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Types of Hindu Marriages

25 Mar

‘Hinduism’ is one of the largely followed religions of the world. Having its roots in the ancient Vedic culture, it is one of the richest religions having innumerable customs. Every stage of life whether it’s the birth, marriage or death, various rituals or rites have to be followed and performed. Each of these rites is prescribed in one or the other Hindu Texts.

One must have a deep knowledge of its religious rites. Marriage is a sacred bond that not only unites two people but two souls. A marriage in Hindu culture is a matter of great importance and carries with it dozens of responsibilities. Not everyone knows that Hindu marriages are of various types. Do not mistake it with the different community marriages like Bengali, Maharashtrian , etc. or with love or arrange marriages. We provide you a write up that details you about the types of Hindu marriages.

Manusmriti is an ancient Hindu text that contains all the rituals and customs that has to be followed by all the Hindus. According to this text Hindu marriages are categorized into eight different types. We present a brief account of all the eight types of Hindu marriages.

Rite of Brahmana (Brahma) :- As per this marriage the bride’s father hands over his daughter to a man well-versed in Vedas. The bride is adorned with numerous precious jewels.

Rite of the Gods (Daiva) :- In this type of marriage the well-embellished daughter is handed over to a priest who carries out a kind of sacrifice during the marriage procession. The daughter is in turn given away to the gods.

Rite of the Rishis (Arsha) :- Here the bridegroom takes away the bride after giving a cow and a bull to the bride’s father.

Rite of the Prajapati – (Prajapatya) :- It is one of the simplest kinds of Hindu marriages where the bridegroom takes the bride after they are blessed with a text from the bride’s father. The text is “May both of you perform together your duties”.

Rite of the Asuras (Demons) :- Here the bridegroom showers his wealth on the bride and her kinsmen. This marriage is a pure display of power and wealth.

Rite of the Gandharva :- In the present world this type of marriage is commonly known as Love marriage. It is a union of the two lovers. Desire is the guiding force of such marriages.

Rite of the Rakshasa :- This is the cruelest of all types. Here the bride is abducted and her relatives or kinsmen are either killed or wounded.

Rite of the Pisaka :- In this type of marriage the man by means of his craftiness wins over the heart of the girl that is intoxicated, sleeping, handicapped or mentally disbalanced.

Aforementioned eight types of marriages have been religiously performed by the Hindus since ages now. With the help of our write up you will now be well-versed with the types of marriages that Hindus have.

Arrange Marriage

18 Mar

The word ‘marriage‘ has a sacrosanct notion attached to it. The nuptial bond has been a part of the world since ancient times. It is considered to be a heavenly bond that has blessings of almighty showered on it. Whether it’s a Hindu, Christian or any community’s marriage, it is broadly divided into two main categories: Love Marriage and Arranged Marriage.

What do you understand by arranged marriage?
It is basically a marriage that is fixed by people associated with the girl and the boy. The people who play the main and active role in the arranged marriage are the parents or the elders of the family. The participation of the boy and the girl is minimal in the fixing up of the marriage.

How does it go about?
Elders of the family select a match and then fix a meeting. After everything is settled between the two families, date of the ceremonies is fixed. The marriage procession is celebrated with great pomp and show. Everything is conducted under the supervision of the elders and as per their will. As everything has its pros and cons, an arranged marriage also has its positive and negative aspects. From the time immemorial there has been a constant debate on the matter whether arrange marriage should be performed or not.

Why Arranged Marriages are preferred?

  • Elder people have their years of experience so they will find a match suitable after examining even the minutest details and ensuring complete compatibility
  • Arrange marriages are considered to be more stable than love marriages
  • As marriages are believed to be the merging of two families so the chances of harmony between the two increases in arrange marriages

Drawbacks of Arranged Marriages:

  • If the marriage is performed under the pressure of the parents it might not attain the marital bliss
  • A forced marriage ends up in fall-apart relationships
  • Couples are not able to understand each other as they do in the love marriage

In most of the families arranged marriage is a part of their customs and values. Not adhering to it brings disgrace to the family name. Thus our write up provides you a complete idea of what an arranged marriage is along with its pros and cons.

