of bridal make-up too, the airbrushing technique allows the makeup artists to cover the entire area of the face with a smooth and soft thin layer.

Airbrushing becomes significant when the bridal contouring comes into play. Silhouette is essential in bridal looks because it helps define the face thereby ensuring that the bride has dimension and depth in her wedding photos. Regular contouring methods can sometimes give a patchy look, but airbrushing blends seamlessly, so the outline of the face is imperceptible with a glowing and even skin tone.

Technology Seeps In Make-Up Techniques

Besides this, HD makeup is also making a name in bridal looks. Since, the formulas are so refined that they can actually create an optical illusion of glowing skin with their light-reflecting particles. HD foundations were developed to cope with the exacting standards of HD film and camera and the rising 3D movement in film.

Therefore, the advances in technology have started making their mark in bridal make-up. A bride in today’s times can have the varied technological innovations in make-up at her disposal, in order to make a lasting impression on her susceptible groom and the others present at the occasion.

Significance of Kanyadaan in Hindu Rituals

9 Nov

Kanyadaan is one of the most vital rituals in Hindu Culture, which is performed in conformity to Vedic scriptures. ‘Gift of a girl’, the literal meaning of Kanyadaan, signifies the custom in which a girl is gifted by a father to a groom. This ritual is carried out just before the Mangalphere and is considered as a Mahadaan as per the Hindu custom. A dutiful act, Kanyadaan is believed to bring fortune and relieve the parents of bride from all the sins.

Kanyadaan is formed from combination of two words, ‘Kanya’ and ‘Daan’ where Kanya means a virgin and Daan means donation. In this, a father hands over his daughter to the groom (considered as Lord Vishnu at the time of marriage). In this emotional ritual, father places the right hand of the daughter in the right hand of the groom and the mother pours holy water on the palms of bride and the groom. Then, the sacred verses are read. The father of the bride asks the groom to promise that him that he would help his daughter in accomplishing three significant goals of life that are:

  • Dharma
  • Artha
  • Kama

Once the verses are read, the beloved daughter is given away by the parents to the groom and she becomes responsibility of the groom and his family. Kanyadaan is pious as well as an emotional affair in which, the father officially gives away his rights and duties towards his daughter to the groom. In case, the father of bride has expired or is not present at the marriage, due to any unavoidable situation then an elderly relative of the bride can perform the deed of Kanyadaan.

Solah Shringar for Indian Bride

16 Jul

A traditional Hindu wedding procession takes place following various rituals and ceremonies. The marriage is a reflection of the rich Indian culture where every ritual has its own importance. Out of many rituals ‘Solah Shringar’ of the bride is one of the most important one.

What is ‘Solah Shringar’?

A traditional Indian bride has to dress up using sixteen vital components of her beauty known as ‘Solah Shringar’ which includes make-up items, jewels and other accessories. From head to toe she is adorned with accessories that add spark to her beauty. These objects of beauty are believed to be associated with the well being of her to-be husband. Having knowledge about accessories that comprises ‘Solah Shringar’ helps you understand their worth. We offer you a brief description of the sixteen accessories worn by the bride.

Face Accessories and make up include the following components:

  • Bindi: It is considered to be a mark of identity for a married woman. Traditionally, it used to be round in shape and red in color. But nowadays, a large variety of Bindis in various shapes, sizes and shades are available in the market. Generally, a girl chooses her bindi that is matching to her wedding dress.
  • Sindoor: Sindoor (vermillion) is a red colored powder that is applied on the centre parting of a bride. It has various religious and mythological connotations.
  • Mangteeka: It is a hair accessory that is generally worn in the centre parting of the hair and it comes till fore head. It is generally made of gold/silver.
  • Anjana: Anjana (kajal) is used to highlight the eyes of a bride. It is black in color and is applied on the edges of the upper and lower eyelids. It makes a bride’s face look beautiful and attractive.
  • Nath: Nath (Nose Ring) is another important symbol of holiness associated with marriage. It is a big, round ring that can be worn in a pierced nose. It is also generally made up of gold/silver.
  • Karn Phool: Karn phool (ear rings) is worn by a bride in both the ears. They are generally heavy and it further beautifies the bride’s face.

Hand Accessories include the following components:

  • Mehandi: Mehandi (henna) is prepared from the dried leaves of a tree. It is applied in the hands and foot of a bride. It stands as a symbol for the love between a wife and her husband. Mehandi applying ceremony forms an important part of an Indian wedding.
  • Choodiyan: Choodiyan (bangles) are worn in both the hands of the bride in large number. They are made up of glass or metal. They are believed to fill colors in the life of the bride.
  • Baajuband: Baajuband (armlet) is worn in the upper arms of a bride.
  • Aarsi: Aarsi (finger rings) is worn in the fingers of a bride.

Other Accessories include the following components:

  • Haar: Haar (necklace) is worn around the neck of a bride.
  • Keshapasharachana: Keshapasharachana (hairstyle) is also as important as the face. Different types of flowers and other ornaments are used to adorn the hair of a bride.
  • Kamarband: Kamarband (waist band) is worn around the waist of a bride.
  • Payal: Payal (anklet) is worn around the ankle of a bride. It produces sound when the bride moves.
  • Itar: Itar (fragrance) is applied to a bride to create a soothing aroma around her.
  • Wedding Dress: Normally a ‘Saree’ or ‘Lehenga’ is worn as a wedding dress. They are usually of bright colors like red, maroon etc.

These sixteen signs of beauty ensure complete adornment of the Indian bride. Though many modifications have been done in beautification of a bride, still these sixteen signs of beauty continue to hold their importance.


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