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9 Oct

5 Types of People You Should Never Marry
It is a widely acknowledged fact that marriages are made in heaven. However, the choice of free will gives the option of rejecting or accepting a prospective partner. Everyone has their own preferences and dislikes, which is what decides the kind of person they want to spend the rest of their lives with [...]

Professional Matchmaking Services: A Thriving Business
Arranged marriages are a part of the tradition of Indian culture, whereby parents of a woman or a man, look for potential life partners for their children. The onus of finding the right partner no longer falls solely on the parent of the bride and groom [...]

Church Wedding in Christian Matrimony
Wedding is the most auspicious and important occasion in a person’s life which commemorates the mark of a new journey. This is the time when two indivuals, come together and vow to spend their lives together, as equals. Every religion has laid down a set of rules and tradition, according to which a marriage is supposed to begin and culminate [...]

Church Wedding in Christian Matrimony

18 Sep

Wedding is the most auspicious and important occasion in a person’s life which commemorates the mark of a new journey. This is the time when two indivuals, come together and vow to spend their lives together, as equals. Every religion has laid down a set of rules and tradition, according to which a marriage is supposed to begin and culminate.

Christian Matrimony takes place in a Church. The house of God is spectacularly decorated with ambers of beautiful adornments, to celebrate the Marriage Ceremony held within it. Wedding in a Church is contingent upon the different sect to which the bride and groom belong. For example, a Marriage between roman catholics is slightly different as compared to marriage between protestants.

Christian Marriage Ceremony
Christian Marriage in a Church begins with the bride and groom, standing in front of the Priest, appealing to the Lord Jesus Christ, to bless upon their marriage. In Christian Matrimony, rings are exchanged and vows are read to each other, following with the Priest deems them husband and wife. During the Marriage Ceremony, the couple take their vows and consequently bound their lives together by agreeing, “To take each other, in sickness and in health, till death do us apart.”

Rituals in Christian Marriage Ceremony
Prior to the Marriage Ceremony, the priest sits with the bride and groom, and discusses with them about the procedures and rituals that will be followed in the Church. For this purpose, the priest reads Scriptures from Bible, pertaining to marriage to enlighten the couple about its true meaning. In Christian Marriage Ceremony, the parents of the couple are always seated on the front, as a sign to discern their importance at the wedding. The groom always enters first in the Church. In a Christian Marriage ritual, the father of the bride brings her to the altar, and gives her hand to the groom. A brief reading from the Bible takes place, following which vows and rings are exchanged.

Legal Documents required for Church Wedding in Christian Matrimony
Every Wedding needs to have the stamp of governmental approval, without which the marriage would stand void. In a Church Wedding in Christian Matrimony a copy of identity cards of both the bride and groom, copy of their baptism certificate, a copy of their birth certificates along with certificate of faith issued by the local government in the country of origin needs to be submitted. These documents need to have a validity of six months or more.

In conclusion, Weddings in Church are always pre booked and the date and time for the same is allotted by the priest of the Church, in accordance with availability and space of the Church. Church Wedding, in all its glory and grandeur, is the most wonderful experience in the lives of two individuals, who wish to enter the conjugal journey

MatrimonialsIndia.Com – Blogs Release May 2014

3 Jun

Christian Marriage From The Bible Itself
A quick search with the words like “marriage”, “husband,” and “wife”, pops out around 500 references from the Old and New Testament! Isn’t that satisfactory enough to show what an important place marriage holds in Christianity and a Christian’s life. In a Christian marriage, the man and the woman commit themselves to spend the rest of their lives together and develop a partnership of love [...]

Ramgarhia Matrimonial: Create Your Matrimonial Profile to find Suitable Brides and Grooms
Are you looking for your soul mate? You have registered on a Matrimonial Website but do not know how to create an attractive profile? Then you are at the right place! Everybody wants to create an appealing matrimonial profile but very often, they tend to forget about some essential things that are necessary to grab the attention of profile visitors [...]

The Mathematics of Marriage
No doubt, Indian marriages are an extravaganza of pomp and show. However, underneath these big, fat marriages, there lies a set of sacred customs and rituals, of which the seven vows or the ‘saptapadi’ are one of the most imperative rituals. With each vow, the couple makes a lifelong commitment, in front of the ‘holy fire’ and amidst the chanting of religious mantras, to lead an eternally blissful married life together. Those seven vows and their particular significance are listed below[...]

Marriage – How It Affects Men & Women Differently
The title of John Gray’s book – ‘Men are from Mars, women are from Venus’ – says it all, when it comes to the differences between men and women. This difference becomes even more apparent when we talk about marriage aspect & how it affects men and women differently. According to research done, it has been established that married people have better mental health and also have a longer life [...]

