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Marital Duties of a Couple

28 Apr

The institution of marriage brings a set of duties and responsibilities along with it. To enjoy a cheerful and a peaceful married life, it is requisite to understand each other and share each other’s responsibilities. Sharing responsibilities is the sure shot way to avoid conflicts. There are certain set of duties that are required to be followed by both husband and the wife for a successful matrimonial alliance.

Are you married? Or you are about to get married?

If yes, then, you must go through this article for better understanding of your responsibilities and duties towards your partner.

What is expected from an ideal wife?

You are expected to be a perfectionist. You are the better half of your husband and it is mandatory for you to keep all his secrets and never reveal the financial status of your family. You are expected to do all the household chores like cleaning, cooking, washing, etc.

As an obedient wife, you must worship your husband as god and accept him with all his disabilities like if his blind, lame, sick, impotent, etc. A good wife must stand as a pillar of strength with his husband to support him and protect him from negativity. A good wife must give her husband a sound, well-balanced, happy and enduring family.

What is expected from an ideal husband?

You are bound to protect your wife and give her a secure future both financially and emotionally. The wives should not be always be burdened with all the household chores; at times you can share her work to make her feel good. It is always good to take your wife for outings and short trips to relive her from the burden and everyday responsibilities. This can strengthen your bond of care and love.
Understanding your wife and being with her even in the worse of situations is what is expected from you.

Beside understanding and following the above mentioned set of duties separately, a couple must establish an effective two-way communication with each other. And for a successful marriage, you should must be honest towards your partner and open enough to share your feelings so that your partner is aware of how you feel for him/her. It is necessary to be a good listener and understand each other’s thoughts and options. Make sure not to let your ego come in the way of your blissful marriage.

Why to hire Wedding Planner?

21 Apr

Wedding is a grand moment in the life of everyone. It is a celebration to remember throughout your life. Wedding especially Indian is a matter of pride and prestige for the family of both the bride and the bridegroom. Indian weddings are lavishly celebrated. With the changing time various new trends are followed so as to make the wedding organized and a delight for those who participate in it. Wedding in an Indian household means lot of planning and responsibilities that at times create chaos. You don’t want that your wedding should be a perfect event without any flaws? Ofcourse you want, it is an inherent wish of every individual to get married in an ideal manner. The most commonly spread trend is to hire a wedding planner to have an ideal wedding. It is a concept that is predominant in the western countries but is now becoming famous among Indians.

Who is a wedding planner?
A wedding planner is the one who organizes all the events of the wedding, right from ring ceremony to the main wedding event. Decoration, catering, dance performances, etc. everything is decided by a wedding planner.
There are numerous agencies that provide wedding planners. Also, there are numerous wedding planners that work individually.

Why you need a wedding planner?
Most of the people remain in a dilemma: whether they should hire a wedding planner or not. Here are the reasons to make the person responsible for planning the wedding, understand the importance of a wedding planner.

  • Free you from stress and tension and lets you enjoy the wedding
  • They arrange everything right from accommodation of the guests, sitting arrangement, to taking care of the guest’s food
  • Handles all obstructions that come in the way of the wedding
  • Schedule everything: the timings of the ceremonies, frame a complete itinerary for the members of the family
  • Saves money and time: your precious time that is spent in making the arrangements is saved and you can enjoy the wedding. Also, they help saving a lot of money as they have good relations with the vendors offering decoration, food, etc. so they provide you huge discounts.
  • Thus after knowing all the above benefits of hiring a wedding planner you must look for a reliable one to assist you. A wedding planner is the one who tries to convert your dream into reality, you just have to convey your requirements, wishes and budget and simply relax.

    Problems attached to Inter Caste Marriage and ways to handle

    14 Apr

    Caste system has been a rigid part of Indian customs since ages. It is an evil that has made the rules and regulations of the Hindu tradition biased and unfair. Discrimination based on the caste system has ruined the society and created differences among the people belonging to different castes. Marriage is a sacred institution especially in context of Indian customs. Even when the world has become so advanced there are people who follow strict caste rules. Marriages in the Hindu society are caste driven; inter-caste marriages are considered to be a sin and are not approved by the elders.