Various stages of Hindu Marriage

10 Mar

Marriage is an unswerving bond that is considered sacred especially in Hindu Dharma. It is not merely a physical union but a spiritual connection. Choosing a life partner is a very complicated task that requires your complete indulgence. Since the earlier times the search and selection of the bride or the bridegroom is a matter taken up by the elders of the family (mostly parents). The decision is always in their hands. Before a Hindu marriage is solemnized there are various stages that the boy, girl and their families cross.

Here are the stages:

Selection of a couple:- To find a suitable match, different matches are considered. Advertisements in newspapers, signing up with marriage portal, ( ), etc. are few steps that are taken in order to search a perfect match. Short listed matches arrange a meeting and then the families meet, boy and the girl are allowed to see and talk to each other. If the match is approved then the Kundli or the Horoscope is matched. After everything goes fine, betrothal ceremony is fixed.

The Betrothal: - On the decided date betrothal takes place under which a small ceremony is performed and the girl and the boy are blessed with some holy prayers.

Pre-Marriage Ceremonies :- This is the most important and unique thing that is not found in the foreign culture.
Different ceremonies are:

  • Ring Ceremony
  • Tilak
  • Mehndi
  • Peethi
  • Ladies Sangeet

These ceremonies are celebrated with great pomp and show. Relatives and friends are invited to participate and bless the couple.

Beautification of the Couple:- Both the girl and the boy are adorned with precious jewels. The preparation of the marriage that is shopping takes place months before the wedding. Clothes, jewelry and various other items needed for the marriage are bought.

The Marriage Performance:- The day of marriage is the most auspicious occasion in the life of any boy or girl. It is the marker of a new beginning, a new life. On this day various holy ceremonies are observed. The final knot is tied in front of numerous people (relatives, friends, neighbors, etc.) and a grand celebration along with the feast is hosted by the girl’s family. Resuming the ‘seven pheras’, around the sacred fire ties the two people in a never ending bond

This celebration extends to few days after the marriage. Thus after clearing all these stages a Hindu marriage is solemnized and the two people are united forever.

Bridal Make-Up for Indian Wedding

3 Mar

Indian weddings are generally royal and elaborated events in which bride and groom remains the centre of attraction and they both must look their very best, especially the bride. When it comes to bridal make-up for the big day, sometimes brides over do it and unfortunately their most memorable moment turns into something very devastating. It is advisable to choose the experienced make-up artist, because bridal make up is an intricate art, which can not be learned easily. There are certain things to keep in mind, so that you look fresh, vibrant and gorgeous at the time when you are starting a new chapter of your life.

For achieving fresh, beautiful, glowing and vibrant skin on your big day, start making advance preparations way before the marriage day. First of all ensure that the style and make-up you want is matching your bridal outfit or not, because that matters a lot. The second thing is to take a full test run of your wedding day make up with your dress at least four to six days before the marriage to assure that you get your desired mesmerizing look. Waxing, threading, facial, exfoliation etc. will help the bride in looking her best on that special day. All these activities should take place a week before the marriage in case of avoiding any irritation or side effect.

Choosing Makeup
Elaborate, deep and heavy make up has become common for Indian brides, however the trend is changing at fast pace. Try and be a master in the art of complimenting your dress and jewelry with your make up. If your wedding dress and jewelry are heavy, intricate and rich in color then its better to choose light make up so that your entire attire will be in harmony. Embellished eyes looks good with natural shade lipstick and the vice versa for balancing your face. Select make up as per the time of your wedding, for example, if your wedding is in the morning go for neutral and lighter shades and if your wedding is in the evening you can try out deeper and more dramatic make-up. Make sure that your make-up colors compliment your dress and make you look elegant

Make Up Tips on the Wedding Day

  • Start with a concealer on blotchy spots or dark circles under the eyes. Foundation matching your skin tone should be applied evenly on face, neck, behind the ears and other visible parts of your skin.
  • Eye shadow matching the dress of your color with complimenting eye liner, which is not so heavy, suits the best. Use water proof mascara for avoiding running make up.
  • Use lip liner matching your long-lasting lipstick in double coats and finish it with gloss so that it stays for a longer period.
  • Prefer bronzer instead of blush and dust your face with a translucent powder for settling the make up.
  • Keep powder and gloss handy for any necessary touch-ups all through the celebration.

Thus, using these tips not only define your natural beauty but also make you look perfect on the very special occasion of your life time.


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