Christian Marriage From The Bible Itself

9 May
Christian Marriage From The Bible Itself

Christian Marriage From The Bible Itself

A quick search with the words like “marriage”, “husband,” and “wife”, pops out around 500 references from the Old and New Testament! Isn’t that satisfactory enough to show what an important place marriage holds in Christianity and a Christian’s life. In a Christian marriage, the man and the woman commit themselves to spend the rest of their lives together and develop a partnership of love. Several verses from the bible illustrate how the sacred companionship of marriage is made richer, deeper and stronger through physical intimacy. It is believed that in designing the covenant of marriage, God had different vital desires and purposes. So let us give an insight to this and view Christian Marriage From The Bible Itself:

Companionship And Intimacy Between Partners!
As per Genesis, marriage is the idea of God and is designed as well as instituted by himself. Companionship and intimacy between the partners is the heart of the design of a Christian marriage. The relationship between the husband and the wife illustrates the relationship between Christ and the church. According to Bible, for a compatible and intimate partnership, the husband must be loving and sacrificing and the wife would be willing to submit to her man’s leadership.

Husband & Wife Are Different Yet Equal!
Bible also says that husbands and wives are different yet equal partners. The verses from Genesis exemplify that a wife should possess godly character and must have a quiet inner beauty. This inward beauty and godly disposition will help her win over her husband. On the other hand, the husband will honor her as well as be kind and gentle to her. Their roles in the marriage might differ, but they still remain equal, with a common soul.

Partners Must Strive To Overcome Immoral Living!
It is believed marriage is an instrument that not only awards happiness to the couple but makes them more like Christ. There was, indeed, something more profound in God’s heart like the triumph over immoral living. A Christian marriage teaches us how to respect, to honor, to love unconditionally, to forgive and be forgiven. The couple learns from the shortcomings and discovers the true soul happiness.

Thus a Biblical study on Christian marriage, certainly, exhibits a timeless wisdom on marriage. Christian marriage is, thus, a true union between the husband, the wife and God.

MatrimonialsIndia.Com – Blogs Release March 2014

1 Apr

Tips on Planning a Catholic Wedding Ceremony
Marriage is the most significant lifetime experience of a person. Everyone wants to make their Wedding Ceremony memorable, pleasing, and spectacular. Making a wedding ceremony perfect is however a challenging as well as a daunting task [...]

Advantages of Matrimonial Sites
With the advancement in technology, finding an ideal life partner is just few clicks away. Matrimonial sites have made it easier and convenient to find the desired life partner. They not only help you to browse through different profiles but also help you to connect with different people [...]

Role Of Marriage Portals In Revolutionizing Indian Matrimony
It is rightly said that the online matrimonial portals have revolutionized the Indian traditional method of finding a suitable match. Now, there is no need to rely on local marriage agents or acquaintance to find a desirable partner. Just register with a leading matrimonial portal and your perfect partner is a few clicks away [...]

Transformation Of Arranged Marriages With The Coming Of Online Matrimonial Sites
In India, Marriage is viewed in a completely different way as opposed to western countries. More than the union of two individuals, a marriage is considered the start of a relationship between two families. Today, we are in an era where the tradition of marriage has been simplified to a few clicks over the Internet [...]

Things that can make your Spouse Feel Happy!
Marriage is a life-long commitment where you and your spouse have to lead many happy and healthy years together. There are several things that you can do to brighten your partner’s day. Sweet and loving gestures are simple to make but often neglected, and this sometimes affects the finesse of the relationship [...]


Tips on Planning a Catholic Wedding Ceremony

7 Mar
Tips on Planning a Catholic Wedding Ceremony

Tips on Planning a Catholic Wedding Ceremony

Marriage is the most significant lifetime experience of a person. Everyone wants to make their Wedding Ceremony memorable, pleasing, and spectacular. Making a wedding ceremony perfect is however a challenging as well as a daunting task. Catholic Wedding Ceremony is a religious affair which has certain strict rules and regulations that must be remembered while planning your perfect ceremony. Here are some general suggestions on how to plan a Catholic Wedding Ceremony.