    Why inter-caste marriages are rejected in India?

    There are various reasons because of which elders in the Hindu society flinch away from inter-caste marriages like:

    • They fear of the societal norms and social standing
    • Loss of reputation
    • The cultural difference- they believe that the couple will not be able to settle down and religiously follow each other’s culture
    • They believe that the children born out of the inter-caste marriage will not be perfect
    • Torture that the family and the couple has to face at the hands of the society

    The ill-effects of not approving the inter-caste marriages:

    • Hampering the growth of the society
    • Create fissures among different social groups and castes
    • Poses a threat to the national unity
    • Various love couples either end their life or are killed

    What steps can be taken to convince the people to accept the inter-caste marriages trend?

    It is the responsibility of the younger generation to make their elders realize that the rigid caste system is morbid and has a dark future ahead. The youngsters can take various steps on their part to demolish this system:

    • The girl or boy should be introduced as a friend to the family and be allowed to earn their love and respect
    • The qualities of the person you love should be highlighted in front of the family members
    • Try and learn the customs of each other’s caste. This will enable you to earn the love of the family members
    • Try and show your family members how this kind of systems are obstructing the progress of the nation

    Steps that have been already taken:

    • Government of India has made different laws to encourage inter-caste marriages
    • Social activists and groups are actively contributing to the create awareness among the people of the hazards of not accepting the inter-caste-marriages
    • Movies, plays, street plays, demonstrations, etc. have been used to demonstrate that inter-caste marriages should be allowed

    Even after so much is done to curb this system yet it remains a social taboo. People of all castes have to stand together and fight this evil. Our write up is an effort to make you aware of the problems that are caused when inter-caste marriages are not accepted and is also an attempt to give suggestions to tackle them.

    Hindu marriage

    Hindu Marriage Act

    1 Apr

    What are Acts made for?
    The sole aim for making the acts is to protect the people from unfair practices.

    Who make these acts?
    They are made by the government of the country. There are several acts that are made and amended by the government in order to guard the citizens from various unjust activities. Hindu Marriage act is one of these acts that came into effect in 1955.

    Hindu Marriage Act
    It was a part of the Hindu Code bills. The act was made in order to modernize the Hindu tradition of marriage. The sacred institution of marriage, its validity, invalidity and applicability was regulated by this act.This act is considered to be conservative but it is not as it encompasses other religions like Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains even though they are not Hindus. There are different sections of this act.

    Marriage in Hindu tradition:
    Indian marriage is the most sacrosanct relationship according to Hindu dharma. It is bond that once made has to be obeyed with all reverence throughout the life. It is an integral part of any Hindu boy and girl. Any violation of this bond leads to harsh repercussions.

    What is stated in this act ?
    Following are the points that have been laid under different sections of the Hindu Marriage Act:

    • Polygamy is prohibited
    • The minimum age of marriage is fixed: for boys- 21 years, for girls-18 years
    • Marriages between certain degrees of relationship is strictly prohibited
    • In a marriage the consent or permission of a guardian is essential: the guardian could be mother, father, brother, paternal grandparents, etc.
    • The solemnization of a Hindu marriage has to be conducted following rituals like ‘saptapadi’ or the ‘seven pheras’

    Also, a marriage should be registered with the government at the marriage registrar office as a proof. According to the Hindu marriage act acquiring marriage registration is an easy task. A couple needs to carry a wedding card copy, residence proof, or the wedding photographs and this will help them register themselves. If the marriage doesn’t work out properly then divorce can be asked for. The grounds for divorce could be cruelty, adultery, venereal disease, religious conversion, etc. Thus every Hindu must adhere to the rules laid down by the Hindu Marriage Act. Any violation of the act or forceful marriage can be challenged in the court. It is assured that the government will take a proper action against the culprit.


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