  • Start your wedding preparation by choosing a parish in which you wish to have your wedding. It is always better to book a date and the location of the ceremony with the right priest or church officiator as soon as possible.
  • You have to make a decision regarding the form of the Wedding Ceremony. Catholic Church has two different rites of marriage, and that are celebration within the Catholic Mass or outside the Mass. The choice depends on whether you and your partner are baptized Catholics or not.
  • Choose the appropriate Scripture Readings, Biblical Passages and Hymns that you want to recite during the ceremony. Many priests also allow some blessings and personalized vows that can make you feel highly special.
  • The right choice of music can add grace and elegance to a wedding ceremony. Hire a professional to select a range of pleasing songs that can be played when you walk down the aisle.
  • The wedding dress is an important aspect of a Wedding Ceremony. Every bride wants to look gorgeous and dazzling in her wedding gown. It is advisable to choose an appropriate Wedding dress which is elegant and it shouldn’t disrespect the modesty of the Church.
  • You can choose your friends and relatives to perform different rituals during the ceremony. A maid of honor, the best man, blessing readers and the distributors of gifts and Holy Communion are some of the considerable options to make your family and guests feel honored.
  • You can also consider some additional elements to enhance your wedding ceremony. Background about the couple and the immediate family, and the details of the reception and Communion can be included in the program.

Meaningful, careful planning and preparation can provide you an unforgettable and overwhelming experience to the blessed couple. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and plan your perfect and delightful Catholic Wedding Ceremony!

Traditional & Inspiring Wedding Vows

11 Feb

Traditional & Inspiring Wedding VowsWe wish your wedding vows never turn into wedding woes and in this blog we are going discuss the significance of the traditional and inspiring vows. These vows are personal and these are special too, and there is something more than what meets the eyes. In Hindu marriages these are taken while treading around the kindled fire, and in Christian marriages these are taken before the figurine of Lord Christ.

These vows are actually special words, which were written ages ago in ancient languages, and since contemporary society speaks differently now, these age old vows do not seem to deliver the message quite eloquently to the modern generation. Still these hold their charm and young are always curious to know what these vows actually mean. Sometimes we sit in the lap of our mothers asking their meaning and sometimes search the web to understand their significance. More or less, in every culture these vows mean the same. Here are some of the popular wedding vows with their meanings:

  • The bride or groom promises his or her partner that he or she would stay with his or her partner in every good and bad situation, till death does them apart.
  • The bride/groom accepts his or her partner as a constant friend, loyal partner, and a lifelong lover. He or she takes the vow that one would not abandon his or her spouse during sickness, sorrow and bad times.
  • A promise of unconditional love is made along with the promise to support the other in his or her goals. The groom/bride promises to respect and cherish the significant other, and laugh and cry together till both are alive.
  • The person commits to grow old and fall in love with the significant other a little bit more every moment and every day.
  • The bride/groom accepts to make the family of the significant other as his or her own family. He or she also takes the vow to be buried at the same place where the other would be after death.

You can also write your own heartfelt vows for your wedding. It is a great way to personalize the weddings and tell it to the world that how much your love your lovely wife or adorable husband. The vows taken at the time of marriage make the weddings sacred and strengthen the relationship because these are taken publically and before the divine god. You don’t need to turn into a poet or a philosopher to write a vow, write from your heart and it would surely touch the heart of your special someone.

Symbols Associated With Matrimony

30 Apr

The bond of matrimony is one of the most sacred bonds one can share. Matrimony links two people physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. One’s spouse is someone one goes back home to, looks forward to talk to, share joys, sorrows, insecurities, doubts, apprehensions, fears, and so much more. The act of joining two lives in matrimony also involves the use of several vows, symbols, emotions and belief. These symbols make the realization of the happy moments that bind the two people together. Whether they are in the form of offerings made to the Almighty, or wedding symbols exchanged between the bride and groom or even elements used in the form of decoration, the entire set up of a wedding is enriching and overwhelming in a big way.

But what are these symbols being spoken about here? The Catholic Church follows certain traditions, based on which, the preparation and proceedings of a wedding are carried out. The symbols used here have some meaning or the other and even though these are materialistic elements, so to speak, but their significance and existence at a wedding ceremony solemnizes the ceremony even more.

Essential Elements That Act As Symbols In Matrimony

Rings: These are small yet extremely significant symbols of marriage of two people. Rings, or wedding bands, as they are referred to, were initially considered betrothal presents and are now an accepted symbol for the being married. These rings depict the eternal love of love for a married couple.

Unity Candle: The Unity candle generally symbolizes the unity or joining of two families and the unity of the bride and the groom. It is an eternal symbol of commitment to each other.

White Weddings Dress: In Christian weddings, one of the biggest attractions is the white wedding gown of the bride. The dress has a twin-significance, of purity and reverence to the Almighty.

Music, Flowers and Decoration: Other symbols like music, flowers and decoration add to the holy set up of the union of the people.

The symbols of marriage are holy, sacred and as important in the wedding ceremony, as are the celebrations, the congratulations and the bond mentioned in the beginning of this piece. The presence of these expands the joy of the people around and the elation of the couple as well.

Increasing Usage of Christian Matrimonial Sites in Indian Context

4 May

Marriage constitutes an important aspect of your life. Even more important is the selection of a suitable partner. Earlier our families used to rely on the traditional matchmakers or relatives to suggest options but now times have changed. With Internet ruling the roost, Matrimonial Websites have surfaced to the scene to provide you with better and effective means for scouting your soul mate. Christian Matrimonial Websites in India have gained popularity for the benefits they provide to their clients.

Some of the attributes that make these Christian Matrimonial Websites famous are as follows

  •  Christian Matrimonial Websites provide you with an excellent platform to freely publish your details including your name, gender, qualifications, details of family background, and the preferences thus providing you an extensive exposure in the matrimonial arena.
  • You are allowed to mention what are the traits that you would like to view in your partner. This ensures that you get response from the desired match.
  • Resorting to Christian Matrimonial Websites prevents you from taking services of intermediary marriage bureaus. This saves your money and at the same time allows your decisions to be free from any sort of manipulation.
  • Christian Matrimonial Websites provide you with the chat option. Chatting with your prospective match allows you to have a better understanding of each other and develop compatibility. This proves very beneficial to alert you at an early stage if there are differences of opinion.
  • The Christian matrimonial sites maintain profiles of NRIs belonging to the same caste and community thus facilitating more community specific searches.

However, there are certain guidelines to be followed while registering and utilizing the services of Christian Matrimonial Websites.

  • Make sure you register on a recognized and reliable matrimonial site.
  • Beware of fake profiles
  • Prefer to first have a live chat than going for a telephonic chat straight away.

Following a few precautionary measures you can avail the services of the Christian Matrimonial sites to find that perfect match.

MatrimonialsIndia.Com – Blogs Release May 2011

1 Jun

Special Moments In Indian Wedding Ceremonies

The first thought about a Big Fat Indian wedding that strikes our mind is a grand gala affair celebrated with full fun and grandeur. Indian weddings are an elaborate affair and include many interesting rituals and ceremonies that brighten up the whole atmosphere. You must be aware of pre-wedding ceremonies i.e. the Mehndi and Haldi ceremony[...]

Indian Wedding Barat: A Grand Affair

Weddings in India are known for being magnificent and the Wedding Procession or ‘Barat’ is the highlight of these beautiful events. Showcasing the joy of the Groom’s family, the ‘Barat’ consists of many different elements that are almost as majestic as the wedding itself. The variation existing in the diverse cultures of India is reflected at times in the ‘Baraat’ ceremonies[...]

Getting Engaged – Tackle the First 3 Steps of Wedding Planning

Unfortunately for the women at the time of their wedding are very nervous and are full of anxiety. After you are done with your engagement it is time to set a date and announce it to your family, friends, and relatives. And, do believe! It will be a cracking news. The below listed are the three crucial steps which one should need to implement for planning a wedding[...]

Tips for Couples to Save Before Marriage

Every new couple hopes to have the unique ideal marriage ceremony in which they are surrounded by their close spouse, close friends, relatives. They also want each and everything to go just as they have planned. One of the key causes of stress and troubles connected with planning a wedding is the huge amount of money which is used in weddings[...]

5 Ways to Save on Wedding Flowers and Décor

Wedding is one of the grand occasions of your life. But it is grand in its nature and also in terms of the expenditure involved. Still, it is possible to plan an awesome and stylish wedding event while saving your costs along the way. This write-up contains five smart steps through which you can easily cut down the wedding expenses to a reasonable extent while making[...]

10 Common Wedding Reception Mistakes

Wedding Day is the most special and memorable day in any individual’s life. Not only the wedding day; all the functions before and after the ceremony hold a special place in the memories for the times to come. It is the day when you have the time to actually meet your friends and relatives as the wedding day is very hectic for the bride and groom might[...]

Wedding Day DOs and DONTs

The Wedding Day is the most special event in anybody’s life as it can change a person’s life forever. Keeping in mind the significance attached to this day all the preparations should me made well in advance so that no mishaps occur on the grand day. Here are some tips on what should be done and what should not be done on the wedding day so that you can enjoy to the fullest[...]

Church Wedding Decoration Ideas

Wedding is one of the most cherished events of anyone’s life. Planning a wedding sometimes and especially of the decoration, looks like a task of excitement and sometimes of anxiety or tension. A good option is to hire a professional person for your help and share your ideas & needs with them to work out together for making your wedding day exceptional[...]

Inter Caste Marriages A Changing Scenario

Inter caste marriages are known to break the barriers. Times have changed and so have the people! To marry a person in India belonging to a different caste or religion is no more a matter of life and death anymore. An Inter Caste Marriage as the name suggests, is a union between the people of two different castes. Here people get married with or without changing their caste or religion[...]


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